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Vă rog să scrieți mesajele la sfârșit, indiferent de subiect. Dacă le scrieți în altă parte riscați să rămână neobservate. Mulțumesc. --Vlad
De asemenea vă mai rog să nu scrieți în arhive, pentru că risc să nu le observ. Dacă doriți să redeschideți un subiect pe care l-am mai discutat, puteți recopia textul respectiv din arhivă (sau să indicați un link referință). Mulțumesc. --Vlad

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leonard oprea: e-mail: chapter17j@yahoo.com AsaDAR, la "talk" in English wikipedia - editor al articolului meu "sensei2004", editor disperat de abuzurile si cenzura discretionara a unor - asa apare, "romani" din afara tarii - editori romano-americani... Te rog - fa lumina, asa cum m-ai ajutat si in trecut. Multumesc cu inima curata si uite mai jos:

From: theophil magus <chapter17j@yahoo.com>

To: MediaWiki Mail <wiki@wikimedia.org>; "info-en@wikimedia.org" <info-en@wikimedia.org>; "donate@wikimedia.org" <donate@wikimedia.org> 

Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 3:23 AM

Subject: leonard oprea: Abuse of Power or Discretionary Censorship?

Abuse of Power or Discretionary Censorship?

With all my due respect, and also, friendship - I, Leonard Oprea, the writer, subject of your article, I must to claim YOUR WIKI EDITORS ABUSE OF POWER, or their DISCRETIONARY CENSORSHIP.

Why do I claim this?

As simple as that:

For some obscure reasons - it seems you want/need do not have a RIGHT/ CORRECT/ NOT-SUBJECTIVE article regarding who I am as a writer and social activist person/citizen.

You deny constantly and abusively all the reliable sources concerning my cultural and social existence.

You made this article some kind of a surrogate/low literary history about only 2/two/ of my books; only. And I wrote and published pretty well-know much more praised books in Romania and USA.

You present me as I am an anti-communist dissident, and secondary, as a consequence of my anti-communist dissidence, a praised writer. Which is not at all true – according to all the reliable evidences.

Who are you to be my critics?! You should be ONLY editors – not critics, according to your Wiki rules.

So, you – with some kind of premeditation – it seems, you fake my image and value as an artist despite the opinion of critics and the large public, according to all the reliable sources.

Again: despite of so, so many reliable evidences, you deny my opera I build in 30 years as an praised novelist, poet and essayist.

Even you deny my domestic existence.

Let’s start:

For example:

/this is as simple as that: amazing stupid /you wonder how I lived in Boston and wrote my books there, and now I live in Auburn, Maine. This is amazing stupid from your part. I moved from a place to another place – nothing else. Do I not have the right to do this?!!

I just lived in Boston for 7 years, 2000 - 2007, and in 2007, yes, I moved in Auburn, Maine.

My address is now: Leonard Oprea/ 107 Winter Street; apt 3/ Auburn, ME, 04210/ ,

just check off, please. More, please check up this link:


An other example:

you erased abusively from your article my first book: "Domenii Interzise"/ "Forbidden Areas" published in 1984 by "Albatros" Publishing House - and there are about this /mine/ work, from google.com "About 650,000 results (0.10 seconds)" http://books.google.com/books/about/Domenii_interzise.html?id=7-14NwAACAAJ



And there are so many other reliable sources regarding “Domenii Interzise”.

An other example:

you deny my publications in national Romanian literary magazines and my national literary prizes, despite the reliable evidences:



An other example:

you did NOT accept to display on "Works" my 5/five/ books I published in the USA, 2/two/ translated from Romanian into English, the rest created directly in English - why?!! they are books in paperback, hardcover, e-book editions with a valid ISBN, in the Library of Congress and distributed on 5/five/ continents. Just be so kind to check up on Internet. For example, only my last American book:

from google.com:

The Daily Agony of Theophil Magus - Jazz&Blues Haiku Novel for Anna-Maria

About 676,000 results (0.13 seconds)


Deliverable Countries:

This product ships to

United Arab Emirates, Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Switzerland, China, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Hong …Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa.

An other example:

You, not me, you - despite the reliable evidences – you deny that I am the founder of Vladimir Colin Cultural Foundation and of The Vladimir Colin International Prizes (among the other cultural VIP awarded , two of well-known top American personalities: Andrei Codrescu and Vladimir Tismaneanu).


As well as you deny I am the founder of Athena Publishing House who published in bilingual editions, 3/three/ of the great Romanians authors: Nichita Stanescu, Constantin Noica, Mircea Eliade (this last was honored by giving the name to the Religious Ideas and Believes Cathedra of the University of Chicago); just check up: “Editura Athena, Bucuresti, Romania, 2005”. Also, please, check up the following:

Constantin Noica:


NIchita Stanescu / scrie traducere Bogdan Stefanescu/ si Andrei Codrescu:


Mircea Eliade:


An other example:

you erased my author’s photo without any, but any explanation… Why?!! Is it not my photo or what?!!

I will not continue no more.

I let you judge by yourself how you are ethically and morally correct according to your own Wikipedia deontology.

I do not want a war with you. I want you to be NOT bias and NOT doing to me what you call: “Liability and Harmful” actions…

I will be happy to hear that you will restrain your bias-editors for the sake of your wonderful Wikipedia.

I really respect and admire the great works of Wikipedia worldwide.

I support Wikipedia worldwide.

Thank you for your nice understanding,

Leonard Oprea.

leonard oprea

in hoc signo vinces

novelist, poet & essayist/creator of "breathings"/







http://romaniadindiaspora.ning.com/profiles/blogs/leonard-oprea-the-tiger-the Magultheophil (discuție) 27 ianuarie 2013 11:17 (EET)

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I did see that you were very active on wikitravel, but with wikivoyage you are very still. Are you not interessed if it is becoming a success or so? Carsrac (discuție) 24 februarie 2013 18:25 (EET)

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