Wikipedia:Schimbarea numelui de utilizator/Arhivă/2008

Aceasta este arhiva cererilor de schimbare a numelui de utilizator pe anul 2008.


Hello, I am the User:Jerry SUL account holder, and admin on en-wiki. I would like to add ro to my SUL account, which will require USURPation of this existing account, which I understand has made no edits. Please respond on my en-wiki user talk page. (discuție) 30 decembrie 2008 02:20 (EET)

I have asked the current user to allow usurpation: Discuție utilizator:Jerry. Please wait for seven days. --Gutza DD+ 30 decembrie 2008 02:49 (EET)
  Rezolvat Răzvan Socol mesaj 10 ianuarie 2009 17:44 (EET)


Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator MihaiCapotă cu Mihai Capotă. Motiv: vreau să folosesc noul nume ca nume unificat. MihaiCapotă (discuție) 26 decembrie 2008 13:18 (EET)

  Rezolvat--Andreidiscuție 26 decembrie 2008 14:56 (EET)

E → ZodiacModificare

Hello! I am planning on renaming from E to Zodiac in the near future and would like this account to be renamed to Zodiac so it is ready for SUL after I rename my admin account on Thank you! E (discuție) 20 decembrie 2008 06:55 (EET)

I've requested current user Zodiac to allow usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:Zodiac. Please wait 7 days. — AdiJapan 20 decembrie 2008 09:10 (EET)
I see you deleted this request with the comment "revoke", but I've already asked permission for usurpation. If you don't want the usurpation to be made please state that explicitely. — AdiJapan 20 decembrie 2008 17:57 (EET)

  Nerealizat The request cannot be completed because E is already a SUL account and there is no SUL account for Zodiac. In addition, on 28 dec 2008 the SUL account E was renamed to JamesR. Răzvan Socol mesaj 29 decembrie 2008 08:50 (EET)

Usurpation(?) none -> MyshaModificare

Hi, sorry for using English, but my Rumanian would be undecypherable. I'm trying to remove a SUL-conflict with my username. If I understand correctly what happened, the account Mysha on the Rumanian Wikipedia has been renamed, and then that account has been renamed again. Is there a way to clear that original account so the conflict can be removed? (discuție)

Is there a problem? (discuție)

Please certify, via an edit on another project where you own the account Mysha, that this request comes from a valid account by this name.--Andreidiscuție 8 decembrie 2008 15:36 (EET)
How? (Not that it seems to make much sense to me: Whoever would own the SUL account would want this conflict resolved, so whether its user:Mysha or User:Ahsym noting it is of little relevance.) (discuție)
The user renaming log does not contain any entry about User:Mysha. The account was never renamed, and in fact it was never used except for two page moves that were reverted right away, and thus don't matter as far as GNU is concerned. What you want is to usurp the current Mysha account so that you can use this name for your global account. For that, please go to your home wiki (Frisian Wikipedia) and make an edit using your account Mysha, stating something along the lines "I have requested the usurpation of Romanian Wikipedia user Mysha"; then come back here and give us the diff. We will do the rest for you.
Not everyone wants their SUL solved, and usurpation must be carried out only when rightfully asked for. — AdiJapan 10 decembrie 2008 09:58 (EET)
I have written such a message on meta:User_talk:Mysha#SUL, as it obviously isn't about the Frisian Wikipedia. (I do remember the good old days, though.) (discuție)
Thanks. Now you'll have to wait 7 days. I have requested the current user Mysha to allow usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:Mysha. Cheers. — AdiJapan 11 decembrie 2008 13:44 (EET)
Done. The name "Mysha" is free for you to use. — AdiJapan 20 decembrie 2008 09:13 (EET)
Thank you. Mysha (discuție)


Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Edituraunmb cu actmuz. Motiv: nu mai doresc să folosesc acest nume, care poate crea confunzii. Edituraunmb (discuție) 30 noiembrie 2008 23:48 (EET)

  Rezolvat. --Gutza DD+ 1 decembrie 2008 00:01 (EET)

Usurpation none -> DonatModificare

Hi, I have the global account Donat. I would like to usurp Donat on for SUL purposes. This is an account, which has no edits. I confirm the request here: Donat -- (discuție) 28 noiembrie 2008 23:46 (EET)

I have requested the current user to allow usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:Donat. Please wait 7 days. --Gutza DD+ 28 noiembrie 2008 23:52 (EET)
  Done. The Donat account has been renamed, and that name is now available.--Andreidiscuție 8 decembrie 2008 15:38 (EET)

Thanks --Donat (discuție) 8 decembrie 2008 15:59 (EET)

Usurpation request: EcemamlModificare

Hi friends, my name is Ecemaml and I'm and administrator and bureaucrat in the Spanish Wikipedia (verify) and an administrator in Wikimedia Commons (verify). I'm trying to recover my user name in all the wikipedias it was maliciously squattered some time ago (you can see the SUL information here).

You can see a proof of my identity in here. Could you please help me? Best regards --Ecemaml Sp (discuție) 19 noiembrie 2008 00:06 (EET)

I have requested the current user to allow usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:Ecemaml. Please wait 7 days. --Gutza DD+ 19 noiembrie 2008 00:11 (EET)
  Rezolvat, I have moved old User:Ecemaml to User:Ecemaml (uzurpat), the old name is up for grabs (and reserved for SUL). --Gutza DD+ 28 noiembrie 2008 23:57 (EET)

Usurpation Adi4000 -> AdiModificare

Hello! I have a global account Adi. I would like to usurp Adi on for SUL purposes. This is an old account, which has no edits. I confirm the request here: special edit--Adi4000 (discuție) 17 noiembrie 2008 08:51 (EET)

I have requested the current user to allow usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:Adi. Please wait 7 days. — AdiJapan 17 noiembrie 2008 11:11 (EET)
  Rezolvat, I have renamed old User:Adi to User:Adi (uzurpat), the old name is up for grabs (and reserved for SUL). --Gutza DD+ 28 noiembrie 2008 23:55 (EET)


Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator MHM-ro cu MHM55. Unified login. (discuție) 20 noiembrie 2008 13:35 (EET)

Vă rog să vă autentificați ca MHM-ro și să vă semnați cererea.--Andreidiscuție 20 noiembrie 2008 13:38 (EET)
Nu poate exista cerere de redenumire către MHM55 motivată de SUL, dat fiind că nu există cont unificat pentru acel nume de utilizator ([1]). Pe de altă parte, utilizatorul MHM-ro scrie pe propria pagină de utilizator de aici că este fr:Utilisateur:MHM. Cred că cererea este o glumă. --Gutza DD+ 20 noiembrie 2008 13:46 (EET)

en Sorry. I didn't notice I made my first request without being logged in. I hope it is clear now that I am who I am!.
fr Désolé. Je n'avais pas remarqué que ma demande a été faite sous IP. Maintenant j'espère que c'est clair que je suis bien celui que je suis !
MHM-ro (discuție) 21 noiembrie 2008 11:26 (EET)

  Rezolvat Done. --Gutza DD+ 21 noiembrie 2008 11:43 (EET)

Usurp request: KronosModificare

Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Utilizator:no name yet on ro.wikipedia cu Utilizator:Kronos.
My base account: it:User:Kronos
Verified link in my original pages SUL request: [2].
Motiv: SUL username unified. (discuție) 4 noiembrie 2008 11:15 (EET)

