Will Sasso
Will Sasso by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Will Sasso la San Diego Comic-Con International în iulie 2010.
Date personale
Nume la naștereWilliam Sasso[1]
Născut (45 de ani)
Ladner, Columbia britanică, Canada
CetățenieFlag of the United States.svg SUA
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Canada Modificați la Wikidata
OcupațieActor, comic
Ani de activitate1990–prezent
Prezență online

William "Will" Sasso (n. 24 mai 1975) este un actor canadian de origine italiană.[2]


Film An Rol
Hit By Lightning 2014 Seth
The Right Kind of Wrong 2013 Neil
Movie 43 (2013) Jerry (The Pitch)
Million Dollar Extreme 2012
The Three Stooges 2012 Curly Howard
Division III: Football's Finest 2011 Terry Lockwood
National Lampoon's 301: The Legend of Awesomest Maximus 2010 Awesomest Maximus
Life As We Know It 2010 Miss Pennsylvania's Husband
For Christ's Sake 2010 Alan
Year of the Carnivore 2009 Dirk
Lower Learning 2008 Jesse Buchwald
College Road Trip 2008 Deputy O'Malley
Southland Tales 2007 Fortunio Balducci
Dark Ride 2006 Hospital Aide
Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story 2005 voice of Randy Newman/James Lipton
The Hot Chick 2003 Mr. Garbajian (deleted scenes)
A Mighty Wind 2003 Phil
Still Waiting music video 2002 Record Company Executive
Dawg 2002 Willie Smits
Best in Show 2000 Dale
Drop Dead Gorgeous 1999 Hank Vilmes
Brown's Requiem 1998 "Fat Dog" Baker
The 6th Man 1997 Scrubby D
Beverly Hills Ninja 1997 Chet Walters
Doctor Who 1996 Pete
Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco 1996 Pizza Delivery Guy
Happy Gilmore 1996 Mover # 1
Malicious 1996 Guy
Ski School II 1995 Tomcat Collins
Magic in the Water 1995 Shy Young Orderly
Ernest Goes to School 1994 Russell



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