Listă de filme britanice din 1934

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Aceasta este o listă de filme britanice din 1934:

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Titlu Regizor Distribuție Gen Note
The Admiral's Secret Guy Newall Edmund Gwenn, James Raglan Comedie
Anything Might Happen George A. Cooper John Garrick, Judy Kelly Crime
Are You a Mason? Henry Edwards Sonnie Hale, Robertson Hare, Davy Burnaby Comedy
Autumn Crocus Basil Dean Ivor Novello, Fay Compton Drama
Badger's Green Adrian Brunel Valerie Hobson, Bruce Lester Comedy
The Battle Nicolas Farkas, Victor Tourjansky Charles Boyer, Merle Oberon War/drama Co-producție cu Franța
Bella Donna Robert Milton Cedric Hardwicke, Conrad Veidt Drama
Big Business Cyril Gardner Claude Hulbert, Eve Gray Comedy
The Black Abbot George A. Cooper Richard Cooper, Ben Welden, John Stuart Thriller
Blind Justice Bernard Vorhaus Eva Moore, Frank Vosper Thriller
Blossom Time Paul L. Stein Richard Tauber, Jane Baxter Musical
The Blue Squadron George King Esmond Knight, John Stuart Drama
Boomerang Arthur Maude Lester Matthews, Nora Swinburne Drama
Boots! Boots! Bert Tracy George Formby, Beryl Formby Comedy
Borrowed Clothes Arthur Maude Anne Grey, Lester Matthews Drama [1]
Brides to Be Reginald Denham Betty Stockfeld, Constance Shotter Comedy
The Broken Melody Bernard Vorhaus John Garrick, Margot Grahame Drama/musical
The Broken Rosary Harry Hughes Derek Oldham, Vesta Victoria Musical
Bypass to Happiness Anthony Kimmins Tamara Desni, Maurice Evans Romance [2]
The Camels are Coming Tim Whelan Jack Hulbert, Anna Lee, Peter Gawthorne Action/comedy
The Case for the Crown George A. Cooper Miles Mander, Meriel Forbes Crime
Catherine the Great Paul Czinner Elisabeth Bergner, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Historical drama
Chu Chin Chow Walter Forde George Robey, Fritz Kortner Musical
The Church Mouse Monty Banks Laura La Plante, Ian Hunter Comedy
Colonel Blood W. P. Lipscomb Frank Cellier, Anne Grey Historical drama
Crazy People Leslie S. Hiscott Henry Kendall, Nancy O'Neil Comedy
The Crimson Candle Bernard Mainwaring Eve Gray, Eliot Makeham Crime
The Crucifix G. B. Samuelson Nancy Price, Sydney Fairbrother Drama
A Cup of Kindness Tom Walls Tom Walls, Ralph Lynn, Robertson Hare Comedy
Dangerous Ground Norman Walker Malcolm Keen, Jack Raine Crime
Danny Boy Oswald Mitchell Archie Pitt, Dorothy Dickson Musical
Death at Broadcasting House Reginald Denham Ian Hunter, Austin Trevor Mystery
Designing Women Ivar Campbell Stewart Rome, Valerie Taylor Drama
The Diplomatic Lover Anthony Kimmins Harold French, Tamara Desni Musical
Dirty Work Tom Walls Ralph Lynn, Gordon Harker Comedy
Doctor's Orders Norman Lee Leslie Fuller, John Mills Comedy
The Double Event Leslie Howard Gordon Anne Grey, Tom Helmore Crime
Easy Money Redd Davis Lilian Oldland, Gerald Rawlinson Comedy
Evensong Victor Saville Evelyn Laye, Fritz Kortner Musical
Evergreen Victor Saville Jessie Matthews, Sonnie Hale Musical
Faces Sidney Morgan Anna Lee, Harold French Drama
Father and Son Monty Banks Edmund Gwenn, Esmond Knight Crime
The Feathered Serpent Maclean Rogers Enid Stamp-Taylor, Tom Helmore, Moore Marriott Thriller
The Fire Raisers Michael Powell Leslie Banks, Anne Grey Drama
Flat Number Three Leslie S. Hiscott Mary Glynne, D. A. Clarke-Smith Crime
Flood Tide John Baxter George Carney, Janice Adair Drama
Forbidden Territory Phil Rosen Gregory Ratoff, Binnie Barnes Thriller
The Four Masked Men George Pearson John Stuart, Judy Kelly Crime
Freedom of the Seas Marcel Varnel Clifford Mollison, Wendy Barrie War
Gay Love Leslie S. Hiscott Florence Desmond, Sophie Tucker Musical
Get Your Man George King Dorothy Boyd, Sebastian Shaw Comedy
The Girl in the Flat Redd Davis Stewart Rome, Belle Chrystall Crime
The Girl in Possession Monty Banks Laura La Plante, Henry Kendall Comedy
Girls, Please! Jack Raymond Sydney Howard, Jane Baxter Comedy
Girls Will Be Boys Marcel Varnel Dolly Haas, Cyril Maude Comedy