Please wait 7 days. The current user has been asked to allow usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:Kronos. — AdiJapan 4 noiembrie 2008 12:49 (EET)
Done. — AdiJapan 17 noiembrie 2008 11:14 (EET)

Tomikoblara -> BirraKorcaModificare

Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Tomikoblara in BirraKorca. Motiv: nu mai doresc să folosesc numele real. Tomikoblara (discuție) 17 octombrie 2008 00:17 (EEST)

Cerere respinsă. Nu aveți nici o contribuție sub numele Tomikoblara. Vă rog să vă deschideți pur și simplu un alt cont cu numele BirraKorca. — AdiJapan 17 octombrie 2008 09:21 (EEST)


Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Danielbuzgau cu DanielBuzgau. Motiv: nu mai doresc să folosesc numele real. Danielbuzgau (discuție) 18 octombrie 2008 00:53 (EEST)

Cerere respinsă. Nu aveți nicio editare cu numele vechi, puteți încerca să vă înregistrați cu numele nou și este același lucru. În plus, motivul invocat nu e acoperit de cerere, întrucât noul nume este aproape identic cu cel vechi.--Andreidiscuție 18 octombrie 2008 01:30 (EEST)

Octavian Stancioiu -> Octavian StăncioiuModificare

Doresc sa schimb numele de utilizator, din Octavian Stancioiu în Octavian Stăncioiu.Acest comentariu nesemnat a fost adăugat de Octavian Stancioiu (discuție • contribuții).

Numărul de editări ale utilizatorului Octavian Stancioiu este foarte mic. Vă recomand pur și simplu să vă înregistrați din nou cu numele de utilizator nou.--Andreidiscuție 10 octombrie 2008 11:20 (EEST)

Drini -> DodoModificare

I kindly ask your assistance for the renaming of "dodo" account to something else (anything) here. This in order to proces the request on meta. All your help is appreciated. Thank you. Drini (discuție) 4 octombrie 2008 23:00 (EEST)

I asked current user Dodo to allow usurpation of his account: Discuție Utilizator:Dodo. Please wait 7 days. — AdiJapan 5 octombrie 2008 11:00 (EEST)
  Rezolvat Răzvan Socol mesaj 15 octombrie 2008 11:25 (EEST)

Caragea ionutModificare

Buna ziua. Va rog sa schimbati numele de utilizator Caragea ionut cu Lerman Kruger. Nu doresc sa folosesc numele real si in plus se confunda cu pagina Ionuț Caragea. Am facut deja o cerere prin email si dl Stroe mi-a spus sa o postez aici. Va multumesc.Acest comentariu nesemnat a fost adăugat de (discuție • contribuții).

Vă rog, autentificați-vă și semnați cererea, pentru a fi clar pentru toată lumea că vine de la dumneavoastră. Eu știu că sunteți dumneavoastră pentru că mi-ați trimis e-mail, dar toată lumea trebuie să poată să verifice că ați făcut cererea de redenumire chiar dumneavoastră.--Andreidiscuție 23 septembrie 2008 11:46 (EEST)

Buna ziua. M-am autentificat. Semnez, Ionuț Caragea. Mulțumesc.

  Realizat--Andreidiscuție 23 septembrie 2008 15:57 (EEST)

Oscar SUL -> OscarModificare

(moved from Wikipedia:Cafenea#single_user_login_request) Oscar SUL (discuție) 16 septembrie 2008 03:06 (EEST)

can anyone help me to complete my global account m:User:Oscar by renaming this login to Oscar please? thank you! Oscar SUL (discuție) 15 septembrie 2008 18:23 (EEST)

The place for such requests is at Wikipedia:Schimbarea numelui de utilizator, but in your case the usurpation is not acceptable as the current user Oscar has more than zero contributions: Special:Contributions/Oscar. Sorry. — AdiJapan 15 septembrie 2008 19:35 (EEST)

dear adijapan, here is the list of wikis that are already unified under my username Oscar: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (i am a steward since 2005) - - - - - - - - (my "home wiki") - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i can provide you with links to my contributions as well if desired. since i got a notification that some were missing still to complete the SUL migration process, i started today to ask the few last wikis not yet connected to my name. i do hope in view of my work for wikimedia since 2004 that you will grant me the requested rename. all the best, Oscar SUL (discuție) 16 septembrie 2008 03:03 (EEST) (also m:User:Oscar as well as foundation:User:Oscar)
I agree that your contribution to Wikimedia projects is impressive and I sympathize with you. Unfortunately the current usurpation policy states that only accounts never used can be usurped (see en:Wikipedia:Changing username/Usurpations). I would make an exception and usurp an account that does have edits, but only under the condition that all those edits have been reverted. However, in this case User:Oscar has written a full-length still-standing article: Listă a personajelor din Family Guy. This contribution, while certainly minor in comparison with your activity within the Wikimedia Foundation, is definitely protectable unde the GFDL terms.
I can only see two choices for you at this point.
  1. You may want to give your input at meta:Talk:Steward requests/SUL requests/Usurpation policy and change the current policy.
  2. You could contact the current user Oscar and obtain his agreement. If he accepts being usurped, I'll be glad to do the renaming.
Again, I'm sorry this is happening to you. — AdiJapan 16 septembrie 2008 08:33 (EEST)
thank you for your concern dear adijapan! at the proposed policy for usurpation i read:
5. User accounts may not be usurped if the user responds to the usurpation warning email within a week.
i do not know if this user understands english, nor if he activated his email function? would you, as a bureaucrat be so kind to help me contacting this user please? thank you and all the best. Oscar SUL (discuție) 16 septembrie 2008 21:55 (EEST)
Dear Oscar, what you're quoting is a proposed policy -- as such, it has no weight whatsoever. Under the current policies you really can't get that account unless you get the guy's approval to do so. This is a touchy issue with relatively many contributors (see that proposal's talk page on meta), and it's certainly regrettable this is happening -- but until WMF decides otherwise there's nothing we can do. Sorry. --Gutza DD+ 16 septembrie 2008 22:10 (EEST)
Just to clarify, you can get the account is the current user agrees to change his username, I'm sorry if my wording was ambiguous above. --Gutza DD+ 17 septembrie 2008 10:59 (EEST)
Oscar, I was going to e-mail the current account holder concerning the usurpation, but I see you've already done it. If you get a reply please let us know --- in fact you should have told the user to just log in and write the consent on his own talk page or here. Also, if you need help with contacting him in Romanian, please let me know, although the article he wrote suggests he does speak English. Good luck. — AdiJapan 17 septembrie 2008 11:08 (EEST)
I grant you permission to use my account name, but is there any way to just change my account name to another one? --Oscar (discuție) 17 septembrie 2008 18:56 (EEST)
Yes, you just have to make a simple, informal request here -- just pick a name. Thank you for doing this. --Gutza DD+ 17 septembrie 2008 19:32 (EEST)
Change my name to Omar pls -- (discuție) 18 septembrie 2008 18:55 (EEST)
Please make the request while being logged in. Also, you should consider using the SUL tool to check whether you will be able to unify your new account (Omar is in use on several projects). --Gutza DD+ 18 septembrie 2008 20:16 (EEST)
while waiting for the further procedure, i take to opportunity to thank the current Oscar very much for his helpfulness! :-) best regards, Oscar SUL (discuție) 19 septembrie 2008 02:28 (EEST)
Sorry for the long waiting, but i had some issues i had to attend to, so i didn`t have time to enter wikipedia. So, i would like to change my name to OscarTM. Cheers, --Oscar (discuție) 24 septembrie 2008 21:12 (EEST)

