Listă de filme despre cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial produse în anii 2010

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Aceasta este o listă de filme despre cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial produse în anii 2010.

Anul Țara Titlul cu care a fost difuzat în România Titlul original
(Titlul alternativ)
Regizor Bătălii, campanii, evenimente descrise
2010  Rusia Cetatea Brest (Fortăreața Brest) Brestskaya krepost (Брестская крепость) Alexander Kott Acțiune-dramatic. Apărarea sovietică a fortăreței Brest, iunie 1941
2010  Japonia Caterpillar Kyatapirā (キャタピラー) Kōji Wakamatsu Drama. Wounded Japanese veteran of al Doilea Război Chino-Japonez returns home
2010  China Death and Glory in Changde City Die Xue Gu Cheng Dong Shen Action-drama. Hunan's Battle of Changde
2010  Statele Unite The Debt John Madden Drama-Thriller. Capture of Nazi war criminal and Auschwitz-Birkenau surgeon wanted for concentration camp atrocities; remake of 2007 film
2010  China East Wind Rain Dong feng yu (东风雨) Yunlong Liu Drama. Shanghai-based espionage and attempts by various agencies to decode coded "weather forecasts" prior to atacul de la Pearl Harbor
2010  România Eva (film din 2010) Povestea unui secol Adrian Popovici Bombardamentele aliate în România
2010  Republica Cehă
Habermann Habermannův mlýn cs Juraj Herz Ocupația nazistă în Cehoslovacia
2010  Rusia Heaven is on Fire (The Sky is On Fire) (TV miniseries) Nebo v ogne (Небо в огне) Dmitry Cherkasov Action-drama. Eastern Front Soviet pilots, 1939–1945
2010  China A Jewish Girl in Shanghai You tai nu hai zai shang hai (猶太女孩在上海) Wang Genfa, Zhang Zhenhui Animated. Girl and little brother in Shanghai, with parents in Europe
2010  Poland Joanna Joanna Feliks Falk Ocupația germană și Holocaust în Cracovia, Polonia
2010  Regatul Unit Discursul regelui The King's Speech Tom Hooper George al VI-lea
2010  Hong Kong
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen Zing1 Mou5 Fung1 Wan4-Can4 Zan1 Format:Yue icon (精武風雲-陳真) Andrew Lau Wai-Keung Shanghai prior to Japanese invasion
2010  Statele Unite The Pacific (TV miniseries) Carl Franklin, Tim Van Patten, Graham Yost, Jeremy Podeswa, Tony To Action-drama. US 1st Marine Division in Pacific Theatre
2010  Franța
The Round Up La rafle fr Roselyne Bosch Vel' d'Hiv Roundup, 1942
2010  Franța Sarah's Key (Her Name was Sarah) Elle s'appelait Sarah Kristen Scott Thomas Vel' d'Hiv Roundup, 1942
2010  Statele Unite Spoils of War Jean Liberté Allied commandos masquerading as Germans parachute behind Austrian lines to kidnap SS officer/double-agent and destroy counterfeit money
2010  Canada Storming Juno (TV) Tim Wolochatiuk Docudrama. Regina Rifles and 1st Hussars at Juno Beach on Ziua-Z
2010  Republica Cehă
Under the Roman Sky (Pope Pius XII) (TV) Pius XII. de Christian Duguay Papa Pius al XII-lea and Roman razzia
2010  Polonia Veneția Wenecja Jan Jakub Kolski Ocupația germană a Poloniei, 1939–1945
2010  Statele Unite The Way Back Peter Weir Prisoners and POWs escape Soviet Gulag
2011  Regatul Unit Age of Heroes Adrian Vitoria Action-Thriller. British No. 30 Commando unit from Battle of Dunkirk to neutral Norway
2011  Spania
Angel of Budapest (TV miniseries) El ángel de Budapest es Luis Oliveros Drama based on Diego Carcedo book. Spanish ambassador Ángel Sanz Briz rescues Jews in Budapest
2011  Suedia The Frontier Gränsen Richard Holm Swedish soldiers travel toward Nazi-occupied Norwegian border
2011  India Gandhi to Hitler (Dear Friend Hitler) Priya Mitra Hitler (प्रिय मित्र हिटलर) Rakesh Ranjan Kumar Drama based on letters written by Mahatma Gandhi to Hitler
