Listă de filme britanice din 1935

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Aceasta este o listă de filme britanice din 1935:

Titlu Regizor Distribuție Gen Note
18 Minutes Monty Banks Gregory Ratoff, John Loder, Benita Hume Comedy
The 39 Steps Alfred Hitchcock Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll Mystery Number 4 in the list of BFI Top 100 British films
Abdul the Damned Karl Grune Fritz Kortner, Nils Asther Drama
The Ace of Spades George Pearson Michael Hogan, Dorothy Boyd Drama
Admirals All Victor Hanbury Wynne Gibson, Gordon Harker Comedy
Adventure Ltd. George King Sebastian Shaw, Pearl Argyle Adventure
Alibi Inn Walter Tennyson Molly Lamont, Frederick Bradshaw Drama [1]
All at Sea Anthony Kimmins Tyrell Davis, Googie Withers Comedy
Annie, Leave the Room! Leslie S. Hiscott Morton Selten, Eva Moore Comedy
Barnacle Bill Harry Hughes Archie Pitt, Joan Gardner Drama
Be Careful, Mr. Smith Max Mack Bobbie Comber, Bertha Belmore Comedy
The Big Splash Leslie S. Hiscott Frank Pettingell, Finlay Currie Comedy
The Black Mask Ralph Ince Wylie Watson, Aileen Marson Crime
Blue Smoke Ralph Ince Tamara Desni, Bruce Seton Sports
Boys Will Be Boys William Beaudine Will Hay, Gordon Harker Comedy
Breakers Ahead Anthony Gilkison Barry Livesey, Roddy Hughes Drama [2]
Brewster's Millions Thornton Freeland Jack Buchanan, Lili Damita Musical comedy
Bulldog Jack Walter Forde Jack Hulbert, Fay Wray, Ralph Richardson Comedy
Can You Hear Me, Mother? Leslie Pearce Sandy Powell, Mary Lawson Comedy [3]
Car of Dreams Graham Cutts, Austin Melford John Mills, Grete Mosheim, Robertson Hare Romance/musical
The Case of Gabriel Perry Albert de Courville Olga Lindo, Margaret Lockwood Crime
Charing Cross Road Albert de Courville John Mills, June Clyde Drama
Checkmate George Pearson Sally Gray, Felix Aylmer Crime
City of Beautiful Nonsense Adrian Brunel Emlyn Williams, Sophie Stewart Drama
The Clairvoyant Maurice Elvey Claude Rains, Fay Wray Drama
Cock o' the North Oswald Mitchell, Challis Sanderson George Carney, Marie Lohr Musical/comedy [4]
Come Out of the Pantry Jack Raymond Jack Buchanan, Fay Wray, James Carew Musical
Crime Unlimited Ralph Ince Esmond Knight, Lilli Palmer Crime thriller
Cross Currents Adrian Brunel Ian Colin, Marjorie Hume Comedy
The Crouching Beast Victor Hanbury Fritz Kortner, Wynne Gibson Drama
Dandy Dick William Beaudine Will Hay, Nancy Burne Comedy
Dance Band Marcel Varnel Charles "Buddy" Rogers, June Clyde Comedy/musical
Dark World Bernard Vorhaus Tamara Desni, Googie Withers Drama
Death Drives Through Edward L. Cahn Chili Bouchier, Robert Douglas Sports
Death on the Set Leslie S. Hiscott Henry Kendall, Eve Gray Mystery
Department Store Leslie S. Hiscott Geraldine Fitzgerald, Garry Marsh Crime
The Deputy Drummer Lupino Lane Kathleen Kelly, Wallace Lupino Comedy
The Dictator Victor Saville Clive Brook, Madeleine Carroll, Emlyn Williams Historical drama
The Divine Spark Carmine Gallone Marta Eggerth, Philip Holmes Musical
Drake of England Arthur B. Woods Matheson Lang, Athene Seyler Historical drama
D'Ye Ken John Peel? Henry Edwards John Garrick, Winifred Shotter Adventure
Emil and the Detectives Milton Rosmer John Williams, George Hayes Family
Escape Me Never Paul Czinner Elisabeth Bergner, Hugh Sinclair Drama Bergner was nominated for an Academy Award.
