Wednesday 13

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Wednesday 13
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Date personale
Nume la naștereJoseph Poole
Născut (44 de ani)
Lexington, North Carolina, SUA
CetățenieFlag of the United States.svg SUA Modificați la Wikidata
chitarist Modificați la Wikidata
Alte numeJoe Nothing, Audrey 3, Buck Bourbon
Gen muzicalHorror punk, heavy metal, glam metal, outlaw country
Instrument(e)Vocal, chitară, chitară bas, clape
Ani de activitate1992–prezent
Case de discuriWednesday 13 LLC, DR2, Rykodisc, Roadrunner
Colaborare cuFrankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Murderdolls, Bourbon Crow, The Rejects, Gunfire 76,Maniac Spider Trash
Prezență online

Wednesday 13, pe numele real Joseph Poole (n. 12 august 1976) este un muzician american, cunoscut cel mai bine ca lider la formației Murderdolls. De asemenea, el a mai fost membru la o serie de alte formații, printre care Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Wednesday 13, Bourbon Crow, și Gunfire 76.


Maniac Spider TrashModificare

  • 1994: Dumpster Mummies (Reissued on CD in 2010)
  • 1995: Murder Happy Fairytales (Unreleased) (Released Digitally in 2011)

Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13Modificare


Wednesday 13Modificare

Bourbon CrowModificare

Gunfire 76Modificare

  • 2009: Casualties & Tragedies

Various ArtistsModificare

  • 2006: Horror High Presents: Prom Queen Massacre



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March – October 2004: Wednesday 13's Graveyard a Go-Go Statele Unite
November 2004: Look What the Bats Dragged In Europa
April 2005: Wednesday 13's April Ghouls Statele Unite
The 69 Eyes
April – May 2005: From Here To Horrorwood US Statele Unite Deadstar Assembly
May – June 2005: Europaan Tour (Festivals) Europa
September 2005: 6 Feet Down Under Australia
September – October 2005: Damned In Japan Japan
October 2005: Haunted Halloween West Coast Mini Statele Unite King of Creeps, Alice Cooper
November 2005: Tour From The Crypt Europa
July – October 2006: Till Death Do Us Party World Statele Unite
Sign, Betty Curse
January – February 2007: Wednesday 13's American Werewolves Statele Unite Vains of Jenna
March – May 2007: Wednesday 13's Europaan Werewolves Europa McQueen, The Poisoning
June – July 2007: MonsTour Statele Unite The 69 Eyes
October 2007: Ghouls On Parade Statele Unite Trashlight Vision, AntiProduct
November 2007: U.K. Fan Bang Europa McQueen
January – March 2008: All American Massacre Statele Unite The AKA's, Creature Feature
May – November 2008: SkeleTour Statele Unite
February – March 2009: For Those About To Rot U.S.' Statele Unite Dommin
March 2009: March Of The Damned World Japan
Glamour Of The Kill, The Chelsea Smiles
February 2010: Valentine's Massacre Down Under Australia
October 2011 - January 2012: Something Wicked This Way Comes Statele Unite
Michael Monroe, Vampires Everywhere!, Polkadot Cadaver, Nightmare Sonata, CrashDiet, Aiden, Modern Day Escape
February - March 2012: Soundwave Festival 2012 Australia
June - July 2012: The Summer Of Blood Statele Unite
October - November 2012: Spook & Destroy World Australia
February - March 2013: Curse The Living Statele Unite
Calabrese, Cold Blue Rebels, Sister
May - June 2013: Too Fast For Blood Statele Unite
September - November 2013: For Those About To Rot World Statele Unite
Cold Blue Rebels, Mortified Mortician, Sister, The Defiled


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