2011  Danemarca Hvidstens gruppen Hvidstens gruppen Regner Grasten Danish Resistance in Iutlanda
2011  Austria
In Another Lifetime Vielleicht in einem anderen Leben de Elisabeth Scharang Drama based on Peter Turrini play. Hungarian Jews marched to Mauthausen
2011  Polonia
In Darkness W ciemnosci pl Agnieszka Holland Drama. Leopold Socha's rescue of Jewish refugees in Nazi-occupied Lwów, Poland (now Lviv, Ukraine)
2011  Spania Ispansi! Ispansi! (Españoles) Carlos Iglesias Drama. Spanish war orphans in USSR in time for another war
2011  Filipine
Liberation Liberacion Adolfo Alix Jr. Drama. Japanese holdout hiding in Philippine jungle for 20 years after war
2011  Statele Unite Little Iron Men Jesse Kobayashi Rescue of Lost Battalion by US Army 442nd Regimental Combat Team
2011  Regatul Unit The Lost Valentine Darnell Martin Woman's quest for husband declared MIA
2011  Coreea de Sud My Way Maiwei [1] (마이웨이) Kang Je-gyu Young Korean man conscripted into Japanese Imperial Army with service in Battles of Khalkhin Gol through Soviet Union and Germany
2011  Japonia Oba: The Last Samurai (Miracle of the Pacific: The Man Called Fox) Taiheiyō no kiseki: Fox to yobareta otoko (太平洋の奇跡-フォックスと呼ばれた男) Hideyuki Hirayama Japanese holdout Sakae Ōba after Battle of Saipan, 1944
2011  Regatul Unit
The Sinking of the Laconia (TV) Uwe Janson Drama. RMS Laconia incident
2011  Lituania Three to Dance Dancis pa trim Arvīds Krievs Drama. Tragedy of Latvian General Jānis Kurelis and independence-seeking Latvian Legionnaires sentenced to death for leaving SS
2012  China
 Hong Kong
The Flowers of War Jin líng shí san chai (金陵十三钗) Zhang Yimou Masacrul din Nanking
2012  Norvegia
Into the White (Comrade) [2] Petter Næss Action-drama based on true story. Crashed German and English aircrew trying to survive Norwegian winter in wilderness, 1940
2012  Statele Unite Red Tails Anthony Hemingway, George Lucas (nemenționat) Tuskegee Airmen și 332d Fighter Group of USAAF in European Theatre
2012  Statele Unite Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed Ryan Little
2012  Statele Unite Truth and Treason Matt Whitaker Biopic of Helmuth Hübener, youngest anti-Nazi executed by the Volksgerichtshof
2012  Rusia White Tiger Belyy tigr (белый тигр) Karen Shakhnazarov
2013  USA Emperor Peter Webber General Douglas MacArthur begins an investigation of the role of Emperor Shōwa in the war, including the attack on Pearl Harbor.
2013  USA Company of Heroes Don Michael Paul American soldiers lost behind enemy lines during the WWII make a horrific discovery: Hitler has a super bomb in development.
2013  USA The Book Thief Brian Percival The story of young Liesel Meminger. After she finds her first book beside her brother's graveside, she is sent to foster parents. While in the comfort of her new found parents, World War II breaks out and her foster parents shelter a Jewish refugee.
2013  Russia Stalingrad Stalingrad (Сталинград) Fyodor Bondarchuk Battle of Stalingrad
2013  Australia
The Railway Man Jonathan Teplitzky Drama based on true story of Eric Lomax. Victim from Burmese Death Railway setting out to find those responsible for his torture[3]
2014  Italy Foibe Foibe John Kaylin Foibe killings
2014  USA Eroii monumentelor George Clooney Filmul prezintă povestea a 7 directori de muzeu, artiști și istorici de artă, bătrâni și nepregătiți de luptă, care au mers pe front în al doilea război mondial pentru a salva capodoperele artistice ale lumii de naziști și pentru a le da înapoi proprietarilor acestora.
