Leonard McCoy

personaj fictiv din universul Star Trek
Leonard McCoy
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SerialStar Trek: Seria originală
Deep Domain[*][[Deep Domain (book by Howard Weinstein)|​]]
Rules Of Engagement[*][[Rules Of Engagement (book by Peter Morwood)|​]]
Assignment: Eternity[*][[Assignment: Eternity (Book by Greg Cox)|​]]
From The Depths[*][[From The Depths (Book by Victor Milan)|​]]
Bloodthirst[*][[Bloodthirst (book by Jeanne Kalogridis)|​]]
Double, Double[*][[Double, Double (novel by Michael Jan Friedman)|​]]
The Three-Minute Universe[*][[The Three-Minute Universe (book by Barbara Paul)|​]]
Twilight's End[*][[Twilight's End (Book by Jerry Oltion, from 2000)|​]]
The Fire and the Rose[*][[The Fire and the Rose (Book by David R. George III)|​]]
Treaty's Law[*][[Treaty's Law (Book by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, from 1997)|​]]
Spectre[*][[Spectre (book by William Shatner)|​]]
The Pandora Principle[*][[The Pandora Principle (1990 book by Carolyn Clowes from Pocket Books, from 1990 from United States of America)|​]]
The Fate Of The Phoenix[*][[The Fate Of The Phoenix (Book by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath, from 1979)|​]]
Immortal Coil[*][[Immortal Coil (Book by Jeffrey Lang, from 2002)|​]]
Memory Prime[*][[Memory Prime (1988 book by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens from Pocket Books, from 1988 from United States of America)|​]]
The Great Starship Race[*][[The Great Starship Race (Book by Diane Carey)|​]]
The Survivor[*][[The Survivor (short story)|​]]
The Cry Of The Onlies[*][[The Cry Of The Onlies (1989 book by Judy Klass from Pocket Books, from 1989 from United States of America)|​]]
The Fearful Summons[*][[The Fearful Summons (Book by Denny Martin Flinn)|​]]
First Strike[*][[First Strike (Star Trek novel by Diane Carey, from 1996)|​]]
Mudd in Your Eye[*][[Mudd in Your Eye (Book by Jerry Oltion, from 1997)|​]]
Ghost Walker[*][[Ghost Walker (novel by Barbara Hambly)|​]]
Home Is The Hunter[*][[Home Is The Hunter (1990 book by Dana Kramer-Rolls from Pocket Books from United States of America)|​]]
The Rift[*][[The Rift (book by Peter David)|​]]
Death Count[*][[Death Count (Book by L.A. Graf, from 1992)|​]]
Devil World[*][[Devil World (Book by Gordon Eklund, from 1979)|​]]
Star Trek: Jurnalul 3
Battlestations![*][[Battlestations! (book by Diane Carey)|​]]
Enemy Unseen[*][[Enemy Unseen (book by V.E. Mitchell)|​]]
Charlie's Law[*][[Charlie's Law (short story)|​]]
The Ashes Of Eden[*][[The Ashes Of Eden (book by William Shatner)|​]]
The Badlands, Book One[*][[The Badlands, Book One (Book by Susan Wright)|​]]
Doctor's Orders[*][[Doctor's Orders (book by Diane Duane)|​]]
Preserver[*][[Preserver (book by William Shatner)|​]]
Ice Trap[*][[Ice Trap (Book by L.A. Graf, from 1992)|​]]
The Disinherited[*][[The Disinherited (novel by Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger)|​]]
Prime Directive[*][[Prime Directive (book by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens)|​]]
Federation[*][[Federation (science fiction novel by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens)|​]]
Shell Game[*][[Shell Game (Book by Melissa Crandall, from 1993)|​]]
The Joy Machine[*][[The Joy Machine (Book by James Gunn)|​]]