Expert's Opinion Ivar Campbell Lucille Lisle, Leslie Perrins Thriller
Falling in Love Monty Banks Charles Farrell, Mary Lawson Comedy
Father O'Flynn Wilfred Noy, Walter Tennyson Thomas F. Burke, Jean Adrienne Musical
Fighting Stock Tom Walls Tom Walls, Robertson Hare Comedy
A Fire Has Been Arranged Leslie S. Hiscott Chesney Allen, Bud Flanagan, Alastair Sim Comedy
First a Girl Victor Saville Jessie Matthews, Sonnie Hale Comedy
Flame in the Heather Donovan Pedelty Gwenllian Gill, Bruce Seton Historical
Foreign Affaires Tom Walls Tom Walls, Robertson Hare, Cecil Parker Comedy
Forever England Walter Forde, Anthony Asquith Betty Balfour, John Mills World War I
Full Circle George King René Ray, Garry Marsh Crime
Gay Old Dog George King Edward Rigby, Moore Marriott Comedy
Gentlemen's Agreement George Pearson Vivien Leigh, Anthony Holles Drama
Get Off My Foot William Beaudine Max Miller, Chili Bouchier Comedy
The Ghost Goes West René Clair Robert Donat, Jean Parker, Eugene Pallette Comedy
The Girl in the Crowd Michael Powell Patricia Hilliard, Googie Withers Comedy
The Guv'nor Milton Rosmer George Arliss, Gene Gerrard Comedy
Handle with Care Randall Faye Molly Lamont, Jack Hobbs Comedy
Heart's Desire Paul L. Stein Richard Tauber, Leonora Corbett Musical/drama
Heat Wave Maurice Elvey Albert Burdon, Cyril Maude, Anna Lee Comedy
Hello, Sweetheart Monty Banks Claude Hulbert, Gregory Ratoff Comedy
Her Last Affaire Michael Powell Hugh Williams, Viola Keats Drama
His Majesty and Company Anthony Kimmins John Garrick, Morton Selten Musical
Honeymoon for Three Leo Mittler Stanley Lupino, Aileen Marson Comedy
Honours Easy Herbert Brenon Greta Nissen, Patric Knowles, Margaret Lockwood Drama
Hyde Park Corner Sinclair Hill Gordon Harker, Binnie Hale Drama
I Give My Heart Marcel Varnel Gitta Alpár, Patrick Waddington Drama/romance
Immortal Gentleman Widgey R. Newman Basil Gill, Rosalinde Fuller Drama
In a Monastery Garden Maurice Elvey John Stuart, Hugh Williams Drama
In Town Tonight Herbert Smith Jack Barty, Stanley Holloway Musical
Inside the Room Leslie S. Hiscott Austin Trevor, Dorothy Boyd Mystery
The Invader Adrian Brunel Buster Keaton, Lupita Tovar Comedy
Invitation to the Waltz Paul Merzbach Lilian Harvey, Carl Esmond Musical
It Happened in Paris Carol Reed, Robert Wyler John Loder, Nancy Burne Comedy
It's a Bet Alexander Esway Gene Gerrard, Judy Kelly Comedy drama
Jimmy Boy John Baxter Jimmy O'Dea, Guy Middleton Comedy
Joy Ride Harry Hughes Gene Gerrard, Zelma O'Neal Drama
Jubilee Window George Pearson Sebastian Shaw, Ralph Truman Comedy
Key to Harmony Norman Walker Belle Chrystall, Reginald Purdell Drama
King of the Damned Walter Forde Conrad Veidt, Helen Vinson, Noah Beery Action
Koenigsmark Maurice Tourneur Elissa Landi, John Lodge Adventure
The Lad Henry Edwards Gordon Harker, Betty Stockfeld Comedy
Late Extra Albert Parker James Mason, Virginia Cherrill, Alastair Sim Crime
Lazybones Michael Powell Ian Hunter, Claire Luce, Sara Allgood Comedy
Lend Me Your Husband Frederick Hayward John Stuart, Nora Swinburne Comedy
Lend Me Your Wife W. P. Kellino Henry Kendall, Kathleen Kelly Comedy
