Pentru un studio de film fondat în 1994, vedeți Mutual Film Company.
Mutual Film
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Mutual Film Corporation a fost un studio de film american în epoca filmului mut. Este cel mai cunoscut pentru producerea aici a unor filme de comedie ale lui Charlie Chaplin în 1916-1917. A fost fondat în 1912, a fost ulterior absorbit de Film Booking Offices of America, care împreună cu Keith-Albee-Orpheum Corporation a format RKO Pictures la 23 octombrie 1928.

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A Little Hero (1913), film mut cu Mabel Normand cu inter-titluri în olandeză .
Charlie Chaplin în The Property Man (1914)
Afișul filmului His New Profession (1914)
Afișul filmului The Count (1915)
Treason (1918)
An Titlu Note
1913 Little Hero, AA Little Hero
1913 Grand Military Parade, TheThe Grand Military Parade
1913 Accidental Clue, AnAn Accidental Clue
1914 Cocoon and the Butterfly, TheThe Cocoon and the Butterfly
1914 Our Mutual Girl
1914 Life of General Villa, TheThe Life of General Villa
1914 Property Man, TheThe Property Man
1914 Face on the Bar Room Floor, TheThe Face on the Bar Room Floor
1914 His New Profession
1914 Sweet and Low
1914 Fatty's Wine Party
1914 Leading Lizzie Astray
1915 Devil, TheThe Devil
1915 Father and Son
1915 Straw Man, TheThe Straw Man
1915 Deathlock, TheThe Deathlock
1916 Fighting the War
1916 Other Side of the Door, TheThe Other Side of the Door
1916 Johnny's Romeo
1916 Father and Son
1916 Folly of Fear, TheThe Folly of Fear
1916 At Twelve O'Clock
1916 Turn of the Wheel, TheThe Turn of the Wheel
1916 False Clue, TheThe False Clue
1916 Within the Lines
1916 His Guardian Angel
1916 When the Tide Turned
1916 Grouchy
1916 His Uncle's Ward
1916 Admirers Three
1916 Uncle Sam's Defenders
1916 The Pawnshop
1917 Pardners
1917 Rehabilitated
1917 Queen X
1917 Greater Woman, TheThe Greater Woman
1917 Wildcat, TheThe Wildcat
1917 Mary Moreland
1917 Bab the Fixer
1917 Beautiful Adventure, TheThe Beautiful Adventure
1917 Please Help Emily
1917 Serpent's Tooth, TheThe Serpent's Tooth
1917 Souls in Pawn
1917 Girl Who Can Cook, TheThe Girl Who Can Cook
1917 Girl from Rector's, TheThe Girl from Rector's
1917 Railroad Raiders, TheThe Railroad Raiders
1917 Daughter of Maryland
1917 American Maid
1917 Her Second Husband
1918 Who Loved Him Best?
1918 Her Husband's Honor
1918 Treason


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