Listă de filme britanice din 1923

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Aceasta este o listă de filme britanice din 1923:

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Titlu Regizor Distribuție Gen Note
Afterglow Walter Summers, G. B. Samuelson Lillian Hall-Davis, James Lindsay Drama
Always Tell Your Wife Hugh Croise Seymour Hicks, Gertrude McCoy Comedy Alfred Hitchcock did some uncredited directing on this short film.
The Audacious Mr. Squire Edwin Greenwood Jack Buchanan, Valia Comedy
Beautiful Kitty Walter West Violet Hopson, James Knight Sport
Becket George Ridgwell Frank R. Benson, A. V. Bramble Historical
The Beloved Vagabond Fred LeRoy Granville Carlyle Blackwell, Madge Stuart Romance
The Blue Lagoon W. Bowden, Dick Cruickshanks Molly Adair, Val Chard Drama
Boden's Boy Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Romance
Bonnie Prince Charlie Charles Calvert Gladys Cooper, Ivor Novello Historical
Castles in the Air Fred Paul Lillian Hall-Davis, Nelson Keys Drama
Chu-Chin-Chow Herbert Wilcox Betty Blythe, Herbert Langley Adventure
Comin' Thro the Rye Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Shayle Gardner Romance
A Couple of Down and Outs Walter Summers Edna Best, Rex Davis Drama
Don Quixote Maurice Elvey Jerrold Robertshaw, George Robey Comedy
The Fair Maid of Perth Edwin Greenwood Russell Thorndike, Lionel d'Aragon Adventure
Finished George A. Cooper Jerrold Robertshaw, Eileen Magrath Romance
Fires of Fate Tom Terriss Wanda Hawley, Nigel Barrie Action Co-production with the US
A Gamble with Hearts Edwin J. Collins Milton Rosmer, Madge Stuart Drama
God's Prodigal Edward José, Bert Wynne Gerald Ames, Flora le Breton Crime
Guy Fawkes Maurice Elvey Matheson Lang, Nina Vanna Historical
The Harbour Lights Tom Terriss Tom Moore, Isobel Elsom Drama
Heartstrings Edwin Greenwood Gertrude McCoy, Victor McLaglen Romance [1]
Hornet's Nest Walter West Florence Turner, Fred E. Wright Drama [2]
The Hotel Mouse Fred Paul Lillian Hall-Davis, Warwick Ward Crime
Hutch Stirs 'em Up Frank Hall Crane Charles Hutchison, Joan Barry Action
The Hypocrites Charles Giblyn Wyndham Standing, Mary Odette Drama
I Pagliacci G. B. Samuelson Adelqui Migliar, Lillian Hall-Davis Drama
I Will Repay Henry Kolker Holmes Herbert, Flora le Breton Action
In the Blood Walter West Victor McLaglen, Lilian Douglas Adventure
The Indian Love Lyrics Sinclair Hill Catherine Calvert, Owen Nares Romance
The Knockout Alexander Butler Lillian Hall-Davis, Rex Davis Sports
The Lady Owner Walter West Violet Hopson, James Knight Sport
Lights of London Charles Calvert Wanda Hawley, Nigel Barrie Crime
The Lion's Mouse Oscar Apfel Wyndham Standing, Mary Odette Crime
The Little Door Into the World George Dewhurst Lawford Davidson, Olaf Hytten Drama
Little Miss Nobody Wilfred Noy Flora le Breton, John Stuart Comedy
Love, Life and Laughter George Pearson Betty Balfour, Harry Jonas, Nancy Price Romance/drama
The Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots Denison Clift Fay Compton, Gerald Ames Historical
The Man Without Desire Adrian Brunel Ivor Novello, Nina Vanna Fantasy drama
Married Love Alexander Butler Lillian Hall-Davis, Rex Davis Drama
Men Who Forget Reuben Gillmer James Knight, Marjorie Villers Drama [3]
Mist in the Valley Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, G. H. Mulcaster Crime
M'Lord of the White Road Arthur Rooke Victor McLaglen, Marjorie Hume Adventure
The Monkey's Paw Manning Haynes Moore Marriott, Marie Ault Horror
The Naked Man Henry Edwards Chrissie White, James Carew Comedy
One Arabian Night Sinclair Hill Lionelle Howard, George Robey Comedy
Out to Win Denison Clift Catherine Calvert, Clive Brook Drama
Paddy the Next Best Thing Graham Cutts Mae Marsh, Darby Foster Comedy
The Passionate Friends Maurice Elvey Milton Rosmer, Fred Raynham Romance
The Pipes of Pan Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, G. H. Mulcaster Romance [4]
The Prodigal Son A. E. Coleby Stewart Rome, Henry Victor Drama
The Rest Cure A. E. Coleby George Robey, Sydney Fairbrother Comedy
The Reverse of the Medal George A. Cooper Clive Brooks, John Stuart War
The Right to Strike Fred Paul Lillian Hall-Davis, Campbell Gullan Drama
Rogues of the Turf Wilfred Noy Fred Groves, Olive Sloane Sport
The Romany F. Martin Thornton Victor McLaglen, Irene Norman Adventure
The Royal Oak Maurice Elvey Betty Compson, Henry Ainley Historical
St. Elmo Rex Wilson Shayle Gardner, Gabrielle Gilroy Drama
The Scandal Arthur Rooke Henry Victor, Edward O'Neill Crime
The School for Scandal Bertram Phillips Queenie Thomas, Frank Stanmore Comedy
The Shadow of the Mosque Walter R. Hall Lys Andersen, Stewart Rome Dora Bergner Adventure Co-production with Germany
Should a Doctor Tell? Alexander Butler Lillian Hall-Davis, Henry Vibart Drama
The Sign of Four Maurice Elvey Eille Norwood, Isobel Elsom Mystery
Squibs M.P. George Pearson Betty Balfour, Hugh E. Wright Comedy [5]
Squibs' Honeymoon George Pearson Betty Balfour, Hugh E. Wright Comedy
The Starlit Garden Guy Newall Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Romantic
Strangling Threads Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Campbell Gullan Drama
The Temptation of Carlton Earle Wilfred Noy C. Aubrey Smith, James Lindsay Crime
This Freedom Denison Clift Fay Compton, Clive Brook Drama
Three to One Against George A. Cooper Florence Wood, Judd Green Drama
Through Fire and Water Thomas Bentley Clive Brook, Flora le Breton Adventure
Tut-Tut and His Terrible Tomb Bertram Phillips Frank Stanmore, Queenie Thomas Comedy
The Uninvited Guest George Dewhurst Stewart Rome, Madge Stuart Drama
The Virgin Queen J. Stuart Blackton Diana Manners, Carlyle Blackwell Historical
The Wandering Jew Maurice Elvey Matheson Lang, Hutin Britton Fantasy
What Price Loving Cup? Walter West Violet Hopson, James Knight Sport
The White Shadow Graham Cutts Betty Compson, Clive Brook Drama
Woman to Woman Graham Cutts, Alfred Hitchcock Clive Brook, Betty Compson Drama
The Woman Who Obeyed Sidney Morgan Hilda Bayley, Stewart Rome Romance
Young Lochinvar W. P. Kellino Owen Nares, Gladys Jennings Historical

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