Tom Stoppard

dramaturg britanic
Tomáš Straussler

Tom Stoppard
Date personale
Nume la naștereTomáš Sträussler Modificați la Wikidata
Născut3 iulie 1937
Zlín, Cehoslovacia
Părinți Martha Stoppard[*][[Martha Stoppard (mother of Tom Stoppard)|​]] Modificați la Wikidata
Căsătorit cuJosie Ingle (1965–1972)
Miriam Stoppard (1972–1992)
CopiiOliver Stoppard
Barnaby Stoppard
William Stoppard
Ed Stoppard
Cetățenie Cehoslovacia
 Regatul Unit Modificați la Wikidata
Ocupațiedramaturg, scenarist, traducător
Limbi vorbitelimba engleză[3] Modificați la Wikidata
PseudonimTom Stoppard
Activitatea literară
Limbilimba engleză  Modificați la Wikidata
Specie literarăcomedie dramatică
PremiiPremiile Laurence Olivier
Comandor al Ordinului Imperiului Britanic[*]
PEN Pinter Prize[*]
Laurel Award for Screenwriting Achievement[*][[Laurel Award for Screenwriting Achievement (lifetime achievement award given by the Writers Guild of America)|​]]
Premiile Sindicatului Scenariștilor Americani
Praemium Imperiale[*][1]
Premiul Oscar pentru cel mai bun scenariu original
Premiul Dan David[*]
Ordinul de Merit[*]
Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature[*][[Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature (award of the Royal Society of Literature)|​]]
Knight Bachelor[*][[Knight Bachelor (title granted to a man who has been knighted by the British monarch but not inducted as a member of one of the organised orders of chivalry)|​]]
Critics' Circle Award for Distinguished Service to the Arts[*][[Critics' Circle Award for Distinguished Service to the Arts |​]]
John Whiting Award[*]
Bodley Medal[*][[Bodley Medal (award given by the Bodleian Library)|​]][2]  Modificați la Wikidata

Sir Tom Stoppard OM, CBE (n. Tomáš Straussler în 3 iulie 1937, Zlín, Cehoslovacia) este un dramaturg, scenarist și traducător britanic. Născut în Cehoslovacia, Stoppard a devenit faimos pentru piesele The Real Thing (1982) și Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (1967), respectiv pentru scenariile filmelor Imperiul soarelui (regizat de Steven Spielberg în 1987 după un roman de J. G. Ballard), Shakespeare îndrăgostit din 1988 sau Brazil din 1985.

Opera modificare

Romane modificare

  • 1966: Lord Malquist and Mr Moon

Piese de teatru modificare

  • 1964: A Walk on the Water
  • 1965: The Gamblers
  • 1966: Tango
  • 1966: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
  • 1968: Enter a Free Man
  • 1968: The Real Inspector Hound
  • 1969: Albert's Bridge
  • 1969: If You're Glad I'll Be Frank
  • 1970: After Magritte
  • 1971: Dogg's Our Pet
  • 1972: Jumpers
  • 1972: Artist Descending a Staircase[4]
  • 1974: Travesties
  • 1976: Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land
  • 1977: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
  • 1978: Night and Day
  • 1979: Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth
  • 1979: 15-Minute Hamlet
  • 1979: Undiscovered Country
  • 1981: On the Razzle
  • 1982: The Real Thing
  • 1984: Rough Crossing
  • 1986: Dalliance
  • 1987: Largo Desolato, traducere a unei piese de Václav Havel
  • 1988: Hapgood
  • 1993: Arcadia
  • 1995: Indian Ink
  • 1997: The Invention of Love
  • 1997: The Seagull – traducerea poiesei de Anton Cehov
  • 2002: The Coast of Utopia trilogie: Voyage, Shipwreck, and Salvage
  • 2004: Enrico IV (Henry IV) – traducerea piesei de Luigi Pirandello[5]
  • 2006: Rock 'n' Roll
  • 2010: The Laws of War — coautor[6]

Piese radiofonice modificare

  • 1964: The Dissolution of Dominic Boot
  • 1964: 'M' is for Moon Amongst Other Things
  • 1966: If You’re Glad I’ll be Frank
  • 1967: Albert's Bridge
  • 1968: Where Are They Now?
  • 1972: Artist Descending a Staircase
  • 1982: The Dog It Was That Died
  • 1991: In the Native State
  • 2007: On Dover Beach[7]

Piese pentru televiziune modificare

  • A Separate Peace
  • Teeth
  • Another Moon Called Earth
  • Neutral Ground
  • Professional Foul
  • Squaring the Circle

Ecranizări modificare

Note modificare

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