Give Her a Ring Arthur B. Woods Wendy Barrie, Bertha Belmore Musical
A Glimpse of Paradise Ralph Ince George Carney, Eve Lister Crime [3]
Grand Prix St. John Legh Clowes John Stuart, Peter Gawthorne Sports
The Great Defender Thomas Bentley Matheson Lang, Margaret Bannerman Mystery
The Green Pack T. Hayes Hunter John Stuart, Aileen Marson Drama
Guest of Honour George King Henry Kendall, Miki Hood Comedy
Hyde Park Randall Faye George Carney, Eve Lister, Wallace Lupino Comedy
I Spy Allan Dwan Sally Eilers, Ben Lyon Drama [4]
Important People Adrian Brunel Stewart Rome, Dorothy Boyd Comedy
Irish Hearts Brian Desmond Hurst Lester Matthews, Nancy Burne Drama
The Iron Duke Victor Saville George Arliss, Ellaline Terriss Historical
It's a Cop Maclean Rogers Sydney Howard, Chili Bouchier Comedy
Jack Ahoy Walter Forde Jack Hulbert, Nancy O'Neil Comedy
Java Head Thorold Dickinson, J. Walter Ruben Anna May Wong, Elizabeth Allan, Ralph Richardson Drama
Jew Süss Lothar Mendes Conrad Veidt, Cedric Hardwicke Drama
Josser on the Farm T. Hayes Hunter Ernie Lotinga, Betty Astell Comedy
Keep It Quiet Leslie S. Hiscott Frank Pettingell, Jane Carr Comedy
Kentucky Minstrels John Baxter Polly Ward, Roddy Hughes Musical
The King of Paris Jack Raymond Cedric Hardwicke, Marie Glory Drama
Lady in Danger Tom Walls Tom Walls, Yvonne Arnaud Comedy
The Lady is Willing Gilbert Miller Leslie Howard, Cedric Hardwicke Comedy
The Lash Henry Edwards Lyn Harding, John Mills Drama
Leave It to Blanche Harold Young Henry Kendall, Rex Harrison Comedy
Lest We Forget John Baxter Stewart Rome, George Carney Drama
The Life of the Party Ralph Dawson Jerry Verno, Betty Astell Comedy
Lilies of the Field Norman Walker Winifred Shotter, Ellis Jeffreys Romance/comedy
Lily of Kilarney Maurice Elvey Stanley Holloway, John Garrick, Gina Malo Comedy
Little Friend Berthold Viertel Matheson Lang, Nova Pilbeam Drama
Little Stranger George King Nigel Playfair, Eva Moore, Norah Baring Drama
Lord Edgware Dies Henry Edwards Austin Trevor, Richard Cooper Mystery
Lorna Doone Basil Dean Victoria Hopper, John Loder, Margaret Lockwood Adventure
Lost in the Legion Fred Newmeyer Leslie Fuller, Hal Gordon Comedy
Love at Second Sight Paul Merzbach Marian Marsh, Claude Hulbert Comedy
Love, Life and Laughter Maurice Elvey Gracie Fields, John Loder Comedy
The Luck of a Sailor Robert Milton Greta Nissen, David Manners Comedy
Lucky Loser Reginald Denham Richard Dolman, Aileen Marson Comedy
The Man I Want Leslie S. Hiscott Henry Kendall, Wendy Barrie Comedy
Man of Aran Robert J. Flaherty Documentary
The Man Who Changed His Name Henry Edwards Lyn Harding, Betty Stockfeld Crime
The Man Who Knew Too Much Alfred Hitchcock Leslie Banks, Edna Best, Peter Lorre Spy/thriller
Master and Man John Harlow Wallace Lupino, Barry Lupino Comedy
Menace Adrian Brunel Victor Varconi, Joan Maude Crime
Mr. Cinders Frederic Zelnik Clifford Mollison, Zelma O'Neal Musical [5]
Mr Stringfellow Says No Randall Faye Neil Hamilton, Claude Dampier Thriller
Money Mad Frank Richardson Virginia Cherrill, Garry Marsh Drama
Murder at the Inn George King Wendy Barrie, Harold French Crime
Murder at Monte Carlo Ralph Ince Errol Flynn, Eve Gray Crime
Music Hall John Baxter George Carney, Ben Field Musical
My Old Dutch Sinclair Hill Betty Balfour, Gordon Harker Drama
My Song for You Maurice Elvey Jan Kiepura, Sonnie Hale Musical
My Song Goes Round the World Richard Oswald Joseph Schmidt, John Loder Musical
Nell Gwynn Herbert Wilcox Anna Neagle, Cedric Hardwicke Historical/drama
The Night Club Queen Bernard Vorhaus Mary Clare, Jane Carr Musical/mystery
Nine Forty-Five George King Binnie Barnes, Donald Calthrop Crime
No Escape Ralph Ince Ian Hunter, Binnie Barnes Drama
Oh No Doctor! George King Jack Hobbs, Dorothy Boyd Comedy
The Old Curiosity Shop Thomas Bentley Ben Webster, Hay Petrie, Polly Ward Period drama
On the Air Herbert Smith Davy Burnaby, Reginald Purdell Musical
Open All Night George Pearson Frank Vosper, Margaret Vines Drama