Provenance of Shadows[*][[Provenance of Shadows (Book by David R. George III)|​]]
Renegade[*][[Renegade (Book by Gene DeWeese)|​]]
The Return[*][[The Return (novel by William Shatner, Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Judith Reeves-Stevens)|​]]
The Starship Trap[*][[The Starship Trap (book by Mel Gilden)|​]]
The Rings Of Tautee[*][[The Rings Of Tautee (Book by Dean Wesley Smith, from 1996)|​]]
The Romulan Way[*][[The Romulan Way (book by Diane Duane)|​]]
Probe[*][[Probe (Book by Margaret Wander Bonanno, from 1992)|​]]
The Patrian Transgression[*][[The Patrian Transgression (Book by Simon Hawke, from 1994)|​]]
The IDIC Epidemic[*][[The IDIC Epidemic (book by Jean Lorrah)|​]]
Timetrap[*][[Timetrap (1988 book by David Dvorkin from Pocket Books, from 1988 from United States of America)|​]]
Crossover[*][[Crossover (Book by Michael Jan Friedman)|​]]
Enterprise: The First Adventure[*][[Enterprise: The First Adventure (Book by Vonda N. McIntyre, from 1986)|​]]
Final Frontier[*][[Final Frontier (Book by Diane Carey, from 1988)|​]]
The Slaver Weapon[*][[The Slaver Weapon (Short story)|​]]
Dark Victory[*][[Dark Victory (book by William Shatner)|​]]
Traitor Winds[*][[Traitor Winds (Book by L.A. Graf)|​]]
Bem[*][[Bem (Short story)|​]]
A Flag Full Of Stars[*][[A Flag Full Of Stars (book by Brad Ferguson)|​]]
A Singular Destiny[*][[A Singular Destiny (Book by Keith R. A. DeCandido, from 2009)|​]]
Firestorm[*][[Firestorm (Book by L.A. Graf)|​]]
Strangers from the Sky[*][[Strangers from the Sky (book by Margaret Wander Bonanno)|​]]
Surprise![*][[Surprise! (Short story)|​]]
Star Trek: Jurnalul 4
Trek to Madworld[*][[Trek to Madworld (Star Trek novel by Stephen Goldin)|​]]
Faces of Fire[*][[Faces of Fire (book by Michael Jan Friedman)|​]]
Planet Of Judgment[*][[Planet Of Judgment (novel by Joe Haldeman)|​]]
Before Dishonor[*][[Before Dishonor (Book by Peter David, from 2007)|​]]
The Eye of the Beholder[*][[The Eye of the Beholder (novel)|​]]
The Counter-Clock Incident[*][[The Counter-Clock Incident (Short story)|​]]
First Frontier[*][[First Frontier (Book by Diane Carey and James Kirkland, from 1995)|​]]
The Kobayashi Maru[*][[The Kobayashi Maru (1989 novel by Julia Ecklar)|​]]
Crossroad[*][[Crossroad (Book by Barbara Hambly, from 1994)|​]]
The Better Man[*][[The Better Man (Book by Howard Weinstein, from 1994)|​]]
Dreams Of The Raven[*][[Dreams Of The Raven (novel by Carmen Carter)|​]]
Encounter at Farpoint[*][[Encounter at Farpoint (Book)|​]]
Albatross[*][[Albatross (Short story)|​]]
Trials and Tribble-Ations[*][[Trials and Tribble-Ations (Book by Diane Carey, from 1996)|​]]
The Final Nexus[*][[The Final Nexus (book by Gene DeWeese)|​]]
Mission to Horatius[*][[Mission to Horatius (book by Mack Reynolds)|​]]
Perry's Planet[*][[Perry's Planet (Book by Jack C. Haldeman II, from 1979)|​]]
Death's Angel[*][[Death's Angel (Book by Kathleen Sky, from 1981)|​]]
Red Sector[*][[Red Sector (Book by Diane Carey, from 1999)|​]]
Recovery[*][[Recovery (Book by Jeanne Kalogridis, from 1995)|​]]
Sarek[*][[Sarek (novel by Ann C. Crispin)|​]]
Shadows On The Sun[*][[Shadows On The Sun (Book by Michael Jan Friedman, from 1993)|​]]
Legacy[*][[Legacy (1991 science fiction novel by Michael Jan Friedman)|​]]
Spock, Messiah![*][[Spock, Messiah! (novel)|​]]
Spock Must Die![*][[Spock Must Die! (novel)|​]]