2014  USA Fury David Ayer Allied final offensive in Germany, April 1945
2014  Italy Head High. The Martyrs of Fiesole (TV) A testa alta. I martiri di Fiesole Maurizio Zaccaro Carabinieri's sacrifice to avoid a German reprisal on civilians in Fiesole
2014  USA The Imitation Game Morten Tyldum Alan Turing decoding German cyphers at Bletchley Park
2014  Italy Italia's Secret[1] Il segreto di Italia Antonello Bellucco Massacre of Codevigo, 1945
2014  Australia Parer's War (film TV) Alister Grierson Story of Australian wartime cameraman Damien Parer
2014  USA Saints and Soldiers: The Void Ryan Little A fateful mission through the Harz Mountains of Germany
2014  UK
Suite Française Suite Française fr Saul Dibb Romance between a French villager and a German officer during the German occupation of France
2014  USA Unbroken Angelina Jolie Based on true life of Louis Zamperini
2014  USA Walking with the Enemy Mark Schmidt A young man (Jonas Armstrong) disguises himself as a Nazi SS Officer
2015  Denmark 9. April Roni Ezra Danish bicycle infantry sent as vanguard to slow down the German invasion until reinforcements can arrive
2015  Estonia 1944 1944 Elmo Nüganen Battle of Tannenberg Line
2015  Russia
Battle for Sevastopol Битва за Севастополь Sergey Mokritskiy A biographical film about the life path of the Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko
2015  Japan The Emperor in August Nihon no ichiban nagai hi (日本のいちばん長い日) Masato Harada Imperial Japan's government, military, and war council under Hirohito in the immediate period before the surrender of Japan in World War II between April 1945 to 15 august 1945
2015  Philippines Felix Manalo Felix Manalo Joel Lamangan Biography of Felix Manalo during Japanese Occupation of the Philippines
2015  India The Fence Kanche Krish A rivalry between two men, based on caste and social status, extends from an Indian village onto war torn Europe during WW2
2015  Denmark Land of Mine Under sandet Martin P. Zandvliet German POWs in Denmark at the end of the war
2015  Hungary Son of Saul Saul fia László Nemes A day-and-a-half in the life of Saul Ausländer, a Hungarian member of the Sonderkommando in the Auschwitz concentration camp
2015  USA War Pigs Ryan Little A US Army rag tag unit of misfits behind German lines
2016  Russia 28 panfilovtsev 28 panfilovtsev (28 панфиловцев) Kim Druzhinin, Andrey Shalopa Drama about the act of bravery of a group of Soviet soldiers from the Panfilov's Twenty-Eight Guardsmen
2016  USA Allied Robert Zemeckis Espionage
2016  UK
 Czech Republic
Anthropoid Sean Ellis Operation Anthropoid
2016  France
Fanny's Journey Le Voyage de Fanny Lola Doillon Œuvre de secours aux enfants, Jewish children fleeing France for Switzerland
2016  USA Hacksaw Ridge Mel Gibson Historical drama about Desmond Doss, an American pacifist combat medic who became the only conscientious objector to be awarded the Medal of Honor in World War II
2016  USA USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage Mario Van Peebles The USS Indianapolis, torpedoed and sunk by the Japanese in 1945
2016  Poland Volhynia Wołyń Wojciech Smarzowski Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and extermination of Jews.