  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 24 septembrie 2008 21:32 (EEST)

I renamed "Oscar SUL" to "Oscar". There were two warnings: (1) That Oscar SUL has a global account and by renaming the ro.wp account will be detached from it. (2) That the name Oscar was reserved for a global account. I ignored both warnings, considering what Oscar (the global one) asked for. — AdiJapan 25 septembrie 2008 05:38 (EEST)

SCriB0T -> SCriBOTModificare

Doar pentru a înregistra redenumirea: am schimbat numele Utilizator:SCriB0T în Utilizator:SCriBOT pentru a respecta cerința din politica numelor de utilizator privind evitarea confuziilor între cifra 0 și litera O. Cererea a fost făcută de deținătorul contului la pagina Wikipedia:Bot/Cereri de aprobare. — AdiJapan 19 septembrie 2008 14:04 (EEST)


Hi I am . I am trying to unify JoJo globally. I am the SUL owner. I see the ro JoJo seems to have no edits. Can you rename that account so I can usurp it? My husband, is an admin and crat on en wiki and he's giving me suggestions. Please respond on my meta page at m:User_talk:JoJo, where I've confirmed I am the en JoJo, since I don't have an account yet here on ro wiki. Thank you. (discuție) 14 septembrie 2008 18:43 (EEST)

I requested the current user JoJo to allow usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:JoJo. Please wait 7 days for the very unlikely reply. — AdiJapan 14 septembrie 2008 19:00 (EEST)
  Rezolvat Răzvan Socol mesaj 23 septembrie 2008 09:18 (EEST)
ThanksJojoTalk 23 septembrie 2008 12:49 (EEST)

Simion eugen andrei bucurestiModificare

Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Simion eugen andrei bucuresti cu Toulouse. Motiv: nu mai doresc să folosesc numele real. Simion eugen andrei bucuresti (discuție) 13 septembrie 2008 13:24 (EEST)

Vă pot schimba numele, dar pentru că Toulouse este deja luat pe Wikipedia în franceză (și alte cîteva), nu vă veți putea globaliza contul; în plus îl veți împiedica și pe utilizatorul Toulouse curent să-și globalizeze contul. Iată: SUL Toulouse. Vă recomand deci să vă gîndiți la alt nume și să folosiți unealta indicată (SUL) pentru a vedea dacă există vreun utilizator cu acel nume la alte proiecte. — AdiJapan 13 septembrie 2008 15:10 (EEST)

Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Simion eugen andrei bucuresti cu TouIouse. Motiv: nu mai doresc să folosesc numele real. Simion eugen andrei bucuresti, mentionez ca am transformat litera l minuscula, in i majuscula. (discuție)

Politica actuală privind numele de utilizator, la secțiunea „Nume de utilizator confundabile, care induc în eroare sau cauzează probleme”, descurajează folosirea literelor asemănătoare în acest fel. Sînt sigur că vă puteți găsi un nume care să fie numai al dumneavoastră, nu al unui oraș întreg. — AdiJapan 13 septembrie 2008 19:25 (EEST)

Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Simion eugen andrei bucuresti cu Tuluz. Motiv: nu mai doresc să folosesc numele real. Simion eugen andrei bucuresti (discuție)

Rezolvat. Există un utilizator cu acest nume la en.wp, dar nu are nici o contribuție, deci veți putea să-l uzurpați. — AdiJapan 13 septembrie 2008 21:18 (EEST)


Hi. My name is Milan. I’m the user and the administrator on sr wiki. I want to make a unified login on all projects. So I want to aks you to rename account Micki on this wiki (if it is possible) because I want to usurp it. I saw that user Micki has no constributions. I’m sorry because my English is not better. Answer on my Meta talk page, please. Regards. Milan (discuție) 6 septembrie 2008 15:20 (EEST)

I have requested permission for usurpation from the current user Micki: Discuție Utilizator:Micki. Please wait 7 days. Răzvan Socol mesaj 8 septembrie 2008 08:39 (EEST)
  Rezolvat. Răzvan Socol mesaj 19 septembrie 2008 08:33 (EEST)

Usurpation Utilizator:Wadim by es:Usuario:WadimModificare

Hi! I'm Wadim from Spanish wiki, I need Wadim's account from this wiki for the global account. Utilizator:Wadim has only one edit [3] (I don't know local rules for the usurpation, but it's only one edit...). I'll confirm my identity by responding to es:Usuario:Andrei Stroe, about the usurpation [4]

The current policy is that only zero-edit accounts can be usurped. See en:Wikipedia:Changing_username/Usurpations. I know it sucks... — AdiJapan 29 iulie 2008 08:12 (EEST)
Yes... This wiki was the last one for SUL. Is there some waiting list :) or something like that? So if local policy changes I can know about that. Thanks. --Wadim87 30 iulie 2008 00:50 (EEST)
You could contact the user personally on his talk page or by e-mail, and get his agreement (which should be written by the user himself, on this wiki). Or you could join this debate and give your input towards changing the policy. — AdiJapan 30 iulie 2008 09:27 (EEST)

  Nerealizat --Gutza DD+ 7 septembrie 2008 02:24 (EEST)

Lee-SUL → LeeModificare

I'm Lee from Sinhala wikipedia. I need the ownership of the username Lee in order to complete my SUL setup. The current user Lee has only one edit on this wiki.

  • Current Username: Lee-SUL
  • Requested Username: Lee

Thanks in advance --Lee-SUL (discuție) 26 august 2008 16:49 (EEST)

The current policy is that only zero-edit accounts can be usurped. See en:Wikipedia:Changing_username/Usurpations. Sorry... Răzvan Socol mesaj
  Nerealizat --Gutza DD+ 7 septembrie 2008 02:24 (EEST)

Usurpation Utilizator:Mess by it:Utente:MessModificare

Hi, I'm Mess from Italian Wikipedia and I'm sysop in that wikiproject. I need to usurp Utilizator:Mess in order to complete the SUL unification process; this user has no edits. Here there's my statement to confirm that I personally made this request. Thank you very much! --Mess (discuţie)

I've asked the current user Mess to allow the usurpation of his account: Discuție Utilizator:Mess. Please wait 7 days. — AdiJapan 7 septembrie 2008 14:12 (EEST)
  Rezolvat Răzvan Socol mesaj 23 septembrie 2008 09:26 (EEST)


Hello! I own the global account for username Aurora. There is already an account with that username here, but with 0 edit. Could you please consider renaming this account? Please see my talk page on meta for confirmation. Thanks in advance. Aurora@meta (talk) (discuție) 25 august 2008 07:39 (EEST)

I have requested permission for usurpation from the current user Aurora: Discuție Utilizator:Aurora. Please wait 7 days. Răzvan Socol mesaj 30 august 2008 09:03 (EEST)
  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 7 septembrie 2008 02:17 (EEST)

Usurpation Utilizator:Peni by ru:User:PeniModificare

Hey! Can I have the romanian account Peni joined with my SUL account Peni? My homewiki is the ruwiki, see ru:User:Peni. Thanks! --Peni -- (discuție) 27 august 2008 17:12 (EEST)

