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Jean-Luc Picard
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Creat deGene Roddenberry  Modificați la Wikidata
Jucat dePatrick Stewart[1]
David Birkin[*][[David Birkin (artist britanic)|​]]
Tom Hardy  Modificați la Wikidata
Serial Survivors[*][[Survivors (book by Jean Lorrah)|​]]
Vectors[*][[Vectors (Book by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch)|​]]
Descent[*][[Descent (Book by Diane Carey)|​]]
Old Wounds[*][[Old Wounds (Book by Christie Golden, from 2004)|​]]
Ancient Blood[*][[Ancient Blood (Book by Diane Carey, from 1997)|​]]
Boogeymen[*][[Boogeymen (Book by Mel Gilden)|​]]
Emissary[*][[Emissary (book)|​]]
Spectre[*][[Spectre (book by William Shatner)|​]]
The Devil's Heart[*][[The Devil's Heart (Book by Carmen Carter)|​]]
Immortal Coil[*][[Immortal Coil (Book by Jeffrey Lang, from 2002)|​]]
Lesser Evil[*][[Lesser Evil (Star Trek novel by Robert Simpson, from 2001)|​]]
The Last Stand[*][[The Last Stand (Book by Brad Ferguson)|​]]
Fortune's Light[*][[Fortune's Light (Book by Michael Jan Friedman)|​]]
Losing the Peace[*][[Losing the Peace (Book by William Leisner, from 2009)|​]]
Abyss[*][[Abyss (book by David Weddle)|​]]
Enemy of My Enemy[*][[Enemy of My Enemy (book)|​]]
Guises of the Mind[*][[Guises of the Mind (Book by Rebecca Neason)|​]]
Sins of Commission[*][[Sins of Commission (Book by Susan Wright, from 1994)|​]]
Avenger[*][[Avenger (book by William Shatner)|​]]
Rogue Saucer[*][[Rogue Saucer (novel by John Vornholt)|​]]
The Root of All Rage[*][[The Root of All Rage (Book by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg)|​]]
Q-Strike[*][[Q-Strike (Book by Greg Cox)|​]]
The Red King[*][[The Red King (Book by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin, from 2005)|​]]
The Eyes of the Beholders[*][[The Eyes of the Beholders (Book)|​]]
The Badlands, Book One[*][[The Badlands, Book One (Book by Susan Wright)|​]]
The Romulan Prize[*][[The Romulan Prize (Book by Simon Hawke)|​]]
Preserver[*][[Preserver (book by William Shatner)|​]]
The Captains' Honor[*][[The Captains' Honor (Book)|​]]
Dragon's Honor[*][[Dragon's Honor (Book by Kij Johnson and Greg Cox, from 1996)|​]]
Q-Zone[*][[Q-Zone (Book by Greg Cox, from 1998)|​]]
Grounded[*][[Grounded (Book by David Bischoff, from 1993)|​]]
Federation[*][[Federation (science fiction novel by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens)|​]]
The Peacekeepers[*][[The Peacekeepers (book by Gene DeWeese)|​]]
Articles of the Federation[*][[Articles of the Federation (Book by Keith R. A. DeCandido, from 2005)|​]]
Orion's Hounds[*][[Orion's Hounds (Book by Christopher L. Bennett, from 2005)|​]]
Imbalance[*][[Imbalance (Book by V.E. Mitchell, from 1992)|​]]
The Children of Hamlin[*][[The Children of Hamlin (Book)|​]]
Perchance To Dream[*][[Perchance To Dream (Book by Howard Weinstein, from 1991)|​]]
The Return[*][[The Return (novel by William Shatner, Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Judith Reeves-Stevens)|​]]
Blaze of Glory[*][[Blaze of Glory (Book by Simon Hawke)|​]]
The Battle of Betazed[*][[The Battle of Betazed (Book by Charlotte Douglas)|​]]
The Romulan Stratagem[*][[The Romulan Stratagem (Book by Robert Greenberger)|​]]
Rogue[*][[Rogue (book by Michael A. Martin)|​]]
All Good Things…[*][[All Good Things… (Book by Michael Jan Friedman)|​]]
Unification[*][[Unification (Book by Jeri Taylor, from 1991)|​]]
Crossover[*][[Crossover (Book by Michael Jan Friedman)|​]]
Q-Space[*][[Q-Space (Book by Greg Cox, from 1998)|​]]
This Gray Spirit[*][[This Gray Spirit (Star Trek novel by Heather Jarman, from 2002)|​]]
Here There Be Dragons[*][[Here There Be Dragons (Book by John Peel)|​]]
Dark Victory[*][[Dark Victory (book by William Shatner)|​]]
Dark Mirror[*][[Dark Mirror (book by Diane Duane)|​]]
A Call To Darkness[*][[A Call To Darkness (Book)|​]]
A Stitch in Time[*][[A Stitch in Time (fictional biographical novel by Andrew Robinson)|​]]
A Rock and a Hard Place[*][[A Rock and a Hard Place (Book by Peter David, from 1990)|​]]
Q-in-Law[*][[Q-in-Law (novel by Peter David)|​]]
Taking Wing[*][[Taking Wing (Book by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels, from 2005)|​]]
A Singular Destiny[*][[A Singular Destiny (Book by Keith R. A. DeCandido, from 2009)|​]]
The Farther Shore[*][[The Farther Shore (book by Christie Golden)|​]]
Foreign Foes[*][[Foreign Foes (Book by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur)|​]]
Gods of Night[*][[Gods of Night (Book by David Alan Mack, from 2008)|​]]
Once Burned[*][[Once Burned (Book by Peter David, from 1998)|​]]
Generations[*][[Generations (Book by John Vornholt, from 1994)|​]]
Ghost Ship[*][[Ghost Ship (Book by Diane Carey, from 1988)|​]]
Mere Mortals[*][[Mere Mortals (Book by David Alan Mack, from 2008)|​]]
Balance of Power[*][[Balance of Power (book by Dafydd ab Hugh)|​]]
Gulliver's Fugitives[*][[Gulliver's Fugitives (Book)|​]]
Homecoming[*][[Homecoming (Book by Christie Golden, from 2003)|​]]
Before Dishonor[*][[Before Dishonor (Book by Peter David, from 2007)|​]]
Behind Enemy Lines[*][[Behind Enemy Lines (novel by John Vornholt)|​]]
I, Q[*]
Exiles[*][[Exiles (1990 book by Howard Weinstein)|​]]
Into the Nebula[*][[Into the Nebula |​]]
Imzadi[*][[Imzadi (novel by Peter David)|​]]
Triangle: Imzadi II[*][[Triangle: Imzadi II |​]]
Infection[*][[Infection (Book by John Gregory Betancourt, from 1999)|​]]
Chains of Command[*][[Chains of Command (Book by Bill McCay and Eloise Flood, from 1992)|​]]
Contamination[*][[Contamination (novel)|​]]
War Drums[*][[War Drums (Book by John Vornholt, from 1992)|​]]
Gemworld, Book One[*][[Gemworld, Book One (Book by John Vornholt, from 2000)|​]]
Gemworld, Book Two[*][[Gemworld, Book Two (Book by John Vornholt, from 2000)|​]]
Martyr[*][[Martyr (Book by Peter David, from 1998)|​]]
Power Hungry[*][[Power Hungry (Book by Howard Weinstein)|​]]
Masks[*][[Masks (Book by John Vornholt)|​]]
Greater than the Sum[*][[Greater than the Sum (Book by Christopher L. Bennett, from 2008)|​]]
Metamorphosis[*][[Metamorphosis (Book by Jean Lorrah)|​]]
Encounter at Farpoint[*][[Encounter at Farpoint (Book)|​]]
Nightshade[*][[Nightshade (Book by Laurell K. Hamilton, from 1992)|​]]
Avatar, Book One[*][[Avatar, Book One (Book by S. D. Perry, from 2001)|​]]
Avatar, Book Two[*][[Avatar, Book Two (Book by S. D. Perry, from 2001)|​]]
Debtors' Planet[*][[Debtors' Planet (Book by W.R. Thompson, from 1994)|​]]
Strike Zone[*][[Strike Zone (novel by Peter David)|​]]
Doomsday World[*][[Doomsday World (Book)|​]]
Full Circle[*][[Full Circle (Book by Kirsten Beyer)|​]]
Q-Squared[*][[Q-Squared (novel by Peter David)|​]]
Q&A[*][[Q&A (book)|​]]
Relics[*][[Relics (Book by Michael Jan Friedman, from 1992)|​]]
Requiem[*][[Requiem (1994 novel by Michael Jan Friedman & Kevin Ryan)|​]]
Red Sector[*][[Red Sector (Book by Diane Carey, from 1999)|​]]
Sword of Damocles[*][[Sword of Damocles (Book by Geoffrey Thorne, from 2007)|​]]
The Soldiers of Fear[*][[The Soldiers of Fear (Book by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, from 1996)|​]]
Spartacus[*][[Spartacus (novel)|​]]
Over a Torrent Sea[*][[Over a Torrent Sea (Star Trek novel)|​]]
Insurrection[*][[Insurrection |​]]
First Contact[*][[First Contact (Star Trek: First Contact novelisation)|​]]
Nemesis[*][[Nemesis (Book by Jeanne Kalogridis, from 2002)|​]]
Captain's Peril[*][[Captain's Peril (book by William Shatner)|​]]
Captain's Glory[*][[Captain's Glory (book by William Shatner)|​]]
Captain's Blood[*][[Captain's Blood (book by William Shatner)|​]]
Tunnel Trough the Stars[*][[Tunnel Trough the Stars (Book by John Vornholt, from 1998)|​]]
To Storm Heaven[*][[To Storm Heaven (Book by Esther Friesner, from 1997)|​]]
Synthesis[*][[Synthesis (Book by James Swallow, from 2009)|​]]
Do Comets Dream?[*][[Do Comets Dream? (Book by S. P. Somtow, from 2003)|​]]
A Fury Scorned[*][[A Fury Scorned (Book by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski, from 1996)|​]]
Vendetta[*][[Vendetta (Star Trek: The Next Generation tie-in novel)|​]]
Lost Souls[*][[Lost Souls (Book by David Alan Mack, from 2008)|​]]
Possession[*][[Possession (Book by Jeanne Kalogridis and Kathleen O'Malley, from 1996)|​]]
Resistance[*][[Resistance (Star Trek: The Next Generation novel)|​]]
Reunion[*][[Reunion (Book by Michael Jan Friedman, from 1991)|​]]
Twilight[*][[Twilight (Star Trek novel by David R. George III, from 2002)|​]]
Emissary, Part II[*][[Emissary, Part II (episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (S1 E2))|​]]
Sfârșit de călătorie
Assimilation²[*][[Assimilation² (comic book crossover)|​]]
Avatarul din silicon
Eu, Borg
Star Trek: Picard
Stardust City Rag[*][[Stardust City Rag (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E5))|​]][2]
Absolute Candor[*][[Absolute Candor (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E4))|​]]
The End Is the Beginning[*][[The End Is the Beginning (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E3))|​]]
Maps and Legends[*][[Maps and Legends (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E2))|​]]
Remembrance[*][[Remembrance (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E1))|​]][3]
Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2[*][[Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E10))|​]]
Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1[*][[Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1 (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E9))|​]][4]
Broken Pieces[*][[Broken Pieces (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E8))|​]]
Nepenthe[*][[Nepenthe (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E7))|​]]
The Impossible Box[*][[The Impossible Box (episode of Star Trek: Picard (S1 E6))|​]][5]
The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard[*][[The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard (book)|​]][6]
Star Trek: Starship Creator[*][[Star Trek: Starship Creator (joc video din 1998)|​]]
Assimilation², Issue 2[*][[Assimilation², Issue 2 (Comic issue)|​]][7]
Assimilation², Issue 3[*][[Assimilation², Issue 3 (Comic issue)|​]][8]
Assimilation², Issue 4[*][[Assimilation², Issue 4 (Comic issue)|​]][9]
Star Trek Trexels[*]
Unification III[*][[Unification III (episode of television series Star Trek: Discovery)|​]][10]
The Star Trek Book[*][[The Star Trek Book (written work)|​]][11]
Star Trek: Generația următoare
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine  Modificați la Wikidata
Sexulbărbat[*]  Modificați la Wikidata
Data nașterii[12]  Modificați la Wikidata
winegrower[*][[winegrower (who cultivates the vineyard, entrusts the winemaking to a winery cooperative or a merchant)|​]][13][14][15]
actor[21]  Modificați la Wikidata
LocuințăChâteau Picard⁠(d), Franța
Univers fictivStar Trek[*]  Modificați la Wikidata
Părinți Maurice Picard[*][[Maurice Picard (fictional Star Trek character)|​]]  Modificați la Wikidata
Yvette Gessard Picard[*][[Yvette Gessard Picard (fictional Star Trek character)|​]]  Modificați la Wikidata
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Căpitanul Jean-Luc Picard este un personaj fictiv din universul Star Trek interpretat de Patrick Stewart. El apare în serialele de televiziune Star Trek: Generația următoare și Star Trek: Picard și în filmele de lung metraj Star Trek: Generații, Star Trek: Primul contact, Star Trek: Rebeliune și Star Trek: Nemesis. Apare și în episodul pilot din Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Prezentat ca o persoană profund morală, extrem de logic și cerebral, Picard este un maestru al diplomației care rezolvă numeroase probleme aparent greu de rezolvat.

Creatorul Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, a ales numele Picard după unul sau ambii frați gemeni Auguste Piccard și Jean Felix Piccard, oameni de știință elvețieni[22][23].


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