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JJMC89 botModificare

  • Bot: JJMC89 bot
  • Operator: JJMC89
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: Automatic
  • Programming Language(s): Python sourcecode
  • Function Summary: Replace BSicons
    1. Redirects are replaced with their target.
    2. BSicons are replaced as specified on Commons.
  • Already has a bot flag in: bnwiki, cawiki, cswiki, dawiki, dewiki, enwiki, eswiki, fiwiki, frwiki, hrwiki, huwiki, idwiki, itwiki, jawiki, kawiki, nlwiki, nowiki, plwiki, ruwiki, srwiki, svwiki, zhwiki, commons

Please verify that the edit summary has been appropriately translated. This task was requested because the route diagram templates don't use syntax recognized by global replace / CommonsDelinker. —JJMC89 (discuție) 10 septembrie 2017 11:57 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]

Hi JJMC89, thanks for applying. I unblocked the bot account, but please refrain from further edits until this discussion is formally closed (about a week from now) - I believe the current edits are sufficient for an informed opinion.
I would like to clarify how is the list on Commons generated. I see that visually the icons are identical, but I would like to understand the changes from a semantic PoV. Could you indicate some discussion that was base for that list? Thanks.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  10 septembrie 2017 17:42 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]
Jc86035, are you able to answer Strainu's inquiry above? JJMC89 (discuție) 10 septembrie 2017 20:07 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]
@Strainu: Basically, those are the icons in commons:Category:Icons for railway descriptions/obsolete which can be replaced automatically by the bot (left side obsolete, right side replacement). Most of the images in the category were added to it before 2015 without contest, I think. For more recent obsolete icons, instead of categorizing them, since we have the bot we would just replace duplicates' usage and request their deletion. Jc86035 (discuție) 11 septembrie 2017 04:29 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]

Pentru. CC Dan Mihai Pitea--Strainu (دسستي‎)  11 septembrie 2017 14:04 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]

JJMC89, since nobody else expressed their opinion for 10 days, I believe you can now request the flag at meta:SRB.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  21 septembrie 2017 20:34 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]

  Realizat. The bot is now flagged. JJMC89 (discuție) 22 septembrie 2017 06:59 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]


  • Bot: Texvc2LaTeXBot
  • Operator: Debenben (and Salix alba, responsible for English speaking projects)
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: Automatic
  • Programming Language(s): Python
  • Function Summary: Replace deprecated math syntax listed in mw:Extension:Math/Roadmap
  • Already has a bot flag in: arwiki, dewiki, enwiki, eswiki, frwiki, nlwiki, plwiki, zhwiki, approved for operation without botflag on itwiki, svwiki

See w:en:WP:Bots/Requests_for_approval/Texvc2LaTeXBot, phab:T197925, mw:Extension:Math/Roadmap and phab:T195861 for a more detailed description of the bot and the associated migration project. Unfortunately we do not speak Romanian, so it would be nice if we could get help in translating the edit summary and userpage. Also feel free to join our commission to discuss the proposed improvements to the math extension. I would let it also run on pages that just contain less problematic deprecated syntax (around 50 pages).--Debenben (discuție) 10 noiembrie 2018 13:42 (EET)Răspunde[răspunde]

Please do a few test changes, then wait for a week. If not objections have been raised, you can request the flag on meta (no local bureaucrats).--Strainu (دسستي‎)  10 noiembrie 2018 17:03 (EET)Răspunde[răspunde]
@Strainu: Thanks. Can I use "Înlocuirea sintaxei LaTeX depreciate în funcție de mw:Extension:Math/Roadmap" as editsummary?--Debenben (discuție) 14 noiembrie 2018 19:47 (EET)Răspunde[răspunde]
@Debenben: Better use "Înlocuirea sintaxei LaTeX învechite, conform mw:Extension:Math/Roadmap". Strainu to confirm. //  Gikü  vorbe  fapte  14 noiembrie 2018 20:23 (EET)Răspunde[răspunde]
I agree with Gikü.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  14 noiembrie 2018 22:54 (EET)Răspunde[răspunde]

@Debenben:, I forgot about this request. I see you've been running without the flag. If you still want it, you should request it on meta.--Strainu (دسستي‎)  1 iunie 2019 21:07 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]

@Strainu: Thanks for your help. There might small follow-up edits because our search algorithms are not perfect yet, but nothing major. From our perspective there is no advantage of running with a botflag, I am happy to keep running without. If people prefer it to have a botflag, please let me know, it should be no big deal to ask for one on meta.--Debenben (discuție) 1 iunie 2019 22:32 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]

  Nerealizat The flag is not required anymore, closing. Strainu (دسستي‎)  1 iunie 2019 23:39 (EEST)Răspunde[răspunde]