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William Powell
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Date personale
Născut[2][3][4][5] Modificați la Wikidata
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, SUA[6] Modificați la Wikidata
Decedat (91 de ani)[2][7][3][4] Modificați la Wikidata
Palm Springs⁠(d), California, SUA[8] Modificați la Wikidata
Înmormântat Desert Memorial Park[*][[Desert Memorial Park (cemetery in Cathedral City, California, United States)|​]] Modificați la Wikidata
Cauza decesuluicauze naturale (infarct miocardic) Modificați la Wikidata
Căsătorit cu Eileen Wilson Powell[*][[Eileen Wilson Powell (actriță americană)|​]] ()
Carole Lombard ()
Diana Lewis[*][[Diana Lewis (American film actress)|​]] () Modificați la Wikidata
Copii William David Powell[*][[William David Powell (American screenwriter (1925-1968))|​]] Modificați la Wikidata
CetățenieFlag of the United States.svg Statele Unite ale Americii Modificați la Wikidata
Ocupațieactor de teatru[*]
actor de film
actor de televiziune[*] Modificați la Wikidata
Limbi vorbitelimba engleză[9] Modificați la Wikidata
Alma materAcademia Americană de Arte Dramatice[*][1]
Central High School[*][[Central High School (high school in Missouri, United States)|​]]
Alte premii
Stea pe Hollywood Walk of Fame[*] Modificați la Wikidata
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William Horatio Powell (n. 29 iulie 1892(1892-07-29), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – d. 5 martie 1984(1984-03-05), Palm Springs, California)[10] a fost un actor american. A fost o vedetă importantă a studiourilor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Powell a jucat alături de Myrna Loy în 14 filme, inclusiv în populara serie Thin Man bazată pe personajele Nick și Nora Charles create de Dashiell Hammett. Powell a fost nominalizat la Premiul Oscar pentru cel mai bun actor de trei ori pentru producțiile: The Thin Man (1934), My Man Godfrey (1936) și Life with Father (1947).

Portret MGM din 1936 al lui William Powell



An Titlu Rol
1922 Sherlock Holmes Foreman Wells
1922 When Knighthood Was in Flower Francis I
1922 Outcast DeValle
1923 The Bright Shawl Gaspar De Vaca
1923 Under the Red Robe Duke of Orleans
1924 Dangerous Money Prince Arnoldo da Pescia
1924 Romola Tito Melema
1925 Too Many Kisses Julio
1925 Faint Perfume Barnaby Powers
1925 My Lady's Lips Scott Seldon
1925 The Beautiful City Nick Di Silva
1926 White Mice Roddy Forrester
1926 Sea Horses Lorenzo Salvia
1926 Desert Gold Snake Landree
1926 The Runaway Jack Harrison
1926 Aloma of the South Seas Van Templeton
1926 Beau Geste Boldini
1926 The Great Gatsby George Wilson
1926 Tin Gods Tony Santelli
1927 New York Trent Regan
1927 Love's Greatest Mistake Don Kendall
1927 Special Delivery Harold Jones
1927 Senorita Manuel Oliveros
1927 Time to Love Prince Alado
1927 Paid to Love Prince Eric
1927 Nevada Clan Dillon
1927 She's a Sheik Kada
1928 Beau Sabreur Becque
1928 The Last Command Lev Andreyev
1928 Feel My Pulse Her Nemesis
1928 Partners in Crime Smith
1928 The Dragnet Dapper Frank Trent
1928 The Vanishing Pioneer John Murdock
1928 Forgotten Faces Froggy
1928 Interference Philip Voaze
1929 The Canary Murder Case Philo Vance
1929 The Four Feathers Capt. William Trench
1929 The Greene Murder Case Philo Vance
1929 Charming Sinners Karl Kraley
1929 Pointed Heels Robert Courtland
1930 Behind the Make-Up Gardoni
1930 Street of Chance John D. Marsden / 'Natural' Davis
1930 The Benson Murder Case Philo Vance
1930 Paramount on Parade Philo Vance
1930 Shadow of the Law John Nelson
1930 For the Defense William Foster
1931 Man of the World Michael Trevor
1931 Ladies' Man Jamie Darricott
1931 The Road to Singapore Hugh Dawltry
1932 High Pressure Gar Evans
1932 Jewel Robbery The Robber
1932 One Way Passage Dan
1932 Lawyer Man Anton Adam
1933 Private Detective 62 Free
1933 Double Harness John Fletcher
1933 The Kennel Murder Case Philo Vance
1934 Fashions of 1934 Sherwood Nash
1934 Manhattan Melodrama Jim Wade
1934 The Thin Man Nick Charles
1934 The Key Capt. Bill Tennant
1934 Evelyn Prentice John Prentice
1935 Star of Midnight Clay 'Dal' Dalzell
1935 Reckless Ned Riley
1935 Escapade Fritz
1935 Rendezvous Bill Gordon
1936 The Great Ziegfeld Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.
1936 The Ex-Mrs. Bradford Dr. Lawrence Bradford
1936 My Man Godfrey Godfrey
1936 Libeled Lady Bill Chandler
1936 After the Thin Man Nick Charles
1937 The Last of Mrs. Cheney Charles
1937 The Emperor's Candlesticks Baron Stephan Wolensky
1937 Double Wedding Charles Lodge
1938 The Baroness and the Butler Johann Porok
1939 Another Thin Man Nick Charles
1940 I Love You Again Larry Wilson aka George Carey
1941 Love Crazy Steve Ireland
1941 Shadow of the Thin Man Nick Charles
1942 Crossroads David Talbot, aka Jean Pelletier
1944 The Heavenly Body William S. Whitley
1945 The Youngest Profession Himself
1945 Ziegfeld Follies Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
1945 The Thin Man Goes Home Nick Charles
1946 The Hoodlum Saint Terence Ellerton 'Terry' O'Neill
1946 The Great Morgan Film Character
1947 Life with Father Father
1947 Song of the Thin Man Nick Charles
1947 The Senator Was Indiscreet Senator Melvin G. Ashton
1948 Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid Mr. Arthur Peabody
1949 Take One False Step Professor Andrew Gentling
1949 Dancing in the Dark Emery Slade
1951 It's a Big Country Professor
1952 The Treasure of Lost Canyon Homer 'Doc' Brown
1953 The Girl Who Had Everything Steve Latimer
1953 How to Marry a Millionaire J.D. Hanley
1955 Mister Roberts Lt. 'Doc'


  • Screen Snapshots (1932)
  • Hollywood on Parade No. A-12 (1933)
  • Screen Snapshots: The Skolsky Party (1946)

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