I have requested permission for usurpation from the current user Peni: Discuție Utilizator:Peni. Please wait 7 days. Răzvan Socol mesaj 30 august 2008 08:51 (EEST)
Khm.. :) -- (discuție) 7 septembrie 2008 00:43 (EEST)
  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 7 septembrie 2008 02:17 (EEST)
Thank you very much for help! --Peni (discuție) 7 septembrie 2008 17:41 (EEST)

Usurpation Utilizator:Seraphim by en:User:Seraphim WhippModificare

Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Seraphim111 cu Seraphim. Motiv: SUL reasons. Hello - sorry for making this request in English. I am the current owner of the global account, Seraphim Whipp ( admin page), however, I plan to change my name to Seraphim on all accounts and am requesting usurpation on multiple wikis. Seraphim111 (discuție) 28 august 2008 22:59 (EEST)

I have requested permission for usurpation from the current user Seraphim: Discuție Utilizator:Seraphim. Please wait 7 days. Răzvan Socol mesaj 30 august 2008 08:55 (EEST)
  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 7 septembrie 2008 02:18 (EEST)

Lucas → Lucas (SUL)Modificare

Hello, please aplogize if I speak in (a bad) english but I'm not able to speak your language ;). I am sysop on italian wikipedia and I'm contributor on many other wikimedia projects (wikinews,,, I would like to unify the user Lucas here too, but I forgot the passowrd or someone else registred it before me without using it. The user has no edits. Thanks for any help ;).. --Lucas (discusión)

I have requested permission for usurpation from the current user Lucas: Discuție Utilizator:Lucas. Please wait 7 days. Răzvan Socol mesaj 30 august 2008 08:51 (EEST)
  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 7 septembrie 2008 02:19 (EEST)


I am active on it.wiktionary (where i have more than 4000 edits) and on it.wikiversity and because of sul i would like to be renamed in Ilaria. Thank you !!--Ilaria22 (discuție) 30 august 2008 14:46 (EEST)

Although the current user Ilaria has two contributions, they were both reverted as copyright violations ([5], [6]), so we will go ahead with the usurpation process. I have requested permission for usurpation from the current user Ilaria: Discuție Utilizator:Ilaria. Please wait 7 days. Răzvan Socol mesaj 30 august 2008 16:07 (EEST)
  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 7 septembrie 2008 02:22 (EEST)

SUL requestModificare

Dear bureaucrat. This is joseph from Turkish Wikipedia. I want to usurp the account named locally as "joseph" for SUL merge. Here is confirmation Thanks. (any message here please) -- (discuție) 17 august 2008 20:02 (EEST)

Permission was requested for usurpation on the user's talk page. In 7 days, the account will most likely become free.--Andreidiscuție 19 august 2008 19:44 (EEST)
  Done--Andreidiscuție 27 august 2008 17:31 (EEST)

Usurpation User:Balthazar by en:User:BalthazarModificare

Hi, I'm Balthazar at en:wiki[7] and I wish to Usurp the Balthazar here, who has zero edits,[1] to near the completion of my SUL. (discuție) 18 august 2008 07:16 (EEST)

Hi. I have requested permission for usurpation from the current User:Balthazar, see Discuție Utilizator:Balthazar. Please wait 7 days. — AdiJapan 18 august 2008 11:26 (EEST)
  Done--Andreidiscuție 27 august 2008 17:21 (EEST)

Bot username renameModificare

Hi, I'd like my bot Utilizator:Computer to be renamed to User:タチコマ robot. This rename request is per my wikimedia wide bot username rename. I have decided to have a single username to more efficiently use SUL. Thanks.

  • If this is not the right place to make this request, please move it to the right place.

-- Cat chi? 13 august 2008 18:48 (EEST)

  Done--Andreidiscuție 13 august 2008 19:39 (EEST)

Usurpation of Utilizator:natrix by es:User:natrixModificare

Hi, I am es:User:natrix, I wish to usurp ro:natrix to keep my username in every wiki. Soy es:user:natrix, me gustaría usurpar ro:natrix para unificar mi nombre de usuario en todas las wikis. My usurpation process es:Usuario:Natrix#Solicitud_de_unificaci.C3.B3n_de_cuentas I know I haven't a romanian account and I am an IP adress, Do I need one? Thanks. -- 4 august 2008 19:20 (EEST)

I have requested the current user Natrix to allow usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:Natrix. You will have to wait 7 days for a reply. Since you have already unified your global account you don't need to create a separate account here; the name Natrix is reserved, so after usurpation it will be yours automatically. — AdiJapan 5 august 2008 06:36 (EEST)
Thank you very much for your help. -- 5 august 2008 14:57 (EEST)
  Done.--Andreidiscuție 13 august 2008 19:05 (EEST)

Usurpation of Utilizator:Woody by en:User:WoodyModificare

Hi, I am the admin Woody on the English Wikipedia. Could I have the local account Woody usurped so that I can get SUL sorted please? They haven't made any edits, though they seem new as it has popped up whilst I have been usurping other accounts on different language sites. Could I have Woodym555 moved into its place afterwards please? Thanks. Woodym555 29 iulie 2008 00:11 (EEST)

Hi, Woody. I left a note on the talk page of current user ro:Woody to allow us to usurp his account: Discuție Utilizator:Woody. Now you'll have to wait 7 days for a reply. It's funny how the account got created just as you were merging your accounts... Could be a coincidence though, because if he really wanted to annoy you he could have made a few edits. — AdiJapan 29 iulie 2008 07:19 (EEST)
Its a popular name, I'm not surprised, I don't think it was anything personal. Happy to wait 7 days. Thanks. Woodym555 29 iulie 2008 13:39 (EEST)
  Rezolvat. Răzvan Socol mesaj 7 august 2008 13:41 (EEST)
Great, thankyou very much. Woody (discuție) 8 august 2008 12:38 (EEST)


Hello. I am bg:User:Пакко (verify) and I would like to have my local username Pakko renamed to Пакко. I have already unified my account Пакко, but this hsould not be a problem? Thank you in advance. Pakko 26 iulie 2008 18:35 (EEST)

Hi. You've already merged ro:Пакко with your global account. You have only one relevant edit under the name Pakko, so it's easier if you just mention that contribution on your user page. There is no strong need to move accounts around just for that. — AdiJapan 28 iulie 2008 17:16 (EEST)

Usurpation Utilizator:Evrik by commons:User:EvrikModificare

Hello! I have the global account Evrik. I would like to usurp Evrik . This account has no edits. I confirmed the request here: special edit -- Evrik 23 iulie 2008 19:15 (EEST)

I have requested permission for usurpation from the current user Evrik: Discuție Utilizator:Evrik. Please wait 7 days. Răzvan Socol mesaj 28 iulie 2008 14:51 (EEST)
  Rezolvat. Răzvan Socol mesaj 7 august 2008 13:30 (EEST)


I want to usurp user:orion(no contribution)for SUL account unification and vandal prevention. I'm a active editor of zh:user:orion,The confirmation here[8],Thank You.--Orionn 6 iunie 2008 09:56 (EEST)

I asked the current account holder to allow the usurpation (see Discuție Utilizator:Orion). If there is no reply in 7 days the user names will be changed as requested. — AdiJapan 6 iunie 2008 12:20 (EEST)
Done. — AdiJapan 18 iunie 2008 19:47 (EEST)


