Adam Baldwin

actor american
Adam Baldwin

Baldwin at Florida Supercon 2013
Date personale
Născut (61 de ani)
Winnetka, Illinois, SUA
Căsătorit cuAmi Julius (1988–prezent)
Cetățenie Statele Unite ale Americii Modificați la Wikidata
Limbi vorbitelimba engleză[1][2] Modificați la Wikidata
Alma mater New Trier High School[*][[New Trier High School (public high school in Cook County, Illinois, with 2 campuses)|​]]  Modificați la Wikidata
Ani de activitate1980–prezent
Partid politicPartidul Republican  Modificați la Wikidata
Premii SyFy Genre Award for Best Supporting Actor/Television[*][[SyFy Genre Award for Best Supporting Actor/Television |​]] ()
Prezență online

Adam Baldwin (n. , Winnetka, Illinois⁠(d), New Trier Township⁠(d), Illinois, SUA) este un actor american. Este cel mai cunoscut pentru rolurile sale din Full Metal Jacket ca Animal Mother, Firefly și continuarea acestuia, filmul Serenity, ca Jayne Cobb. A mai interpretat rolul colonelului John Casey din serialul Chuck și mai recent pe al lui Mike Slattery din serialul The Last Ship.

Filmografie modificare

Film modificare

An Titlu Rol Note
1980 My Bodyguard Ricky Linderman
Ordinary People Kevin Stillman
1983 D.C. Cab Albert Hockenberry
1984 Reckless Randy Daniels
1985 Poison Ivy Ike Dimick
1986 3:15 Jeff Hannah
Bad Guys Skip Jackson
1987 Full Metal Jacket Animal Mother
Hadley's Rebellion Bobo McKenzie
1988 Cohen and Tate Tate
Chocolate War, TheThe Chocolate War Carter
1989 Next of Kin Joey Rosselini
1990 Predator 2 Garber
1991 Guilty by Suspicion Agent FBI #1
1992 Where the Day Takes You Officer Black
Radio Flyer The King
1993 Eight Hundred Leagues Down the Amazon Koja
Treacherous Tommy Wright
Bitter Harvest Bobby
1994 Cold Sweat Mitch
Wyatt Earp Tom McLaury
1995 Digital Man Cpt. West
How to Make an American Quilt Finn's Father
1996 Independence Day Major Mitchell
Lover's Knot John Reed
1997 Starquest II Lee
1998 Gargantua Marine Biologist
2000 Patriot, TheThe Patriot Capt. Wilkins
Right Temptation, TheThe Right Temptation Captain Wagner
2001 Pursuit of Happiness Chad Harmon
2001 Above & Beyond Peter Clerkin
Jackpot Mel James
Farewell, My Love Jimmy
Double Bang Vinnie Krailes
2002 Keyman, TheThe Keyman Chris Myers / Keyman
2003 Betrayal Det. Mark Winston
2004 Freediver, TheThe Freediver Dr. Viades
Evil Eyes Jeff Stenn
2005 Serenity Jayne Cobb
2006 Thirst, TheThe Thirst Lenny
2008 Gospel Hill Carl Herrod
Drillbit Taylor Disgruntled Bodyguard
2009 Little Fish, Strange Pond aka. Frenemy Tommy
2010 Browncoats: Redemption Phone Operator (uncredited)
2011 InSight Dr. Graham Barrett
2012 War of the Worlds: Goliath Wilson (voce)

