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I am willing to help but I really haven't got the slightest idea of what you are talking about and what you want me to do. I do not know who approves bots and didn't even know they had to be approved. Maybe if I got a better understanding of your problem I would be in a better position to help. afil (discuție) 23 octombrie 2016 08:46 (EEST)


Hi, can your bot fix more of the errors listed at Checkwiki?— Ionutzmovie discută 30 octombrie 2016 09:18 (EET)

@Ionutzmovie: many of these can be worked on with AWB however some of the fixes may be subtle and I don't read Romanian so am not comfortable with running some of them. If there is a very specific replacement task needed like I'm doing for HTML tags I could incorporate it, but would need someone else to identify the pattern. — xaosflux Talk 30 octombrie 2016 16:01 (EET)
I think the Template editor rights would also help you, just ask for them at the administrators' noticeboard.— Ionutzmovie discută 31 octombrie 2016 15:09 (EET)

Template editor and autopatroller rightsModificare

Hello. Taking into consideration your previous wiki-experience and your willingness to improve ro.wiki, I've added you to the user groups autopatroller and template editor. The latter allows you to edit the main page and other frequently used templates, so you should be extra cautious with such edits, because you know that they are prone to doing much damage. Seeing as you only seem to tackle wiki-code, as an autopatrolled editor your edits won't be marked for further review, so when in doubt about Romanian language issues, you might ask for a helping hand at the village pump, Wikipedia:Cafenea, where you'll reach the whole community (including most sysops). If you need to exclusively address the local sysops, you can reach them at Wikipedia:Afișierul administratorilor. Regards, --Mihai (discuție) 1 noiembrie 2016 00:03 (EET)

Thank you, I will take extreme care, and will not be making "content" based or controversial edits. — xaosflux Talk 1 noiembrie 2016 01:09 (EET)


@Ionutzmovie: - rowiki does not have a 'rollbacker' group that Fluxbot could use, rowiki only gives (rollback) access to Administrators. Special:Nuke should be able to be used by an administrator to delete all of the pages in a namespace by a user. For rollbacks, it will have to be a local admin. — xaosflux Talk 16 decembrie 2016 02:39 (EET)

We can grant you temporary administrator rights for your robot or I can ask Andrei Stroe to use Andrebot which has admin rights in order to complete the task mentioned here.— Ionutzmovie discută 16 decembrie 2016 02:41 (EET)
I think it would be better for someone more attached to the rowiki community to resolve this - since I can't really read the language; prior to doing a mass rollback, an admin should do the Nuke first - since you can't rollback a page creation. A local adminbot could log on interactively and manually add this script to their common.js file: w:en:User:Writ_Keeper/Scripts/massRollback.js. They may need to adjust the ("wgCanonicalSpecialPageName") == "Contributions" line to == "Contribuții". — xaosflux Talk 16 decembrie 2016 02:47 (EET)
I knew that for Special:Nuke, but the problem is that it only shows me four pages to delete, when in fact there are thousands.— Ionutzmovie discută 16 decembrie 2016 02:48 (EET)
Ok, I reffered this discussion to Andrei Stroe. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this crucial problem that we have at ro:wiki.— Ionutzmovie discută 16 decembrie 2016 02:52 (EET)
Ahhh - I think Special:Nuke may limited to pages in Recent Changes, and it only works if the target is the only editor of a page. So you may need a "delete bot" to take care of those as well - we've had some messes like that on enwiki before - never "easy" to fix - but we usually have some editors fighting about what should or should not be deleted as well. — xaosflux Talk 16 decembrie 2016 02:54 (EET)
Here it won't be any problem, ro:wp comunity agrees on the removal of all the spam and copyvio from our article talk pages included by Ark25. A permenent ban at ro:wiki also allows administrators to remove any prior contributions the banned one has made.— Ionutzmovie discută 16 decembrie 2016 02:56 (EET)


@Xaosflux: I'm calling on you because you're a sysop in en.wikipedia. I've been trying for over a week to report to en.wikipedia sysops new information about an old LTA using proxies and socks cross-wiki who's recently restarted disrupting. I've provided differences between revisions proving the identicalness of his old and new edits, I've quoted the admins who'd dealt with him in the past and blocked his proxies and socks, so I'm not inventing anything. But every time I try reporting this issue to en.wikipedia sysops, they block me. Can yu guess why? Because the first account I'd created to report this vandal was blocked because "not here to contribute to the encyclopedia" (?!), while the others I've tried creating were all immediately blocked for "sockpuppetry"! Do you understand? Me, the one who wanted to report a vandalic sockpuppetteer to sysops, continuously blocked for vandalism! That's absurd... No, better: kafkian, literally. I've never ever disrupted nor made vandalisms anywhere, but I'm being continously prevented from reporting this issue, both to single sysops in their talk page and publicly by using the special pages existing for this purpose. I'm wordless. And the sysops who keep blocking me are always the same, as if their aim was to prevent anyone from reporting this particular vandal, but I can't believe this, not at all, not in Wikipedia. That's why I'm asking for your help. What can I do? I have no bad intentions, the only thing I want is to report the new identities of this well know vandal, nothing else, and I've never done anything else with my blocked accounts. May I tell you the information I know about this vandal, including differences? You'll be able to see for yourself and judge whether what I'm saying is true or false. Then you might either take care of this vandal yourself or report him to another sysop or a higher level user. Please, give me a hand, and a chance to prove I'm well-meaning! Let me know in case you can and want to help me out with this issue, once solved it I won't disturb you nor any other sysop, try me and let me show you I'm saying the truth. Thanks in advance if you will! (discuție) 8 iulie 2018 18:30 (EEST)

If there is a cross-project vandal causing issues on projects without sysops you can report them at meta:Steward_requests/Global. — xaosflux Talk 8 iulie 2018 18:48 (EEST)
Oh, thanks for your advice! Actually there isn't cross-wiki disruption currently as far as I know, even if this LTA is a cross-wiki vandal, because he's edited mainly in en.wikipedia lately, but a check over the blocked proxy IP ranges would bring to light all the now socks he created or used in en.wikipedia and everywhere else. Couldn't you have a look to my information about this case, so that you can have a better vision of it? (discuție) 8 iulie 2018 20:30 (EEST)
I'm not really personally interested in investigating this. If you are aware of sensitive information you want brought to the attention of Checkusers etc, you can email functionaries-en@lists.wikimedia.org. — xaosflux Talk 8 iulie 2018 22:31 (EEST)
Thank you very much for this piece of information! That contact could be the sort of thing I was looking for! I'll write to that address, am I allowed to say that it was you who suggested it? (discuție) 8 iulie 2018 23:55 (EEST)
You can say whatever you would like. — xaosflux Talk 9 iulie 2018 00:00 (EEST)
Thanks! (discuție) 9 iulie 2018 00:44 (EEST)