Hallo ... I need to change my account Chaoss to Chaos ... Chaos has only one edit before few monthes .. that is necessary for getting SUL .. i think roles for ueusrpation has changed after the SUL application .. please ask some stewards about that --Chaoss 4 mai 2008 03:04 (EEST)

Yes, it's only one edit, but that edit has perpetuated to the current version of the article. However, please direct us to the new usurpation rules, or ask a steward yourself and point us to the resulting conversation. Thank you. --Gutza DD+ 4 mai 2008 03:09 (EEST)
look to this in Italian WP --Chaoss 4 mai 2008 14:49 (EEST)
The page you pointed us to says: "Check that the existing username you wish has no edit, no log entries." — AdiJapan 4 mai 2008 20:52 (EEST)
I have just got the username Chaos in it.wp ... the criteria in SUL usurpation is who has more activity in overall wikimedia project .. and for that i upsurp in it.wp in spite he has made 1 edit before 3 years .. when number of edits is little and old enough ,,and the user doesn,t respond .. most of wikimedia projects go to upsurp the accounts for SUL reasons only ... anyway that is ur decision .. discuss that with ur community to make a decision .. but still we give the SUL issue more importance than keeping old account with few edits ... best regards --Chaoss 15 mai 2008 10:12 (EEST)

read this meta polcy--Chaoss 28 mai 2008 11:09 (EEST)

That is proposed, not enforced. Sorry, no go. --Gutza DD+ 28 mai 2008 23:57 (EEST)
You might be interested to check out the associated talk page for my reasoning, BTW. And please don't forget you have the option of checking with a steward if you honestly feel we're not doing you justice. If you care for an opinion, you didn't do much to make us like you: you offered untruthful support for your position in at least two instances (and I didn't check on your claim that you have been able to usurp an account on based on account activity, which I find hard to believe anyway). --Gutza DD+ 29 mai 2008 00:27 (EEST)
...and, for completeness, now I have investigated your claim regarding -- I won't say it was untruthful, but we didn't get the whole story either. The account you have successfully usurped on had made one minor edit more than three years ago (i.e. fixing a link by adding an "h" to a word). That's hardly copyrightable and I can understand the bureaucrats when they have granted your request. But you're trying to usurp an account which does have a copyrightable contribution here -- I agree it's a single one, but it's there. But then again, if you feel this is wrong or unfair, please contact a steward about it. --Gutza DD+ 29 mai 2008 00:49 (EEST)

OHh wow ...untruthfull and what also .... I just tell you that most of projects gives more importance to the overall activity in wikimedia ... even in de.wp ... where original de.chaos has 31 very productive edits ...and i hate to upsurb his name cause i think he is excellent wikimedia guy .. in spite of that they put the request in conflict resolving process .... i won,t tell anything to a steward ... ur community has full control here .... such account wont affect my global account .. another thing ... what if the edit is fully copyrighted .... by renaming the account you reassigns the whole edits to the new name ... or NOT ???? so your claims and arguments are weak ..... good bye --Chaoss 29 mai 2008 21:43 (EEST)

Really? Then why did the Germans say Nein? --Gutza DD+ 30 mai 2008 13:27 (EEST)

the Germans transfer the issue to Conflict resolving ..... just notice that it has 31 very remarkable edits ... and they discriminate between considerable number of edits and few edits ... have a nice day --Chaoss 31 mai 2008 10:10 (EEST)

Hello, colleagues. Sorry for interfering in your discussion, but I think I can help you with some considerations, which seem to have been underestimated by the local bureaucrats, intentionally or not.
We all know that technically one can have a SUL with or without a certain account somewhere. If they do not know the language, they usually do not even bother of conflicts with other users. But, the general idea is that unified login is not only for the sake of single sign-up but also for consistent identity across all wikis. Especially with respect to Commons, Meta and other multilingual projects. With your local policy (or personal decision, Gutza) you not only deprive an active user from having their consistent identity across all wikis, but also prevent your colleague locally have their, as well. Because if we assume that some day this local user gets active again and wants to have this account global, they won't be able because another user will be already owning it across all wikis, i.e. Commons, and even other Romanian projects! Because this is one of the effects of SUL. So, if the local user bothers to use one and the same username across wikis, they won't be able. They will need to either start from the scratch or have it locally renamed in order to keep this 1 contribution (because of which you now reject Chaos's request!). So... because of bug 13507 the user will need to first have the global account deleted. Guess who will be then in position to plead, and who will be in the position to reject...
To cut this long story short, try to reconsider your decision / policy, it will be much wiser of yours to enable both users have their different consistent identities, rather than none. Do not forget that you're dealing with humans, not just edits in the page histories. Regards, Spiritia 31 mai 2008 16:50 (EEST)
My concern is related to preserving the provisions of the GNU FDL under which the contributions have been made. If the contribution is not copyrightable I fully agree we can bend the rules (which I myself have suggested on this very page). But if the contributions are copyrightable then I believe that our internal convenience (having unique identities across various projects) cannot supersede the provisions of the copyright license we are binding our contributors to use. Of course, if the proposed policy on Meta is enforced then I will abide by it. --Gutza DD+ 31 mai 2008 18:06 (EEST)
P.S. In a different train of thoughts, of course you realize technical bugs can't possibly be used as a justification for doing the Wrong Thing. Bugs can (and most probably will be) fixed, so it doesn't really make sense to build policies around them. --Gutza DD+ 31 mai 2008 18:25 (EEST)
I agree that bugs cannot lay in the roots of the policies (although this very one is reopened for quite a lot of time, and so far inevitable. actaully the fact that developers allowed mass SUL with this major bug opened indicates to me that chances of fixing it soon are minor). But, I also did check the controversial edit of user:Chaos ... and ... I have to say that I do find it nearby, yet under the threshold of GFDL provisions.
I am not going to dispute anymore and advocate for lost causes. I believe that the community which granted you the bureaucratic tools, did so because of your proven abilities to judge wise. However, if you accept my advise: when trying to avoid The Wrong Thing, do not find yourself doing The Wronger. :-) Regards, Spiritia 31 mai 2008 19:24 (EEST)
If you feel strongly enough about this issue I suggest you get involved in the conversation here: m:Talk:Steward requests/SUL requests/Usurpation policy -- I have already exposed my rationale there and have directed Chaos to it. I reiterate that I will abide by that policy if it gets enforced, but I refuse to make a personal decision which I believe is contrary to what we should stand for. --Gutza DD+ 31 mai 2008 21:51 (EEST)

Usurpation User:Dinamik by User:Dinamik.RusModificare

Hello! A have accounts with name Dinamik at Commons, Russian, English and some other Wikipedia projects. I wanted to unified my accounts, but system told me, that inification could not be done fully sucsessfully because there is user Dinamik in Romanian Wikipedia. I read [:en:wiki/Wikipedia:Changing username]] and I know that formally usurpation is available only in case, when there are not edits from account, which user wants to usurpate. But User:Dinamik made only 2 small edits (see them) and this edits were made more than half of an year ago. So I ask you to rename my temporary account User:Dinamik.Rus to User:Dinamik by usurpation of User:Dinamik by User:Dinamik.Rus . --Dinamik.Rus 28 mai 2008 11:29 (EEST)

