Discharge (formație)

Discharge live in Rome 2006.jpg
Date personale
OrigineStoke-on-Trent, Anglia
Gen muzicalD-beat, hardcore punk, heavy metal, crossover thrash, punk rock (la început)
Ani de activitate1977–1987, 1991–1999, 2001–prezent
Colaborare cuBroken Bones, Varukers, HellsBelles
Royston "Rainy" Wainwright
Anthony "Bones" Roberts
Terence "Tezz" Roberts
David "Proper" Caution
Jeff "JJ" Janiak
Foști membri
Nigel Bamford
Anthony "Akko" Atkinson
Kelvin "Cal" Morris
Dave "Bambi" Ellesmere
Keith Haynes
"Garry" Moloney
Peter "Pooch" Purtill
Les "The Mole" Hunt
Micky Gibson
Stephen "Fish" Brooks
Robert "Rocky Shades" Berkley
Andrew "Andy" Green
Anthony "Jake" Morgan
Nick Bushell
Labanthorsen "The Torn" Ekeroth
David "Davey" Quinn
Anthony "Rat" Martin
Prezență online

Discharge sunt o formație britanică de hardcore punk formată în 1977 de către Terence "Tezz" Roberts și Royston "Rainy" Wainwright. În timp ce trupa a avut modificări substanțiale-line up a lungul istoriei sale, clasic line-up de la începutul anilor 1980 prezentate basist Wainwright, bateristul Gary Maloney, "Anthony" Bones "Roberts cânta la chitară și vocalistul Kelvin" Cal "Morris (aka" Cal Voice ").


Chart placings, unless stated, are shown are from the UK Indie Chart.[1]

  • "State Violence State Control" (1982) (#4)
  • "The Price of Silence" (1983) (#5)
  • "The More I See" (1984) (#3)
  • "Ignorance" (1985) (#7)
  • Never Again (1984) (#13)
  • 1980–1986 (1986)
  • Protest and Survive (1992)
  • The Clay Punk Singles Collection (1995)
  • Vision of War (1997)
  • Hardcore Hits (1999)
  • Society's Victims (2004)
  • War Is Hell (2008)
  • Demo recording from 1977
  • Limited edition live cassette: Live at the Lyceum (1981) - CHAOS Cassettes LIVE 001, recorded 24 May 1981
  • Live album: Live at the City Gardens, New Jersey (1989)
  • Live album: Live: The Nightmare Continues... (1990) recorded at Tunstall Town Hall, Stoke-on-Trent in 1983
  • Tribute album: Discharged (1992)
  • Tribute album: In Defence Of Our Future: A Tribute To Discharge (1999)
  • Split EP with MG15 (2006)
  • Tribute album: Discharge Tributo (2011) Brazilian bands tribute album.
  • Split EP with Off with Their Heads (2012)


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