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Welcome to the Romanian Wikipedia!

You are probably reading this because a welcome message was left on your talk page, and you do not speak Romanian. While most of the following is probably not applicable to you since you found your way here without speaking the language, here's the translation of the welcome message you received, with English-specific annotations you might find useful:

Thank you for registering as a user. You'll probably have many questions as you start contributing to Wikipedia: what is Wikipedia, how do you edit articles, what we can and can't write in articles and so on. We have prepared a welcome page (link to welcome page in Romanian) which we recommend reading. You can also ask questions at the Café (our Village pump -- you can actually ask questions there in English, by the way) - we are here to help.

Which fields would you be interested in contributing in? You may choose to contribute in fields pertaining to your own specialty or fields you have a special interest in. You have your own user page where you can introduce yourself, if you want to.

In order to add your signature - only on talk pages, not in articles - insert four tildes at the end of your message ~~~~, and Wikipedia will automatically change them to your signature and date.

We hope you'll have fun contributing to this project!

Useful information modificare

Apart from the information in the message above, you might also want to know the following:

  • Talk pages start with "Discuție";
  • "User" is "Utilizator" in Romanian;
  • Most policies from the English Wikipedia have been translated to Romanian and are actively being used on the Romanian Wikipedia; even those which have not been translated are frequently being referenced in original on the English Wikipedia during disputes, and are considered to be applicable in the vast majority of cases – so feel free to reference any English Wikipedia policy if you find yourself in any kind of dispute while contributing here (while there are some local differences, they are typically not very prominent);
  • The list of administrators can be reached here: administrators -- feel free to contact any of them, in English, for any reason;
  • Most Romanians contributing here speak English at a decent level -- feel free to drop a line in English to anyone; additionally, most contributors here also understand at least one of the following: French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish. If you speak any of those natively, it's worth asking whoever you're talking to whether they speak that language. You may also find speakers of your language by browsing the appropriate categories.
  • You may find help at our Embassy.
  • It's a good idea to place the {{Utilizator ro-0}} template on your user page, to let others know that you don't speak Romanian. See details about this template in various languages.

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