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Wole Soyinka

scriitor nigerian


Piese de teatruModificare

  • The Beatification of the Area Boy
  • King Baabu
  • Etiki Revu Wetin



Volume de poezieModificare

  • A Big Airplane Crashed Into The Earth (original title Poems from Prison)
  • Idanre and other poems
  • Mandela's Earth and other poems
  • Ogun Abibiman
  • Samarkand and Other Markets I Have Known
  • Abiku
  • "After the Deluge"
  • "Telephone Conversation"


  • Neo-Tarzanism: The Poetics of Pseudo-Transition
  • Art, Dialogue, and Outrage: Essays on Literature and Culture
  • Myth, Literature and the African World
  • "From Drama and the African World View"
  • The Burden of Memory The Muse of Forgiveness


  • Culture in Transition
  • Blues For a Prodigal

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