In Tempest's Wake[*][[In Tempest's Wake (Book by Dayton Ward, from 2012)|​]]
Star Trek: The Motion Picture[*][[Star Trek: The Motion Picture (novelization of the film Star Trek: The Motion Picture)|​]]
Generations[*][[Generations (Book by John Vornholt, from 1994)|​]]
The Wrath of Khan[*][[The Wrath of Khan (book by Vonda N. McIntyre)|​]]
The Undiscovered Country[*][[The Undiscovered Country (book)|​]]
Captain's Glory[*][[Captain's Glory (book by William Shatner)|​]]
Captain's Blood[*][[Captain's Blood (book by William Shatner)|​]]
Star Trek: Jurnalul 1
Windows On A Lost World[*][[Windows On A Lost World (Book by V.E. Mitchell, from 1993)|​]]
The Ambergris Element[*][[The Ambergris Element (Short story)|​]]
How Much For Just The Planet?[*][[How Much For Just The Planet? (novel by John M. Ford)|​]]
The Starless World[*][[The Starless World (book by Gordon Eklund)|​]]
World Without End[*][[World Without End (book by Joe Haldeman)|​]]
The Price Of The Phoenix[*][[The Price Of The Phoenix (Book by Sondra Marshak, part of Star Trek, from 1977)|​]]
Time for Yesterday[*][[Time for Yesterday (book by Ann C. Crispin)|​]]
Sanctuary[*][[Sanctuary (Book by John Vornholt, from 1992)|​]]
The Galactic Whirlpool[*][[The Galactic Whirlpool (Book by David Gerrold, from 1980)|​]]
For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
The Tholian Web
The Empath
Is There in Truth No Beauty?
Day of the Dove
Plato's Stepchildren
Wink of an Eye
That Which Survives
A Taste of Armageddon
The Galileo Seven
The Naked Time
Amok Time
The Paradise Syndrome
The Corbomite Maneuver
Pilgrim of Eternity[*][[Pilgrim of Eternity (2013 fan based Star Trek episode directed by Vic Mignogna)|​]]
The Man Trap
The Enemy Within
Grijile căpitanului Kirk
Lolani[*][[Lolani (2014 episode of Star Trek Continues)|​]]
Mudd's Women
Operation: Annihilate!
Who Mourns for Adonais?
Universul inversat
Orașul de la capătul eternității[1]
The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard[*][[The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard (book)|​]][2]
Star Trek: Starship Creator[*][[Star Trek: Starship Creator (joc video din 1998)|​]]
Assimilation², Issue 3[*][[Assimilation², Issue 3 (Comic issue)|​]][3]
Star Trek Trexels[*]
Federation – The First 150 Years[*][[Federation – The First 150 Years (2012 book)|​]][4]
The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1[*][[The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1 (book by Greg Cox)|​]][5]
The Star Trek Book[*][[The Star Trek Book (written work)|​]][6]  Modificați la Wikidata
Sexulbărbat[*]  Modificați la Wikidata
Ocupație spaceship's surgeon[*][[spaceship's surgeon (fictional occupation)|​]][7]
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Univers fictivStar Trek[*]  Modificați la Wikidata

Leonard H. „Bones” McCoy este un personaj fictiv din franciza Star Trek[8]. A fost interpretat prima oară de actorul american DeForest Kelley în Star Trek: Seria originală. McCoy apare și în seria Star Trek: Seria animată, în șapte filme de lung metraj Star Trek, în episodul pilot din Star Trek: Generația următoare și în numeroase cărți, benzi desenate și video jocuri[9]. Karl Urban a interpretat acest rol în filmul din 2009 Star Trek[10].

DeForest Kelley la o Convenție Star Trek din Florida, 1988.


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