The Outcast Norman Lee Leslie Fuller, Mary Glynne Comedy
Over the Garden Wall John Daumery Bobby Howes, Marian Marsh Musical/comedy
Passing Shadows Leslie S. Hiscott Edmund Gwenn, Barry MacKay Mystery
The Path of Glory Dallas Bower Maurice Evans, Valerie Hobson Comedy
The Perfect Flaw Manning Haynes Ralph Truman, Wally Patch Crime
A Political Party Norman Lee Leslie Fuller, John Mills Comedy
The Primrose Path Reginald Denham Isobel Elsom, Max Adrian Romance
Princess Charming Maurice Elvey Evelyn Laye, Henry Wilcoxon Musical
The Private Life of Don Juan Alexander Korda Douglas Fairbanks, Merle Oberon Comedy/drama
The Queen's Affair Herbert Wilcox Anna Neagle, Fernand Gravey Musical
Radio Parade of 1935 Arthur B. Woods Will Hay, Helen Chandler Drama
Red Ensign Michael Powell Leslie Banks, Carol Goodner, Frank Vosper Drama
The Return of Bulldog Drummond Walter Summers Ralph Richardson, Ann Todd Thriller
The River Wolves George Pearson John Mills, Michael Hogan Crime
Road House Maurice Elvey Violet Loraine, Gordon Harker Musical
Rolling in Money Albert Parker Isabel Jeans, Leslie Sarony Comedy
Romance in Rhythm Lawrence Huntington Queenie Leonard, David Hutcheson Mystery
Say It With Flowers John Baxter Mary Clare, Ben Field Musical
The Scarlet Pimpernel Harold Young Leslie Howard, Merle Oberon Adventure
The Scoop Maclean Rogers Anne Grey, Tom Helmore Crime
The Scotland Yard Mystery Thomas Bentley Gerald du Maurier, George Curzon Crime
The Secret of the Loch Milton Rosmer Seymour Hicks, Nancy O'Neil Adventure
Seeing Is Believing Redd Davis William Hartnell, Gus McNaughton Comedy
Sing As We Go Basil Dean Gracie Fields, Stanley Holloway Musical
Something Always Happens Michael Powell Ian Hunter Drama
Sometimes Good W. P. Kellino Henry Kendall, Nancy O'Neil Comedy
Song at Eventide Harry Hughes Fay Compton, Lester Matthews Musical
The Song of Ceylon Basil Wright Documentary
Sorrell and Son Jack Raymond H. B. Warner, Margot Grahame Drama
Spring in the Air Victor Hanbury, Norman Lee Edmund Gwenn, Zelma O'Neal Comedy
Swinging the Lead David MacKane William Hartnell, Moira Lynd Comedy
Tangled Evidence George A. Cooper Sam Livesey, Joan Marion Crime
The Tell-Tale Heart Brian Desmond Hurst Norman Dryden, John Kelt Drama
Temptation Max Neufeld Frances Day, Stewart Rome Musical
There Goes Susie Victor Hanbury, John Stafford Gene Gerrard, Wendy Barrie Comedy
The Third Clue Albert Parker Basil Sydney, Molly Lamont Crime
Those Were the Days Thomas Bentley Will Hay, Iris Hoey, John Mills Comedy
Tiger Bay J. Elder Wills Anna May Wong, Henry Victor Crime
To Be a Lady George King Chili Bouchier, Bruce Lester Drama
Too Many Millions Harold Young Betty Compton, John Garrick Drama
Two Hearts in Waltz Time Carmine Gallone, Joe May Carl Brisson, Frances Day Musical
Unfinished Symphony Anthony Asquith Mártha Eggerth, Helen Chandler Musical/drama
The Unholy Quest Widgey R. Newman Claude Bailey, Terence de Marney Horror [6]
Virginia's Husband Maclean Rogers Dorothy Boyd, Reginald Gardiner Comedy
Waltzes from Vienna Alfred Hitchcock Esmond Knight, Jessie Matthews, Edmund Gwenn, Fay Compton Drama
Warn London T. Hayes Hunter Edmund Gwenn, John Loder Thriller
The Warren Case Walter Summers Richard Bird, Nancy Burne Mystery
The Way of Youth Norman Walker Irene Vanbrugh, Aileen Marson Crime
What Happened Then? Walter Summers Richard Bird, Francis L. Sullivan Crime
What Happened to Harkness? Milton Rosmer James Finlayson, Brember Wills Comedy
What's in a Name? Ralph Ince Carol Goodner, Reginald Purdell Comedy
Whispering Tongues George Pearson Reginald Tate, Jane Welsh Crime
White Ensign John Hunt Anthony Kimmins, Molly Lamont Adventure [7]
Wild Boy Albert de Courville Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen Comedy
Without You John Daumery Henry Kendall, Wendy Barrie Comedy [8]
Womanhood Harry Hughes Eve Gray, Leslie Perrins Drama
Youthful Folly Miles Mander Irene Vanbrugh, Jane Carr Drama

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