Edward Woodward
Date personale
Născut[1][2][3][4] Modificați la Wikidata
Greater London, Anglia, Regatul Unit Modificați la Wikidata
Decedat (79 de ani)[5][2][3][4] Modificați la Wikidata
Truro, Anglia, Regatul Unit Modificați la Wikidata
Cauza decesuluipneumonie Modificați la Wikidata
Căsătorit cuMichele Dotrice[*][[Michele Dotrice (actriță britanică)|​]] () Modificați la Wikidata
CopiiSarah Woodward[*]
Peter Woodward[*]
Tim Woodward[*] Modificați la Wikidata
Cetățenie Regatul Unit Modificați la Wikidata
actor de teatru[*]
actor de film
actor de televiziune[*] Modificați la Wikidata
Locul desfășurării activitățiiRegatul Unit[6] Modificați la Wikidata
Limbi vorbitelimba engleză Modificați la Wikidata
Alma materRoyal Academy of Dramatic Art
Hinchley Wood School[*][[Hinchley Wood School (school in Surrey, UK)|​]]
Alte premii
Ofițer al Ordinului Imperiului Britanic[*] Modificați la Wikidata

Edward Woodward (n. , Greater London, Anglia, Regatul Unit – d. , Truro, Anglia, Regatul Unit) a fost un actor britanic de film.


An Titlu Rol Regizor Note
1955 Where There's a Will Ralph Stokes Vernon Sewell
1960 Inn for Trouble C.M. Pennington-Richards nemenționat
1964 Becket Clement Peter Glenville nemenționat
1969 The File of the Golden Goose Arthur Thompson Sam Wanamaker
1971 Incense for the Damned Dr. Holstrom Michael Burrowes
1972 Sitting Target Inspector Milton Douglas Hickox
1972 Young Winston Aylmer Haldane Richard Attenborough
1972 Hunted John Drummond Peter Crane scurtmetraj
1973 The Wicker Man Sergeant Howie Robin Hardy
1974 Callan David Callan Don Sharp
1975 Three for All Roadsweeper Martin Campbell
1977 Stand Up, Virgin Soldiers Sgt. Wellbeloved Norman Cohen
1980 Breaker Morant Lt. Harry Harbord "Breaker" Morant Bruce Beresford Cântând la sfârșit pe generic
1981 The Appointment Ian Lindsey Vickers
1982 Who Dares Wins Commander Powell Ian Sharp
1984 Champions Josh Gifford John Irvin
1985 King David Saul Bruce Beresford
1990 Mister Johnson Sargy Gollup Bruce Beresford
1990 Soccer Shootout: 1990 World Cup Narrator Mario Morra
1992 Aladdin The Sultan Timothy Forder voce
1993 Tân ar y Comin David Hemmings
1994 Deadly Advice Maj. Herbert Armstrong Mandie Fletcher
1997 The House of Angelo Dominic Angelo Jim Goddard și producător
2000 Marcie's Dowry Gus Wise David Mackenzie scurtmetraj
2002 The Abduction Club Lord Fermoy Stefan Schwartz
2007 Hot Fuzz Tom Weaver Edgar Wright
2009 A Congregation of Ghosts Reverend Frederick Densham Mark Collicott (ultimul rol de film)


