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Sorry to be writing in English, but it takes me forever to express myself in Romanian. I was in the process of translating this article to English when I noticed that the bulk of the content here -- the original article contributed anonymously -- seems to be verbatim from the more extensive http://www.molddata.md/Literatura/eminescu.html. Was it taken with permission, or is this a possible copyright violation? -- Jmabel (US) 13 Dec 2003 06:26 (UTC)

Sory! If there was no answer to this message please wait two more days. Gangleri | Di | D 22 Mar 2005 01:00 (UTC)
See en:User talk:Jmabel#ro:Mihai Eminescu Gangleri | Di | D 23 Mar 2005 11:29 (UTC)
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