Lieutenant Daring R.N. Reginald Denham Hugh Williams, Geraldine Fitzgerald Adventure
Line Engaged Bernard Mainwaring Bramwell Fletcher, Jane Baxter Thriller
A Little Bit of Bluff Maclean Rogers Reginald Gardiner, Peggy Novak Comedy
Look Up and Laugh Basil Dean Gracie Fields, Alfred Drayton Comedy
The Love Test Michael Powell Judy Gunn, Louis Hayward Comedy
Lucky Days Reginald Denham Chili Bouchier, Leslie Perrins Comedy
The Mad Hatters Ivar Campbell Chili Bouchier, Kim Peacock Comedy
Man of the Moment Monty Banks Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Laura La Plante, Claude Hulbert Comedy
The Man Without a Face George King Moore Marriott, Vi Kaley Drama
Maria Marten, or The Murder in the Red Barn Milton Rosmer Tod Slaughter, Eric Portman Horror Based on the Red Barn Murder
Marry the Girl Maclean Rogers Sonnie Hale, Judy Kelly Comedy
McGlusky the Sea Rover Walter Summers Jack Doyle, Tamara Desni Adventure
Me and Marlborough Victor Saville Cicely Courtneidge, Tom Walls Comedy
Midshipman Easy Carol Reed Hughie Green, Margaret Lockwood Adventure
Mimi Paul L. Stein Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Gertrude Lawrence Romance
The Morals of Marcus Miles Mander Lupe Vélez, Ian Hunter Comedy
Moscow Nights Anthony Asquith Harry Baur, Laurence Olivier Drama
Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk William Beaudine Paul Graetz, Chili Bouchier Comedy
Mr. What's-His-Name? Ralph Ince Seymour Hicks, Olive Blakeney, Enid Stamp-Taylor Comedy [5]
Music Hath Charms Thomas Bentley Henry Hall, Carol Goodner Musical
My Heart is Calling Carmine Gallone Jan Kiepura, Mártha Eggerth Musical
The Mystery of the Mary Celeste Denison Clift Bela Lugosi, Shirley Grey Mystery
Night Mail Herbert Smith Henry Oscar, Hope Davy Thriller
The Night of the Party Michael Powell Leslie Banks, Ian Hunter Mystery
No Limit Monty Banks George Formby, Florence Desmond Comedy
No Monkey Business Marcel Varnel Gene Gerrard, June Clyde Comedy
Off the Dole Arthur Mertz George Formby, Beryl Ingham Comedy
Oh, Daddy! Graham Cutts, Austin Melford Leslie Henson, Robertson Hare Comedy
Oh, What a Night Frank Richardson Molly Lamont, Valerie Hobson Comedy
Old Faithful Maclean Rogers Horace Hodges, Glennis Lorimer Drama
Old Roses Bernard Mainwaring Horace Hodges, Nancy Burne Crime
Once a Thief George Pearson John Stuart, Nancy Burne Crime
Once in a New Moon Anthony Kimmins Eliot Makeham, René Ray, Morton Selten Sci-fi
The Passing of the Third Floor Back Berthold Viertel Conrad Veidt, Anna Lee, René Ray Drama
Peg of Old Drury Herbert Wilcox Anna Neagle, Cedric Hardwicke Biopic
The Phantom Light Michael Powell Binnie Hale, Gordon Harker Thriller
Play Up the Band Harry Hughes Stanley Holloway, Betty Ann Davies Comedy
The Price of a Song Michael Powell Campbell Gullan, Felix Aylmer Crime
The Price of Wisdom Reginald Denham Mary Jerrold, Roger Livesey Drama
The Private Secretary Henry Edwards Edward Everett Horton, Judy Gunn Comedy
The Public Life of Henry the Ninth Bernard Mainwaring George Mozart, Wally Patch Comedy
R.A.F. John Betts Documentary
