Zona crepusculară (serial din 1985)

Pentru alte sensuri, vedeți Zona crepusculară.
Zona crepusculară
The Twilight Zone
Creator(i)Rod Serling, bazat pe serialul TV anterior ( din 1959)
Narat deCharles Aidman (1985–87)
Robin Ward (1988–89)
Compozitor temă muzicalăBernard Herrmann  Modificați la Wikidata
Țară de origineRegatul Unit
Statele Unite
Nr. de sezoane3
Nr. de episoade65 (Lista episoadelor)
Perioadă de difuzare45–48 min. (Sezoanele 1, 2)
21 min. (Season 3)
Companie(i) de producțieCBS Productions (1985–87)
Persistence of Vision (1985–87)
London Films (1985–89)
CBS Broadcast International (1988–89)
Atlantis Films (1988–89)
Canal originalCBS
Format audioStereo, Mono
Difuzare originală  (1985-09-27) –
Precedat deZona crepusculară (serial din 1959)
Urmat deZona crepusculară (serial din 2002)

Zona crepusculară (engleză: The Twilight Zone) (1985) este prima continuare a aclamatului serial cu același nume produs de Rod Serling în anii 1950-60. A fost transmis de CBS timp de 3 sezoane.



Primul sezon (1985–86)

Titlu în română Titlu original Regizor Actor (-i)
1a Shatterday Wes Craven Bruce Willis
1b A Little Peace and Quiet Wes Craven
2a Wordplay Wes Craven
2b Dreams for Sale Tommy Lee Wallace Meg Foster
2c Chameleon Wes Craven John Ashton
3a Healer Sigmund Neufeld Jr.
3b Children's Zoo Robert Downey Sr.
3c Kentucky Rye John D. Hancock
4a Little Boy Lost Tommy Lee Wallace
4b Wish Bank Rick Friedberg
4c Nightcrawlers William Friedkin
5a If She Dies Peter Medak
5b Ye Gods John D. Hancock
6a Examination Day Paul Lynch
6b A Message From Charity Paul Lynch
7a Teacher's Aide Robert Downey Sr.
7b Paladin of the Lost Hour Gilbert Cates (pseud. Alan Smithee)
8a Act Break Ted Flicker
8b The Burning Man J.D. Feigelson
8c Dealer's Choice Wes Craven
9a Dead Woman's Shoes Peter Medak
9b Wong's Lost and Found Emporium Paul Lynch
10a The Shadow Man Joe Dante
10b The Uncle Devil Show David Steinberg
10c Opening Day John Milius
11a The Beacon Gerd Oswald
11b One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty Don Carlos Dunaway
12a Her Pilgrim Soul Wes Craven
12b I of Newton Ken Gilbert
13a Night of the Meek Martha Coolidge
13b But Can She Type? Shelley Levinson
13c The Star Gerd Oswald
14a Still Life Peter Medak
14b The Little People of Killany Woods J.D. Feigelson
14c The Misfortune Cookie Allan Arkush
15a Monsters! B.W.L. Norton
15b A Small Talent for War Claudia Weill
15c A Matter of Minutes Sheldon Larry
16a The Elevator R.L. Thomas
16b To See the Invisible Man Noel Black
16c Tooth and Consequences Robert Downey Sr.
17a Welcome To Winfield Les Enloes
17b Quarantine Martha Coolidge
18a Gramma Bradford May
18b Personal Demons Peter Medak
18c Cold Reading Gus Trikonis
19a The Leprechaun Artist Tommy Lee Wallace
19b Dead Run Paul Trucker
20a Profile in Silver John D. Hancock
20b Button, Button Peter Medak
21a Need To Know Paul Lynch
21b Red Snow Jeannot Szwarc
22a Take My Life...Please! Gus Trikonis
22b Devil's Alphabet Robert Hunter
22c The Library John D. Hancock
23a Shadow Play Paul Lynch
23b Grace Note Peter Medak
24a A Day in Beaumont Philip DeGuere
24b The Last Defender of Camelot Jeannot Szwarc

Al doilea sezon (1986–87)

Titlu în română Titlu original Regizor Actor (-i)
25a The Once and Future King Jim McBride
25b A Saucer of Loneliness John D. Hancock
26a What Are Friends For? Gus Trikonis
26b Aqua Vita Paul Tucker
27a The Storyteller Paul Lynch
27b Nightsong Bradford May
28a The After Hours Gus Trikonis
28b Lost and Found Bruce Malmuth
28c The World Next Door Paul Lynch
29 The Toys of Caliban Douglas Jackson
30 The Convict's Piano Thomas J. Wright
31 The Road Less Traveled Wes Craven
32a The Card Bradford May
32b The Junction Bill Duke
33a Joy Ride Gil Bettman
33b Shelter Skelter Martha Coolidge
33c Private Channel Douglas Jackson
34a Time and Teresa Golowitz Shelley Levinson
34b Voices in the Earth Curtis Harrington
35a Song of the Younger World Corey Allen
35b The Girl I Married Philip DeGuere

Al treilea sezon(1988–89)

Titlu în română Titlu original Regizor Actor (-i)
36 Curiosul caz al lui Edgar Witherspoon The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon Paul Lynch
37 Extra Innings Douglas Jackson
38 The Crossing Paul Lynch
39 The Hunters Paul Lynch
40 Dream Me a Life Paul Lynch
41 Memories Ryszard Bugajski
42 The Hellgrammite Method Ryszard Bugajski
43 Our Selena is Dying Bruce Pittman
44 The Call Bruce Pittman
45 The Trance Brad Turner
46 Acts of Terror Brad Turner
47 20/20 Vision Bruce Pittman
48 There Was an Old Woman Sturia Gunnarsson
49 The Trunk Paul Lynch
50 Appointment on Route 17 Atom Egoyan
51 The Cold Equations Brad Turner
52 Stranger in Possum Meadow Sturia Gunnarsson
53 Street of Shadows Atom Egoyan
54 Something in the Walls Eric Till
55 A Game of Pool Atom Egoyan
56 The Wall Atom Egoyan
57 Room 2426 Ryszard Bugajski
58 The Mind of Simon Foster Douglas Jackson
59 Cat and Mouse Eric Till
60 Many, Many Monkeys Ryszard Bugajski
61 Rendezvous in a Dark Place Ryszard Bugajski
62 Special Service Paul Lynch
63 Love is Blind Ryszard Bugajski
64 Crazy as a Soup Sandwich Paul Lynch
65 Father and Son Game Randy Bradshaw

Titlul în alte limbi

  • franceză: La Cinquième Dimension (A cincea dimensiune)
  • Italiană: Ai confini della realtà
  • ucraineană: Зона сутінків (Zona Crepusculară)

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