Televiziune modificare

An Titlu Rol Note
1984 Pigs vs. Freaks Mickey South film de televiziune
1985 Special Treat Otto Frommer Episodul: "Out of Time"
Poison Ivy Ike Dimick film de televiziune
1986 Welcome Home, Bobby Cleary Biggs film de televiziune
1991 Murder in High Places film de televiziune
1992 Cruel Doubt Det. John Taylor film de televiziune
Deadbolt Alec Danz film de televiziune
1993 Last Shot, TheThe Last Shot Mark Tullis Jr. Scurtmetraj TV
1994 Blind Justice Sgt. Hastings film de televiziune
1995 Fallen Angels Ralph Episodul: "Good Housekeeping"
VR.5 Scott Cooper Episodul: "Pilot"
Trade-Off Thomas Hughes film de televiziune
Sawbones Burt Miller film de televiziune
Shadow-Ops Dalt film de televiziune
1996 Smoke Jumpers Don Mackey film de televiziune
1996–97 Cape, TheThe Cape Col. Jack Riles Rol principal, 17 episoade
1997 The Visitor Michael O'Ryan 4 episoade
1998 From the Earth to the Moon Fred Haise Episodul: "For Miles and Miles"
Gargantua Jack Ellway film de televiziune
Indiscreet Jeremy Butler film de televiziune
Outer Limits, TheThe Outer Limits Major James Bowen Episodul: "Phobos Rising"
2000 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde film de televiziune
Static Shock York (voce) Episodul: "Aftershock"
2000–05 Jackie Chan Adventures Finn / Various (voce) Serial de animație, 48 episoade
2001 Static Shock York (voce) Episodul: "Junior"
Zeta Project, TheThe Zeta Project Swen (voce) Episodul: "Crime Waves"
2001–02 X-Files, TheThe X-Files Knowle Rohrer 5 episoade
2002 Hyper Sonic Christopher Bannon Video
2002–03 Firefly Jayne Cobb Rol principal, 14 episoade
2003 Control Factor Lance Bishop film de televiziune
CSI: Miami De Soto Episodul: "Dead Woman Walking"
Gacy John Gacy, Sr. Video
Monster Makers Jay Forrest film de televiziune
2004 JAG Cmdr. Michael Rainer Episodul: "Good Intentions"
What's New, Scooby-Doo? Clint Morris (voce) Animated series, Episodul: "The San Franpsycho"
Stargate SG-1 Col. Dave Dixon Episodul: "Heroes: Part 1"
Episodul: "Heroes: Part 2"
NCIS Cmdr. Michael Rainer Episodul: "A Weak Link"
Angel Marcus Hamilton 5 episoade
2005 Molly & Roni's Dance Party School Principal Video
Justice League Hal Jordan / Green Lantern / Various (voce) 3 episoade
Inside, TheThe Inside Special Agent Danny Love Rol principal, 13 episoade
Poseidon Adventure, TheThe Poseidon Adventure Mike Rogo film de televiziune
2006 Talk to Me serial TV
Bones Special Agent Jamie Kenton Episodul: "Two Bodies in the Lab"
Invader Zim Various (voce) Episodul: "The Frycook What Came from All That Space"
2006–08 Day Break Chad Shelton Rol principal, 13 episoade
2007 Sands of Oblivion Jesse Carter film de televiziune
Superman: Doomsday Superman / Clark Kent / Dark Superman (voce) Video
2007–12 Chuck John Casey Rol principal, 91 episoade
2008 CSI: NY DHS Agent Brett Dunbar Episodul: "Hostage"
Chuck Versus the Webisodes John Casey 5 episoade
2011 Love Bites Hotel Dick Episodul: "Modern Plagues"
2011–12 Transformers: Prime Breakdown (voce) Serial de animație, 13 episoade
2012 Castle Detectiv Slaughter Episodul: "Headhunter"
Young Justice Parasite (voce) Episodul: "Performance"
Leverage Colonel Michael Vance 2 episoade: "The Very Big Bird Job", "The Rundown Job"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Cpt. Steven Harris Season 14; 3 episoade
2014–present The Last Ship Executive Officer Mike Slattery Rol principal, 17 episoade
2015 Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Vance Astro (voce) Serial de animație, rol periodic
Guardians of the Galaxy Vance Astro (voce) Serial de animație, rol periodic

Jocuri video modificare

An Titlu Rol Note
2003 Kill.switch Archer
2007 Halo 3 Marines
Half-Life 2: Episode Two Citizens
2009 Halo 3: ODST Dutch
2010 Mass Effect 2 Kal'Reegar
2011 DC Universe Online Superman
2013 Injustice: Gods Among Us Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
2015 Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Henry Fleming
Infinite Crisis Hal Jordan / Green Lantern [4]
Firefly Online Jayne Cobb

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