An Titlu Rol Note
1956 A Girl Called Jo John Brooke film TV
1957 The Telescope John Mayfield film TV
1959 Armchair Theatre 3.25 "The Fabulous Money Maker"
1959 World Theatre Titinius 1.01 "Julius Caesar"
1959 ITV Television Playhouse Joe Murdoch 4.52 "One a Penny, Two a Penny"
1959 Skyport 6 episoade
1960 Inside Story Stanislaw Krasinski 1.01 "A Touch of Brimstone"
1960 The True Mistery of the Passion Peter film TV
1960 Armchair Mystery Theatre Paul Danek 1.03 "The Case of Paul Danek"
1961 Emergency-Ward 10 Rev. Posset 1.144 "Episode #1.444"
1961 Adventure Story Peter 1.01 "The Reef"
1961 Magnolia Street John Cooper 6 episoade
1961 BBC Sunday-Night Play Superintendent Morland 3.01 "A Clean Kill"
1961 You Can't Win Paul Hayward 1.01 "Greater Than Fear"
1962 Sir Francis Drake Spanish Captain 1.23 "Court Intrigue"
1962 ITV Play of the Week Adolphus Cusins 8.08 "Major Barbara"
1964 Sergeant Cork Austen Carew 1.16 "The Case of the Ormsby Diamonds"
1964 ITV Play of the Week The Boy's Father 9.26 "I Can Walk Where I Like Can't I?"
1964 The Defenders H.T. Harris 4.05 "Conflict of Interests"
1965 Mogul Ron Smith 1.03 "Safety Man"
1965 Armchair Mystery Theatre Anstey 3.11 "Wake a Stranger"
1966 Thirty-Minute Theatre Arthur 1.33 "Ella"
1966 Dixon of Dock Green Bruce Paynter 13.12 "The Accident"
1967 Theatre 625 Guy Crouchback 4.09 "Sword of Honour"
1967 Armchair Theatre David Callan 7.02 "A Magnum for Schneider"
1967 Thirty-Minute Theatre Alan 2.25 "Wanted"
1967 The Revenue Men Bill Murray 1.02 "Don't Get Conspicuous"
1967 The Baron Arkin Morley 1.29 "Countdown"
1967 The Saint Jack Liskard 1.15 "The Persistent Patriots"
1967 Conflict Othello 2.16 "Othello"
1967-1972 Callan David Callan 43 episoade
1967 Trapped Mark Frazier 2.01 "Trapped: Au Pair Swedish Style"
1968 Mystery and Imagination Reeve 3.02 "The Listener"
1968 ITV Playhouse Ed
Lt.-Col. Fox-Lennard
1.42 "Entertaining Mr. Sloane"
2 "Premiere: The Night of Talavera"
1968 Detective Auguste Dupin 2.17 "The Murders in the Rue Morgue"
1968 Sherlock Holmes Mason 2.13 "Shoscombe Old Place"
1969 BBC Play of the Month Cassius 4.08 "Julius Caesar"
1969 The Bruce Forsyth Show
1969 Omnibus F. Scott Fitzgerald 3.09 "F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Dream Divided"
1969 Detective Commissaire Bignon 3.09 "The Poisoners"
1969 The Root of All Evil? Designi 2.02 "A Bit of a Holiday"
1971 Play for Today Frank 2.3 "Evelyn"
1971 BBC Play of the Month Lopakhin 7.04 "The Cherry Orchard"
1971 The Edward Woodward Hour Host
1973 Whodunnit? Himself (host) 6 episoade
1975 Armchair Cinema Philip Warne 1.04 "When Day Is Done"
1977 ITV Playhouse George Mangham 9.08 "The Bass Player and the Blonde"
1977-1978 1990 Jim Kyle 16 episoade
1978 Saturday, Sunday, Monday Luigi film TV
1978 The Bass Player and the Blonde Mangham 1.01 "Rondo"
1980 ITV Playhouse Ian 12.07 "A Rod of Iron"
1980 Nice Work Edwin Thornfield 6 episoade
1981 Sunday Night Thriller Alex Logan 1.04 "Blunt Instrument"
1981 Chronicle Narrator (voice) 1.07 "The Crime of Captain Colthurst"
1981 Wet Job David Callan film TV
1981 Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years Sir Samuel Hoare miniserie TV
1983 The Spice of Life Narrator (voice) 13 episoade
1983 Love Is Forever Derek McBracken film TV
1984 Killer Contract Bill Routledge film TV
1984 A Christmas Carol Ghost of Christmas Present film TV
1985 Merlin and the Sword Merlin film TV
1985-1989 The Equalizer Robert McCall 88 episoade
1987 Uncle Tom's Cabin Simon Legree film TV
1988 Codename: Kyril Michael Royston miniserie TV
1988 Memories of Manon Robert McCall film TV
1988 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Drummond 3.20 "The Hunted"
1989 The Man in the Brown Suit Sir Eustace Pedler film TV
1990 Hands of a Murderer Sherlock Holmes film TV
1990-1991 Over My Dead Body Maxwell Beckett 11 episoade
1991-1996 In Suspicious Circumstances Storyteller 39 episoade
1991-1992 America at Risk Host Television documentary
1994-1997 Common As Muck Nev 12 episoade
1994 A Christmas Reunion Colonel Phillips film TV
1995 The Shamrock Conspiracy Edward Harrison film TV
1996 Gulliver's Travels Drunlo miniserie TV
1996 Harrison: Cry of the City Edward "Teddy" Harrison film TV
1999 Crusade Alwyn 1.02 "The Long Road"
1999 CI5: The New Professionals Harry Malone 13 episoade
2001 La Femme Nikita Mr. Jones 4 episoade
2001 The Lone Gunmen Peanuts' Speech Synthesizer 1.07 "Planet of the Frohikes"
2001 Dark Realm Captain Kelly 1.11 "Emma's Boy"
2001 Messiah Rev. Stephen Hedges miniserie TV
2002 Night Flight Vic Green film TV
2004 Murder in Suburbia Reg 1.06 "Noisy Neighbours"
2005 Where the Heart Is Jack Bishop 9.09 "So Long"
2007 Five Days Victor Marsham miniserie TV
2007 First Landing Older Nathaniel Peacock / Narator (voce) film TV
2008 The Bill Johnnie Jackson 24.27 "Sins of the Father"
2009 EastEnders Tommy Clifford 6 episoade
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