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This is a list of suggested images for articles about musical_artists without image in infobox. This list is generated by a bot, based on data from plwiki and interwiki connections so it can contains errors due to incorrect image in plwiki or bad interwiki. Complaints, requests for list regeneration, bug reports (especially about suggestion for pages with image in infobox and grammar errors in this message) please post here (talk page on my home wiki). -- Bulwersator (discuție) 25 august 2012 15:25 (EEST)

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  • There is an image in article, but not in infobox - move existing image to infobox or add new, suggested
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David Fiodorovici OistrahModificare

(edit) #pl:Dawid_Ojstrach:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-23447-0001, Dresden, Konzert David Oistrach (crop).jpg

, ro:David Fiodorovici Oistrah: