Kate Mulgrew

actriță americană
Kate Mulgrew
Date personale
Nume la naștereKatherine Kiernan Maria Mulgrew Modificați la Wikidata
Născută (68 de ani)[1][2][3][4] Modificați la Wikidata
Dubuque⁠(d), Iowa, SUA[5] Modificați la Wikidata
Căsătorită cu Tim Hagan[*][[Tim Hagan (politician american)|​]] ()
Robert H. Egan[*][[Robert H. Egan |​]] () Modificați la Wikidata
Cetățenie Statele Unite ale Americii Modificați la Wikidata
Ocupațieactriță de televiziune[*]
actriță de film
actriță de teatru[*]
actriță de voce[*] Modificați la Wikidata
Limbi vorbitelimba engleză Modificați la Wikidata
Alma mater New York University Tisch School of the Arts[*][[New York University Tisch School of the Arts (performing arts institute at New York University in New York City, New York, United States)|​]]
Wahlert Catholic High School[*][[Wahlert Catholic High School (high school in Iowa, United States)|​]]
Stella Adler Studio of Acting[*][[Stella Adler Studio of Acting (Acting school in the United States)|​]]
Alte premii
Audie Award for Narration by the Author[*][[Audie Award for Narration by the Author |​]] Modificați la Wikidata
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Katherine Kiernan Maria Mulgrew (n. , Dubuque⁠(d), Iowa, SUA)[6] este o actriță americană. Este cel mai cunoscută pentru rolul cpt. Kathryn Janeway în Star Trek: Voyager și Galina „Res” Reznikov în Orange Is the New Black. Ea a atras atenția pentru prima dată ca Mary Ryan în serialul Ryan's Hope. Mulgrew a primit premiul Asociației Criticilor de Film, premiul Saturn, premiul Obie și trei premii ale Sindicatului Actorilor. Ea a avut, de asemenea, nominalizări la premiile Globul de Aur și Emmy.

Kate Mulgrew la Shankbone Metropolitan Opera în 2009
Kate Mulgrew cu actrița Voyager Roxann Dawson și Jennifer Lien (1995)

Filmografie Modificare

Film Modificare

An Titlu Rol Note
1981 Lovespell Isolt
1982 Stranger Is Watching, AA Stranger Is Watching Sharon Martin
1985 Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins Maj. Rayner Fleming
1987 Throw Momma from the Train Margaret Donner
1992 Round Numbers Judith Schweitzer
1994 Camp Nowhere Rachel Prescott
1995 Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys Mrs. Pescoe
2002 Star Trek: Nemesis Admiral Kathryn Janeway Cameo
2004 Star Trek: The Experience - Borg Invasion 4D Admiral Kathryn Janeway
2005 Perception Mary
2008 Response, TheThe Response Colonel Simms Scurtmetraj
2010 Best and the Brightest, TheThe Best and the Brightest The Player's Wife
2012 Flatland 2: Sphereland Over-Sphere
2013 Drawing Home Edith Morse Robb
2014 The Principle Narator Documentar