2016  Italy At War, for Love[2] In guerra per amore Pierfrancesco Diliberto Italo-American soldier takes part to the Invasion of Sicily

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An Țara Titlu principal
(Titluri alternative)
Titlu original
(Scenariu original)
Regizor Bătălii, campanii, evenimente descrise
201X   USA Truth and Treason Matt Whitaker Biopic of Helmuth Hübener, youngest anti-Nazi executed by the Volksgerichtshof
201X   USA Agent Zigzag Mike Newell Comedy. Nazi spy Eddie Chapman becomes British double agent
201X   Mexico
Aztec Eagles Águilas Aztecas Alfonso Arau Action comedy-drama. Training and service of Fuerza Aérea Expedicionaria Mexicana and Escuadrón 201 in Philippines Campaign
201X   UK The Battle of Britain To be determined Action-adventure. Battle of Britain [4][5][6]
201X   USA Brothers in Arms Denzel Washington Action-drama based on true story. US 761st tank battalion and their 183 days on frontline including Battle of the Bulge and Siegfried Line [7][8][9]
201X   Poland
Christine: War My Love Agnieszka Holland Biopic of Polish Special Operations Executive agent Krystyna Skarbek [10]
201X   USA Citizen Soldiers To be determined Action-drama. Ardennes Forest and Battle of the Bulge, 1944 [11][12]
201X   UK
  New Zealand
Dambusters Christian Rivers Operation Chastise
201X   USA
East Wind, Rain Azuma no kaze, ame (東の風、雨) Masato Harada Drama based on Caroline Paul novel. Japanese family on Hawaiian island of Ni'ihau and crash-landing of Japanese pilot after Pearl Harbor Attack [13][14]
201X   USA
The Forgotten Soldier Paul Verhoeven Adaptation of Guy Sajer's autobiography
201X   Poland Garrison 100 Garnizon 100 Jarosław Banaszek Action-drama. Polish defense of Przebraze against Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) campaign to purge Volhynia from Polish inhabitants under German occupation, Spring 1943 [15]
201X   UK Grace and Danger Rhys Hayward Action-drama. Allied soldiers rescue young woman from village massacre and Nazi SS [16][17]
201X   USA The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Kenneth Branagh Romance/Drama based on novel by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. Writer forms unexpected bond with Guernsey island residents in aftermath of war and writes book about their wartime experiences[18]
2015   USA
Little Boy Alejandro Monteverde Comedy-drama. young American boy attempting to reunite with father/soldier serving in Europe
201X   Finland Mannerheim Mannerheim Renny Harlin (resigned) Drama. Marshal Mannerheim
201X   UK Monte Cassino John Irvin Romance based on true story. American soldier behind enemy lines and Italian nurse at Monte Cassino monastery during Battle of Monte Cassino and Italian campaign[19][20][21]
201X   Estonia Them Nemad Ilmar Raag Battle of the Tannenberg Line
201X   Poland 303 Squadron Dywizjon 303 (303 Dywizjon Myśliwski) Jerzy Skolimowski Action-adventure based on Arkady Fiedler novel. Exploits of Polish pilots of RAF's 303 Squadron during Battle of Britain [22]
201X   Australia
Yellow Earth Kiiro no chikyū (黄色の地球) Max Mannix Action-drama based on true story. Cowra breakout and attempted escape of captured Japanese soldiers from Cowra, Australia POW camp, 1944 [23][24][25]
2017   USA
Dunkirk Christopher Nolan Miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 27 & 4 iunie 1940, during the Battle of France in World War II.
2017   Norway 12th Man Den 12. mann Harald Zwart Action-drama. They were 12 saboteurs. The Nazis killed 11 of them. This is the true story of the one who got away...
2017   Spain The Chess Player[26] El jugador de ajedrez Luis Oliveros Diego câștigă campionatul spaniol de șah în 1934. mai târziu, în Franța, Diego va fi acuzat de spionaj de către naziști și ajunge într-o închisoare SS
2017   Italy The second way La seconda via[27] Alessandro Garilli Retreat of the Italian Army in Russia
2017   UK Pegasus Bridge Lance Nielsen Operation Deadstick
201X   Russia Steel Сталь Alexey Silyanov Operation Barbarossa, tank battles
2018   USA Atlantc Wall Gavin O’Connor D-Day paratroops operation

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