Radio Pirates Ivar Campbell Leslie French, Mary Lawson Musical
A Real Bloke John Baxter George Carney, Mary Clare Drama
The Right Age to Marry Maclean Rogers Frank Pettingell, Joyce Bland Comedy
The River House Mystery Fraser Foulsham G. H. Mulcaster, Bernard Lee Crime
The Riverside Murder Albert Parker Basil Sydney, Judy Gunn Crime
The Rocks of Valpre Henry Edwards John Garrick, Winifred Shotter Crime
Rolling Home Ralph Ince Will Fyffe, Molly Lamont Comedy
Royal Cavalcade Multiple directors Marie Lohr, Owen Nares Portmanteau drama
Sanders of the River Zoltan Korda Leslie Banks, Paul Robeson Adventure
Say It with Diamonds Redd Davis Frank Pettingell, Vera Bogetti Comedy [6]
School for Stars Donovan Pedelty Fred Conyngham, Jean Gillie Romance
Scrooge Henry Edwards Seymour Hicks, Donald Calthrop Drama
Sexton Blake and the Bearded Doctor George A. Cooper George Curzon, Henry Oscar Mystery
Sexton Blake and the Mademoiselle Alex Bryce George Curzon, Raymond Lovell Mystery
She Shall Have Music Leslie S. Hiscott Jack Hylton, June Clyde Musical
The Silent Passenger Reginald Denham Peter Haddon, John Loder Crime
Smith's Wives Manning Haynes Ernie Lotinga, Kay Walsh Comedy
So You Won't Talk William Beaudine Monty Banks, Vera Pearce Comedy
Someday Michael Powell Esmond Knight, Margaret Lockwood Romance
Squibs Henry Edwards Betty Balfour Musical
The Stoker Leslie Pearce Leslie Fuller, Georgie Harris Comedy
Stormy Weather Tom Walls Tom Walls, Ralph Lynn Comedy
Street Song Bernard Vorhaus John Garrick, René Ray Musical
Strictly Illegal Ralph Cedar Leslie Fuller, Betty Astell Comedy
The Student's Romance Otto Kanturek Grete Natzler, Patric Knowles Musical
Ten Minute Alibi Bernard Vorhaus Phillips Holmes, Aileen Marson Crime
That's My Uncle George Pearson Richard Cooper, Betty Astell Comedy
Things Are Looking Up Albert de Courville Cicely Courtneidge, Max Miller Comedy
Three Witnesses Leslie S. Hiscott Henry Kendall, Eve Gray Crime
The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes Leslie S. Hiscott Arthur Wontner, Ian Fleming Mystery
Trust the Navy Lupino Lane Nancy Burne, Guy Middleton Comedy
The Tunnel Maurice Elvey Richard Dix, Leslie Banks Science fiction
Turn of the Tide Norman Walker John Garrick, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Wilfrid Lawson Drama
Two Hearts in Harmony William Beaudine Bernice Claire, George Curzon Comedy/drama
Vanity Adrian Brunel Jane Cain, Percy Marmont Comedy
Variety Adrian Brunel George Carney, Barry Livesey Musical
The Village Squire Reginald Denham Leslie Perrins, Vivien Leigh Comedy Leigh's film debut
Vintage Wine Henry Edwards Seymour Hicks, Claire Luce Comedy
Where's George? Jack Raymond Sydney Howard, Frank Pettingell Comedy
While Parents Sleep Adrian Brunel Jean Gillie, Enid Stamp Taylor Comedy
The White Lilac Albert Parker Basil Sydney, Judy Gunn Mystery
Who's Your Father Lupino Lane Lupino Lane, Peter Haddon Comedy [7]
Widow's Might Cyril Gardner Laura La Plante, Yvonne Arnaud Comedy
Windfall Frederick Hayward, George King Edward Rigby, Marie Ault Drama

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