În mod normal nu este permisă uzurparea în aceste condiții. Totuși, dată fiind natura întru totul superficială a editărilor, eu aș fi înclinat să accept uzurparea -- voi ce spuneți? --Gutza DD+ 28 mai 2008 23:35 (EEST)
If I understand you correctly, you will comply with my request, won't you? In that case I will be waiting for changing my username here. --Dinamik.Rus 28 mai 2008 23:47 (EEST)
I wouldn't "comply" with your request even if I was in a position to grant it; furthermore, no, I have not decided to grant it, but rather I suggested that your request be considered even though by strict policy rules it should not be granted. Instead I have invited other bureaucrats to offer their opinion; if there are no objections we will grant it. --Gutza DD+ 29 mai 2008 00:05 (EEST)
Și eu aș înclina spre a permite uzurparea. Dar totuși ar trebui să stabilim unde tragem linia, dacă permitem uzurparea unor conturi cu editări - cât de semnificative și cât de vechi?--Andreidiscuție 29 mai 2008 21:52 (EEST)
Nu cred că e nevoie să instituim niște reguli absolute. În peste 90% din cazuri lucrurile sunt clare (fie pentru uzurpare, fie împotriva ei). În cazurile particulare în care un birocrat nu este sigur ce să facă se discută, așa cum am procedat aici. Cred că e rezonabil, până la proba contrarie. Am să-i scriu o notiță de uzurpare utilizatorului respectiv și dacă nu auzim nici de la el și nici alte obiecții aici consider că e suficient pentru a opera uzurparea. --Gutza DD+ 30 mai 2008 13:15 (EEST)
Here you can see discussed rule about usurpation. At this moment proposed criteria are (relative to activity of user account which is discussed to be usurpate or not):
  • Doesn't have any edits in the last year and has fewer then 10 edits altogether
  • Doesn't have any edits in the last 2 years and has fewer then 25 edits altogether
  • Doesn't have any edits in the last 3 years and has fewer then 50 edits altogether
  • Doesn't have any edits in the last 4 years and has fewer then 75 edits altogether
I think, that in my case (doesn't have any edits since 21 September 2007 and 2 edits altogether (I think, we can consider them as one small edit)) community can accept my request by guiding common sense and spirit of rules about usurpation. On my opinion, in some cases decisions can be taken not fully formally, but by individual regarding, can't they? --Dinamik.Rus 30 mai 2008 13:05 (EEST)
A rule which is under consideration is by definition not being enforced. Yes, in some cases decisions can be taken not fully formally, but by individual consideration, which is precisely why we're discussing it. --Gutza DD+ 30 mai 2008 13:15 (EEST)

  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 6 iunie 2008 12:30 (EEST)

Thank you for your help!--Dinamik 7 iunie 2008 22:40 (EEST)

Usurpation User:Eneas by de:User:EneasModificare

Hello, could you please rename User:Eneas to any other name to complete SUL. My home account is on the German Wikipedia, see here. Confirmation -- 28 mai 2008 20:56 (EEST)

La fel ca mai sus: modificări există, dar ele sunt vechi și irelevante (am verificat, ambele modificări din articole s-au pierdut în negură -- a doua de fapt nici nu există ca modificare). Există totuși intervenții semnificative în paginile de discuție, modificări care însă nu cred că fac obiectul vreunei legi de copyright. Eu unul aș fi înclinat să acord uzurparea, ziceți și voi ce credeți. --Gutza DD+ 29 mai 2008 00:32 (EEST)

  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 6 iunie 2008 12:32 (EEST)

Nadina bg -> NadinaModificare

  • Present username: User:Nadina bg
  • Requested username: User:Nadina
  • Reasons: On different projects I used to be Nad. Due to name conflict with another user:Nad logged on EN WP, Meta and Mediawiki , who turned out to be a developer of the mediawiki software, I decided to leave to him the account Nad and chose the least conflicting account Nadina for my future SUL. I own this account on BG WP (verify), where I have more than 13 K edits, on SR WP, on IT WP and I have requested on several other wikis. As far as I see, the registration of the local user:Nadina is so old, that it has already disappeared from the Registrations Log. The user has never made any contributions and no email has been provided for contact. I hope that my request for usurpation of User:Nadina will be considered and my current account Nadina bg will be duly renamed. Thank you in advance. Nadina bg 30 mai 2008 01:12 (EEST)
  Done--Andreidiscuție 3 iunie 2008 21:26 (EEST)
Thanks :) --Nadina 3 iunie 2008 21:52 (EEST)


Hello! I'd like to usurp for SUL the user Melos (0 edits) to complete the sul. Confirmation here thank you -- 2 iunie 2008 03:56 (EEST)

  Done.--Andreidiscuție 3 iunie 2008 18:35 (EEST)

Miko Stavrev -> МикоModificare

  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 5 iunie 2008 11:57 (EEST)

Canis LupusModificare

I would like to usurp for my gobal account. 29 mai 2008 23:21 (EEST)

  Rezolvat--Andreidiscuție 30 mai 2008 02:14 (EEST)


Hello, my SUL is user:Maurits. On the Romanian Wikipedia there already exists a user ro:user:Maurits without any edits. Could you realize a usurpation, because my international work on Wikipedia is increasing. A verified request can be found here. Thanks in advance, -- 29 mai 2008 20:43 (EEST)

  Rezolvat--Andreidiscuție 29 mai 2008 20:53 (EEST)
Thanks! --Maurits 29 mai 2008 21:45 (EEST)


Hello! I'd like to usurp Utilizator:AlexJ for SUL, as that is what I am called in English wikipedia. This account has no edits. You may see proof of my identity on En-Wikipedia at [9]. Thank you. Alexj2002 28 mai 2008 22:22 (EEST)

  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 28 mai 2008 23:55 (EEST)


Hi there
I'd like to usurp zero edit user "Zenit" for SUL as I am called Zenit in my home wiki, the German one. Could you please arrange this for me? If you'd like to answer somehow, please use my German discussion. Thank you.--RedSolution 28 mai 2008 22:04 (EEST)

  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 28 mai 2008 23:47 (EEST)


Doresc schimbarea numelui de utilizator din User:Mendo in User:Istvánka. Motiv: unificare conturi. Cu multumiri --Mendo 27 mai 2008 23:36 (EEST)

  Rezolvat--Andreidiscuție 28 mai 2008 00:00 (EEST)


Hello, I am User:Dovi at 68 Wikimedia projects, b'crat at Hebrew Wikisource and admin at I have merged my other accounts, but I have an account at this Romanian Wikipedia that cannot be merged (apparently typed the wrong password when I logged in). As far as I can tell there are no contributions at all from the account here, which I am pretty certain I opened myself but I cannot access it.

A verified request can be found here.

