Montgomery Scott

Montgomery Scott
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Джеймс Духан в роли Монтгомери Скотта
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SerialStar Trek: Seria originală
Deep Domain[*]
Rules Of Engagement[*]
Assignment: Eternity[*]
From The Depths[*]
Double, Double[*]
The Three-Minute Universe[*]
Twilight's End[*]
Pawns and Symbols[*]
Treaty's Law[*]
The Klingon Gambit[*]
Web of the Romulans[*]
The Pandora Principle[*]
The Fate Of The Phoenix[*]
The Prometheus Design[*]
Memory Prime[*]
The Great Starship Race[*]
The Survivor[*]
The Cry Of The Onlies[*]
The Fearful Summons[*]
The Entropy Effect[*]
First Strike[*]
My Enemy, My Ally[*]
Mudd in Your Eye[*]
Ghost Walker[*]
Home Is The Hunter[*]
The Rift[*]
Death Count[*]
Devil World[*]
Star Trek: Jurnalul 3
The Final Reflection[*]
Enemy Unseen[*]
Charlie's Law[*]
The Wounded Sky[*]
The Ashes Of Eden[*]
The Badlands, Book One[*]
Doctor's Orders[*]
Ice Trap[*]
The Disinherited[*]
Prime Directive[*]
Shell Game[*]
Articles of the Federation[*]
The Joy Machine[*]
Provenance of Shadows[*]
The Covenant of the Crown[*]
The Starship Trap[*]
The Rings Of Tautee[*]
The Patrian Transgression[*]
The Tears of the Singers[*]
The Trellisane Confrontation[*]
The IDIC Epidemic[*]
Enterprise: The First Adventure[*]
Final Frontier[*]
The Slaver Weapon[*]
The Lost Years[*]
Dark Victory[*]
Traitor Winds[*]
A Flag Full Of Stars[*]
A Singular Destiny[*]
Star Trek: Jurnalul 4
Trek to Madworld[*]
Dwellers in the Crucible[*]
Faces of Fire[*]
Planet Of Judgment[*]
Before Dishonor[*]
Shadow Lord[*]
The Eye of the Beholder[*]
The Abode of Life[*]
The Counter-Clock Incident[*]
First Frontier[*]
Best Destiny[*]
The Kobayashi Maru[*]
Crisis on Centaurus[*]
The Better Man[*]
Dreams Of The Raven[*]
Mutiny on the Enterprise[*]
The Vulcan Academy Murders[*]
Trials and Tribble-Ations[*]
The Final Nexus[*]
Mission to Horatius[*]
Perry's Planet[*]
Death's Angel[*]
Shadows On The Sun[*]
Black Fire[*]
Yesterday's Son[*]
Spock, Messiah![*]
Spock Must Die![*]
Spock's World[*]
In Tempest's Wake[*]
Star Trek: The Motion Picture[*]
The Wrath of Khan[*]
The Search for Spock[*]
The Voyage Home[*]
The Undiscovered Country[*]
Captain's Glory[*]
Captain's Blood[*]
Storming Heaven[*]
The Autobiography of James T. Kirk[*]
Star Trek: Jurnalul 1
Windows On A Lost World[*]
The Ambergris Element[*]
Uhura's Song[*]
Vulcan's Glory[*]
How Much For Just The Planet?[*]
The Starless World[*]
World Without End[*]
The Price Of The Phoenix[*]
Time for Yesterday[*]
Killing time[*]
The Two-Front War[*]
Chain of Attack[*]
The Galactic Whirlpool[*]
Acolo unde nimeni nu a ajuns vreodată
For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
The Tholian Web
The Empath
Is There in Truth No Beauty?
Day of the Dove
Plato's Stepchildren
Wink of an Eye
That Which Survives
A Taste of Armageddon
The Man Trap
The Corbomite Maneuver
Mudd's Women
Operation: Annihilate!
Who Mourns for Adonais?
The Galileo Seven
Universul inversat
The Paradise Syndrome
Grijile căpitanului Kirk
The Naked Time
The Enemy Within
Orașul de la capătul eternității[1]
Star Trek: Starship Creator[*]
Assimilation², Issue 3[*][2]
Return to Babel[*]
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Montgomery „Scotty” Scott este un personaj fictiv din franciza Star Trek. Montgomery Scott este un inginer scoțian[3]. Prima oară a fost interpretat de James Doohan în Star Trek: Seria originală. Personajul mai apare și în seria Star Trek: Seria animată, în șapte filme de lung metraj Star Trek, în episodul Relics din Star Trek: Generația următoare și în numeroase cărți, benzi desenate și jocuri video[4][5]. Simon Pegg a interpretat rolul lui Montgomery Scott în filmul din 2009 Star Trek[5].


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