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{{Cite patent
 | two letter country code
 | patent or patent application publication number
 | application (only if it is a patent application rather than a granted patent)

Notes and warnings:

This is intended as a very simple citation template for identifying a patent within the text of an article.
Some further features have been incorporated into {{Ref patent}} and {{Citeref patent}}, which makes use of CITEREF features so that detailed info on patents can be included in a references section or a bibliography section with usage much like {{harvnb}}
  1. Do not put commas or slashes in the patent or patent application numbers
  2. Applications must be identified by publication number
  3. Many applications (such as US applications and some International applications) have a four digit year followed by a slash followed by a seven digit number (YYYY/NNNNNNN). When using this template, remove the slash and one leading zero from the seven digit number (YYYYNNNNNN)


Simple patent template for citing patents or patent applications from any country in the esp@cenet database. This database is more useful than the USPTO database since it highlights related patents/applications in other countries, provides current status information, and is available in three languages. However, the {{US patent}} template is not deprecated because the USPTO database does include items (such as some older US patents) which are not included in the espacenet database.
Enter the two letter country code (eg US or EP) as the first parameter and the patent number or patent application publication number (without any intervening commas) as the second parameter.
Add the word "application" (without quotes) as a third parameter if you are citing a patent application rather than a patent. Patent applications must be referred to by publication number, not application number.
Help for getting the right number format can be found here.


To cite US patent 7,143,445, use:

{{Cite patent|US|7143445}}

Results in: US patent 7143445

To cite US patent application US 2006/0265789 use:

{{Cite patent|US|2006265789|application}}

Results in: US patent application 2006265789

Note the removal of the "/" and the leading zero.

To cite WIPO (aka PCT/International) patent application WO 2005/083605 A1, use:

{{Cite patent|WO|2005083605}}

Results in: WO patent 2005083605

Note the removal of the "/". Removing the leading zero was not necessary as it was already six digits.

To cite European patent application 1727416, use:

{{Cite patent|EP|1727416|application}}

Results in: EP patent application 1727416

Note that this uses the publication number, not the application number.

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