So please usurp User:Dovi here at Romanian Wikipedia (perhaps to User:Dovi (usurped) or something like that. You can confirm at my Hebrew Wikisource page. Thanks, Dovi2 26 mai 2008 15:33 (EEST)

  Done.--Andreidiscuție 26 mai 2008 18:30 (EEST)

Thank you! Dovi 26 mai 2008 20:08 (EEST)


Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator GreenSprite cu Urzică. Motiv: Vreau un nume românesc. --GreenSprite 5 mai 2008 15:44 (EEST)

  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 5 mai 2008 15:54 (EEST)


Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to rename my account to Wizzard and to usurp that account. There is just a problem that the account has some edits. --WizzardSK 29 martie 2008 15:34 (EET)

  Well, that's a rather big problem. Please read the explanation at en:Wikipedia:Changing username/Usurpations. — AdiJapan 29 martie 2008 17:24 (EET)
I would like to ask, is there any other way to add my Romanian account (WizzardSK or other) to my global account? This is the last wiki remaining for me... Thank you very much. --WizzardSK 17 aprilie 2008 11:03 (EEST)
I don't think that's possible, see m:H:UL#Can I merge different usernames? --Gutza DD+ 17 aprilie 2008 22:29 (EEST)

If I ask the current user Wizzard to let me that nick and if he wont respond, would it be possible to do this? Cause it seems that I need all the accounts to have the same password, otherwise the unified login does not seem to work. --WizzardSK 18 aprilie 2008 13:26 (EEST)

No, it is not possible -- again, please see en:Wikipedia:Changing username/Usurpations. --Gutza DD+ 18 aprilie 2008 13:38 (EEST)

Ronald McDonaldModificare

Buna eau sunt Basketball110 (link-ul merge la Wikipedia Engleza, dar aici sunt Utilizator:Ronald McDonald), dar vreau sa fiu si Basketball110 aici. Am o problema - am facut un cont, dar am intrebat pe Utilizator:Rad Urs sa ma ștearga de la Wikipedia asta (cu username-ul Basketball110).

Hi, I'm Basketball110 (link goes to the English Wikipedia, I'm User:Ronald McDonald here), but I would like to be Basketball110 here too. I do have a problem - I made an account a month or so ago, but didn't want it anymore, and asked Rad Urs to 'wipe' (my Romanian translating) my account off of this Wikipedia (that account was Utilizator:Basketball110). Ronald McDonald 25 aprilie 2008 02:01 (EEST)

Dacă tot dumneavoastră ați făcut și contul Utilizator:Basketball110 atunci care este problema? Nu mai e nevoie de nici o schimbare a numelui de utilizator, pentru că deja aveți contul cu numele dorit. De la nici unul din cele două conturi nu aveți nici o contribuție semnificativă, deci nu pierdeți și nu cîștigați nimic. — AdiJapan 25 aprilie 2008 18:33 (EEST)
Well, earlier when I tried to log in as Basketball110, it didn't let me. Now, I seem to be able to. I suppose it was my typo. What should I do about User:Ronald McDonald? Ronald McDonald 26 aprilie 2008 02:04 (EEST)
Nu trebuie să faceți nimic, conturile nu se pot desființa. Pur și simplu nu-l mai folosiți. — AdiJapan 26 aprilie 2008 21:11 (EEST)
Merci frumos. I redirected User:Ronald McDonald to User:Basketball110. Basketball110 27 aprilie 2008 00:26 (EEST)


Hi AdiJapan, I am en:User:Riana. On ro wiki I have the username User:riana_dzasta. For the purposes of meta:SUL, I was wondering whether I could usurp the account User:Riana here? I think that an impersonator created here, but I am not sure. Either way, as far as I can see, the account has no edits here. Thanks, Riana dzasta 27 martie 2008 09:35 (EET)

I requested the current user User:Riana to allow usurpation, see Discuție Utilizator:Riana. We'll have to wait about a week for an answer and then take it from there. I'll let you know. — AdiJapan 27 martie 2008 12:50 (EET)
  Rezolvat, although I was unable to rename your user to User:Riana because you probably have already reserved it. --Gutza DD+ 17 aprilie 2008 22:21 (EEST)


Hi, could you please rename the 0-Edit-account Erwin to e.g. Erwin (Usurp), so that I can use that name with my global account? I'm m:User:Erwin and created the global account called Erwin, as can be seen from m:User:Erwin/Matrix. Thanks, Erwin85 3 aprilie 2008 00:32 (EEST)

Hi Erwin. I left a message at Discuție Utilizator:Erwin, requesting permission for usurpation. We'll have to wait a week for the answer. — AdiJapan 3 aprilie 2008 06:26 (EEST)
Thanks, Erwin85 3 aprilie 2008 23:47 (EEST)
Can the account be renamed, since Erwin didn't reply? --Erwin85 16 aprilie 2008 23:32 (EEST)
  Rezolvat, although I was unable to rename your user to User:Erwin because you probably have already reserved it. --Gutza DD+ 17 aprilie 2008 22:23 (EEST)


  • numele de utilizator actual: Arthasfleo
  • numele de utilizator nou: The Other
  • motivul pentru care se solicita redenumirea: Nu mai doresc vechiul nume. Noul nume e mai acceptabil, discret, si alte motive personale. Arthasfleo 15 aprilie 2008 09:20 (EEST)
  Rezolvat--Andreidiscuție 15 aprilie 2008 09:54 (EEST)
Thank you The Other 15 aprilie 2008 10:58 (EEST)


Hi, could you change my username to use unified login, however I need to usurp this account. The account Leinad has only a few edits. (Steward deleted my global account and it is now possible.) Leinad pl 16 aprilie 2008 23:57 (EEST)

Sorry, users with edits cannot be usurped. Please read en:Wikipedia:Changing username/Usurpations for details. — AdiJapan 17 aprilie 2008 13:21 (EEST)

I ät de.wiktModificare

I am "User:I" at "". In preparation of SUL I'd like to ursurp User:I of ro.wikipedia. The local user has no edits. Please do the renames.

Thanks in Advance --I ät de.wikt 22 aprilie 2008 17:57 (EEST)

(Adus din pagina mea de discuții) --Andreidiscuție 22 aprilie 2008 22:14 (EEST)

  Rezolvat--Andreidiscuție 22 aprilie 2008 22:23 (EEST)


Hello, I would like to usurp the local 0-Edit-account of Utilizator:Raymond in order to use this nickname globally. Would you please rename it? Thank you very much! 25 martie 2008 22:41 (EET)

  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 25 martie 2008 22:50 (EET)
Thanks a lot. mulțumesc :) Raymond 25 martie 2008 22:57 (EET)


Hello, I would like to usurp the local 0-Edit-account of Utilizator:Elya in order to use this nickname globally. Would you please rename it? Thank you very much! -- 25 martie 2008 22:25 (EET) (de:User:Elya)

  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 25 martie 2008 22:31 (EET)
wow, you're really fast! mulțumesc! --Elya 25 martie 2008 22:46 (EET)


Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator WOPR cu Computer. Motiv: nu mai doresc să folosesc numele real. --WOPR 12 martie 2008 00:20 (EET)

  Cererea curentă este absurdă. Am atenționat deja operatorul acestui cont. --Gutza DD+ 12 martie 2008 00:37 (EET)
Sorry I was trying to copy the Romanian template and this happened. It was an accident, I apologize. I name my bot under the local word for "Computer" on all wikis I operate my bot. I'd like to do the same here. -- Cat chi? 3 aprilie 2008 15:55 (EEST)
  Rezolvat --Gutza DD+ 4 aprilie 2008 13:02 (EEST)

Renommage de compte Hercule bzh -> HerculeModificare

Cerere adusă de la Discuție Utilizator:AdiJapan:


Je n'ai pas trouvé de page spéciale pour faire cette demande, donc je te le demande directement;

Pourrais tu, s'il te plait, renommer mon compte user:Hercule bzh en user:Hercule? Je renomme mes comptes sur tous les wikis où je suis inscrit.