Televiziune Modificare

An Titlu Rol Note
1975 Wide World of Mystery, TheThe Wide World of Mystery Susan Episodul: "Alien Lover"
1975–1978 Ryan's Hope Mary Ryan Fenelli 409 episoade
1976 American Woman: Portraits of Courage, TheThe American Woman: Portraits of Courage Deborah Sampson Film de televiziune
1978 The Word Tony Nicholson Film de televiziune
Dallas Garnet McGee Episodul: "Triangle"
1979 Jennifer: A Woman's Story Joan Russell Film de televiziune
1979–1980 Mrs. Columbo Kate Callahan Columbo 13 episoade
1980 Time for Miracles, AA Time for Miracles Mother Elizabeth Bayley Seton Film de televiziune
1981 Manions of America, TheThe Manions of America Rachel Clement 3 episoade
1984 Jessie Maureen McLaughlin Episodul: "McLaughlin's Flame"
1986 St. Elsewhere Helen O'Casey 2 episoade
Cheers Janet Eldridge 3 episoade
Carly Mills Carly Mills Film de televiziune
My Town Laura Adams Film de televiziune
1987 Roses Are for the Rich Kendall Murphy Film de televiziune
Hotel Leslie Chase Episodul: "Reservations"
Murder, She Wrote Sonny Greer Episodul: "The Corpse Flew First Class"
1988 Roots: The Gift Hattie Carraway Film de televiziune
1988–1989 HeartBeat Dr. Joanne Halloran[7] 18 episoade
1991 Daddy Sarah Watson Film de televiziune
Fatal Friendship Sue Bradley Film de televiziune
1991–1992 Man of the People Mayor Lisbeth Chardin 10 episoade
1992 Murphy Brown Hillary Wheaton Episodul: "On the Rocks"
Murder, She Wrote Joanna Rollins Episodul: "Ever After"
1992–1995 Batman: The Animated Series Red Claw (voce) 3 episoade
1992 Pirates of Dark Water, TheThe Pirates of Dark Water Cressa (voce) 4 episoade
1993 For Love and Glory Antonia Doyle Film de televiziune
1994 Murder, She Wrote Maude Gillis Episodul: "The Dying Game"
Mighty Max Isis (voce) Episodul: "The Mommy's Hand"
1994–1995 Aladdin Queen Hippsodeth (voce) 2 episoade
1995–2001 Star Trek: Voyager Kathryn Janeway 170 episoade
1996 Gargoyles Titania / Anastasia Renard (voce) 3 episoade
Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles Titania (voce) Episodul: "For It May Come True"
1998 Riddler's Moon Victoria Riddler Film de televiziune
1999 Star Trek: Voyager Shannon O'Donnel Episodul: "11:59". Dual role as one of Kathryn Janeway's ancestors.
2006 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Donna Geysen Episodul: "Web"
2007 The Black Donnellys Helen Donnelly 9 episoade
2009–2010 Mercy Mrs. Jeannie Flanagan 10 episoade
2011–2013 Warehouse 13 Jane Lattimer 6 episoade
2011–2013 NTSF:SD:SUV:: Kove 34 de episoade
2013–2019 Orange Is the New Black Galina "Red" Reznikov 85 de episoade
2015 American Dad! June Rosewood (voce) Episodul: "A Star Is Reborn"
I Live with Models Joanna Vermouth Episodul: "Editor"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles General Zera (voce) Episodul: "Half Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past"
2017–2018 Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters Dr. C (voce) 15 episoade
2019 Mr. Mercedes Alma Lane 9 episoade
2019–2020 Infinity Train The Cat/Samantha (voce) 6 episoade
2021 Star Trek: Prodigy Captain Kathryn Janeway Pre-producție

Teatru Modificare

An Titlu Rol Note
1975 Our Town Emily Webb American Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford, Connecticut
1976 Absurd Person Singular Eva Jackson
1977 Uncommon Women and Others Kate Quin Eugene O'Neill Theater Center
1978 Othello Desdemona Hartman Theater Company
1980 Chapter Two Jennie Malone Coachlight Dinner Theater
1981–1982 Another Part of the Forest Regina Hubbard Seattle Repertory Theatre
1982 Major Barbara Major Barbara Undershaft Seattle Repertory Theatre
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Margaret Syracuse Stage, New York
1983 Ballad of Soapy Smith, TheThe Ballad of Soapy Smith Kitty Strong Seattle Repertory Theatre
1984 Philadelphia Story, TheThe Philadelphia Story Tracy Lord Alaska Repertory Theatre
Misanthrope, TheThe Misanthrope Celimene Seattle Repertory Theatre
1985 Measure for Measure Isabella Center Theatre Group, Los Angeles
1986 Hedda Gabler Hedda Gabler Center Theatre Group, Los Angeles
Real Thing, TheThe Real Thing Charlotte Center Theatre Group, Los Angeles
1987 Film Society, TheThe Film Society Nan Sinclair The Los Angeles Theater Center
1989 Titus Andronicus Tamora New York Shakespeare Festival
1990 Aristocrats Alice Center Theater Group, Los Angeles
1992 What the Butler Saw Mrs. Prentice La Jolla Playhouse
1993 Black Comedy Clea Roundabout Theatre Company, New York
2002 Dear Liar Mrs. Patrick Campbell Youngstown State University
2003 Tea at Five Katharine Hepburn
2004 Tea at Five Katharine Hepburn
Mary Stuart Mary Stuart Classic Stage Company, New York
2005 Tea at Five Katharine Hepburn
2006 Exonerated, TheThe Exonerated Sunny Jacobs Riverside Studios, London, England
2007 Our Leading Lady Laura Keene Manhattan Theatre Club at New York City Center
Iphigenia Clytemnestra Signature Theatre Company
2008 Farfetched Fables and The Fascinating Foundling Anastasia Project Shaw Reading - The Players Club - New York
American Dream and The Sandbox, TheThe American Dream and The Sandbox Mommy Cherry Lane Theatre, New York
2008–2009 Equus Hesther Saloman Broadhurst Theatre, New York
2019 The Half-Life of Marie Curie Hertha Ayrton Minetta Lane Theatre

Jocuri video Modificare

An Titlu Rol
1997 Star Trek: Captain's Chair Capt. Kathryn Janeway
2000 Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force
2002 Run Like Hell Dr. Mek
2003 Lords of EverQuest Lady Kreya
2006 Star Trek: Legacy Admiral Kathryn Janeway
2009 Dragon Age: Origins Flemeth
2011 Dragon Age II
2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition

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