merci d'avance

--Hercule bzh 1 februarie 2008 01:04 (EET)

Désolé, mais le compte existe déjà (depuis hier !...) et sa liste de contributions n'est pas vide, ce qui m'empèche de faire le renommage. — AdiJapan 1 februarie 2008 07:36 (EET)
Ca c'est pas de chance :( -- 1 februarie 2008 10:09 (EET)
J'ai contacté Hercule et il accepterai de changer de nom pour que je puisse prendre le sien. Est-ce une procédure possible?
Si c'est possible je lui demanderai de faire sa demande.
--Hercule bzh 1 februarie 2008 15:38 (EET)
C'est possible, c'est ce qu'on appelle usurpation. Nous aurons besoin que l'utilisateur Hercule (l'actuel) fasse la demande lui-même, sur cette page. — AdiJapan 2 februarie 2008 10:20 (EET)

Va rog ca in masura posibilitatilor sa imi schimbati user name dupa cum urmeaza User:Hercule --> User:Rahan pentru ca sa se poata face ulterior modificarea User:Hercule bzh --> User:Hercule Multumesc. Acest comentariu nesemnat a fost adăugat de Hercule (discuție • contribuții).

Rezolvat. — AdiJapan 7 februarie 2008 14:33 (EET)


Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Radu.tanasescu cu Ioan-Radu Tanasescu. Motiv: Doresc sa am numele de utilizator identic cu numele real. Acest comentariu nesemnat a fost adăugat de Radu.tanasescu (discuție • contribuții).

E în regulă. Sînteți sigur că îl preferați scris fără diacritice? — AdiJapan 6 februarie 2008 07:19 (EET)
Mulțumesc de precizare, nu eram conștient că e posibil să am diacritice la numele de utilizator, in acest caz, vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Radu.tanasescu cu Ioan-Radu Tănăsescu. Nu doresc blocarea actualului nume de utilizator. Mulțumesc de ajutor. — Radu.tanasescu 6 februarie 2008 23:18 (EET)

  Realizat --Gutza DD+ 7 februarie 2008 00:59 (EET)

Ancelin rosetiModificare

Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Ancelin roseti cu Ain. Motiv: Din nepricepere, pentru a-l trece în enciclopedia wikipedia m-am logat cu numele scriitorului. Aș dori să evit o eventuală confuzie. Ancelin roseti 11 ianuarie 2008 02:42 (EET)

Rezolvat. Observație: în timpul operației de redenumire a apărut o eroare de tip „Wikipedia has a problem” (în ultimele minute mai avusesem eroarea asta de cîteva ori în alte părți). Contribuțiile utilizatorului au fost transferate corect, dar schimbarea numelui nu apare în jurnal, iar paginile de utilizator nu au fost mutate automat la noul nume. Am făcut mutările manual, însă înscrierea în jurnal n-am cum s-o fac. — AdiJapan  11 ianuarie 2008 11:53 (EET)

Gaius Iulius Caesar → CaesarModificare

Thank you in advance! --Gaius Iulius Caesar 6 iunie 2008 03:22 (EEST)

Here is the confirmation. Gaius Iulius Caesar 24 iunie 2008 22:26 (EEST)
I have requested permission for usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:Caesar. Please wait 7 days. — AdiJapan 25 iunie 2008 11:13 (EEST)


I'm Apple, a sysop of Vietnamese Wikipedia. Would you please help me to usurp an account Apple on Romanian Wikipedia for SUL. This account has no contribution. Here are my confirmation and sysop status. 10 iunie 2008 14:24 (EEST)

I have requested permission for usurpation: Discuție Utilizator:Apple. Please wait 7 days. Sorry for the delay. — AdiJapan 25 iunie 2008 11:42 (EEST)
  Done--Andreidiscuție 7 iulie 2008 17:05 (EEST)

Usurpation User:Bonio by pl:User:BonioModificare

Hello! A have accounts with name Bonio at Commons, Polish, German, Czech, English, Slovak and some other Wikipedia projects. I would like to usurp User:Bonio. This account has no editions.-- 20 iunie 2008 15:25 (EEST)

I have requested permission for the usurpation from the current user, at Discuție Utilizator:Bonio, so you'll have to wait 7 days. Now, I see you have not unified your global account yet. In this case please open an account on ro.wp so that a bureaucrat can move it to the name "Bonio" when the usurpation is done. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that someone else won't take to name "Bonio" before you do. — AdiJapan 25 iunie 2008 10:29 (EEST)
O.K. I created an account on ro.wp--Bonio11 25 iunie 2008 15:35 (EEST)
I also unified my global account.--Bonio11 25 iunie 2008 18:06 (EEST)
Usurpation done. Due to unification of the global account, I cannot rename Bonio11, but you can setup your global account to use this name here.--Andreidiscuție 7 iulie 2008 16:54 (EEST)

SylverSpy 93Modificare

Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator SylverSpy 93 cu Lucian C.. Motiv: nu mai doresc să folosesc acel pseudonim, nu mai am nicio conexiune cu el. - Lucian 26 iunie 2008 16:18 (EEST)

Nu reușesc să-ți schimb numele. Primesc eroarea „Numele de utilizator SylverSpy 93 nu poate fi redenumit local deoarece a fost migrat în sistemul unificat de autentificare.” Mai sap. — AdiJapan 26 iunie 2008 17:00 (EEST)
E un bug. Deocamdată, nu se poate redenumi un user care a unificat loginurile pe proiectele Wikimedia (SUL).--Andreidiscuție 26 iunie 2008 17:03 (EEST)
Mulțumesc, Andrei. Eu credeam că e din cauză că un birocrat de pe un proiect nu poate face redenumiri care să aibă efect pe toate proiectele. Acum văd că de fapt nu a fost încă scris programul care să redenumească utilizatori globali. Scuze, Lucian, va trebui să mai aștepți. — AdiJapan 26 iunie 2008 17:11 (EEST)
Ok...:((..- Lucian 26 iunie 2008 22:09 (EEST)

Usurpation User:Miho by nl:User:MihoModificare

Hello! I have a global account Miho. I would like to usurp User:Miho. This account has no edits. I confirm the request here: special edit -- Miho NL 17 iulie 2008 23:25 (EEST)

Hi. I have requested permission for usurpation from the current user Miho: Discuție Utilizator:Miho. Please wait 7 days. Cheers. — AdiJapan 18 iulie 2008 07:09 (EEST)
  Done.--Andreidiscuție 27 iulie 2008 03:52 (EEST)


Vă rog să schimbați numele de utilizator Marius.deaconu cu Marius:D. Motiv: nu mai doresc să folosesc numele real.   Marius   7 iulie 2008 17:57 (EEST)

Cererea nu poate fi îndeplinită deoarece "Numele de utilizator Marius.deaconu nu poate fi redenumit local deoarece a fost migrat în sistemul unificat de autentificare." Cred că problema poate fi rezolvată printr-o cerere la meta:Steward requests/SUL requests. Răzvan Socol mesaj 7 iulie 2008 18:20 (EEST)
Vezi și meta:Help:Unified_login, precum și en:Wikipedia:Changing_username/SUL. Răzvan Socol mesaj 7 iulie 2008 18:22 (EEST)
Hmmm....E cam complicat. Cred că renunț în cazul acesta.--  Marius   7 iulie 2008 18:26 (EEST)